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Stress + Depression + Suicide High School Health Unit: High School Health Curriculum

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TeacherPayTeachers #1 Best-Selling High School Decision Unit!!


This digital download product, is editable in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for print and online on Google Drive.



If you work with 6th through 12th grade teens, these decision-making lessons are so powerful! I consider this one of our BEST Health units since it deals with the consequences of teen decisions. Your students will LOVE this-it's so relevant to their lives and the world we live in today. Articles are shocking, revealing, often heart-breaking, and very relatable for teens!!



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Why purchase this resource:


>> Integrated Skills Based, Content Based / Knowledge Based. The best of both worlds.

>> Meets all HS National Health Education Standards. 

>> Meets all HS Technical Subjects Health Common Core Standards.

>> Meets all Washington State’s rigorous Health Education Standards.


  • This is a fantastic way to cover SO MANY of teenagers' most dangerous activities and help them learn from others' tragic mistakes!
  • This is the #1 BEST-SELLING secondary decision-making unit!
  • You are able to cover multiple subjects in just a few days! There are over 100 articles!
  • Save yourself HOURS of time looking for good articles!
  • Help Show Teens risks and consequences! This lesson could save a life!
  • A colleague and I came up with the idea of this lesson because we never seemed to have enough time in a semester to cover all the important health topics we wanted to.
  • Your students will find this decision-making resource shocking, interesting, unbelievable, inspiring, and cautionary. Be sure to see video above!
  • ALL STUDENT DOCS for this “Dangerous Decisions Unit” are uploaded onto Google Slides and Forms. All articles on PDF are also uploaded online.
  • Includes "The Legal Consequences Handout"
  • Includes "Decision-Making Worksheet" with scenarios!
  •  NEW! "Self-Advocacy Skills-Based Project" Student prompts included!
  • Articles are included in both EDITABLE Word and PDF formats!
  • This is an editable “For Print” curriculum created in Word and PowerPoint, AND a digital resource for BOTH GOOGLE DRIVE and MICROSOFT OFFICE USERS! for BOTH GOOGLE DRIVE and MICROSOFT OFFICE USERS!
  • Includes a step-by-step instructional video I created to show you not only how to navigate my files and folders; but also how to use the Google Slideshows, how Microsoft users can use my Google Slideshows, how to send only one day's lessons to your students, how to voice-over slides, and more! (Click here for an example!)



Includes 5 versions so you can use this to fit YOUR needs!


  • 2-Day Easy Version for Individual Students/Groups


  • 2-Day Mini Version for Individual Students


  • 3-Day Share Out Version for Group work and presentations


  • 4-Day T.V. Reporters Version for Group Work and T.V. Show Presentation


  • ★ 15-Day Independent Study Version-Done completely by students on Google Drive: "Online Learning Student Directions Google Slides" students can completely do this 15-lesson 3 week unit at home! The 67 "Student Direction" slides walk them through each day of reading articles (which are posted in PDF on Google Docs) and follows up with reflections and art projects. Amazing!



There's more!: This resource now addresses 17 dangerous decisions ANY teen might make, including 2 new topics:


  1. "Dangerous Selfies" (death caused by selfies taken in dangerous and daredevil circumstances)
  2. "Vaping"
  3. Optional "Find Your Own Dangerous Decision Article" homework
  4. Optional "Art Rubric" if you want to follow with an art project
  5. NEWLY ADDED! Peer Pressure Task Cards Activity



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  • "These resources are nothing short of amazing! The quality is outstanding and the program itself is engaging for students. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into producing a quality product at an affordable price for teachers."
  • "This is brilliant. Tackles subjects that need to be tackled and with no shame."
  • "Best thing I can say is students loved this and it generated lots of meaningful discussion!"



Help your teens see the dangerous, and often fatal consequences of these risky decisions:


1. Dangerous Selfies (death caused by selfies taken in dangerous/daredevil circumstances)


2. Vaping


3. High Speed Driving


4. The Choking Game


5. Taking Bets and Dares


6. Drinking Games


7. Sexting


8. Goofing Around on Cars and Trucks


9. Cutting/Self-Mutilating and Suicide


10. The Dangers of the Sun and Tanning Booths


11. Giving out Personal Information on the Internet


12. Shaken Baby Syndrome


13. Carrying a Loaded Gun


14. Teen Runaways and Homelessness


15. Unhygienic Body Tattoos and Piercings


16. Water Safety (Boating and Jet Ski Accidents)


17. Using Drugs



★ Here is a bit more about the 5 versions to choose from depending on the amount of time you have: BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE PREVIEW.


Relevant for middle and/or high school students.


1. Easiest Version: Students read on their own and meet up in groups afterwards


-6 Pages of Step-by-Step Teacher Directions

-"Dangerous Decisions Worksheet"

-New! Intriguing story to read outloud and challenging questions for students!


2. Mini Version: Students read and pass along articles, with optional group meet up


-6 Pages of Step-by-Step Teacher Directions

-Mini Version Worksheet"

-Group Follow-Up Questions

-New! Intriguing story to read outloud and challenging questions for students!


3. Share Out Version: Students read and discuss in groups, then share out


-18-Slide PowerPoint

-"Share Out and T.V. Version Worksheet"

-"Dangerous Decisions Worksheet" Article and Example

-"WWWWH Decision-Making Worksheet"

-"Presentation Grading Rubric"

-"Anonymous Student Reflection Sheet"

-The Legal Consequences Handout

-New! Intriguing story to read outloud and challenging questions for students!


4. T.V. Station Reporters Version - Fun! Students read and discuss in groups, then present material as T.V. reporters on a news channel


-21 Pages of Step-by-Step Teacher Directions

-35-Slide PowerPoint

-"Share Out and T.V. Version Worksheet"

-"Dangerous Decisions Worksheet" Article and Example

-T.V. Newsroom Presentation Form

-"Presentation Grading Rubric"

-"WWWWH Decision-Making Worksheet"

-"Anonymous Student Reflection Sheet"

-The Legal Consequences Handout

-New! Intriguing story to read outloud and challenging questions for students!


5. Use as an Independent Study Unit: Completely done at home "Distance Learning Version." All you need to do is get your students the link where all 100 articles are on 1 PDF file on Google Docs, and get them the link to the 67-Slide "Dangerous Decisions Distance Learning Student Directions" that is 1 Google Slideshow that walks students step-by-step through the lessons.


They will read 4 to 5 articles in a topic each day (or you can slow down the pace if you want!) for 15 different topics.


-Each day after they read the topic articles, there is a reflection follow-up. (See preview for more details)


-At the end of each week, there is an art project. The three projects are:


  • "Through the Dangerous Decisions Door" Poster
  • Risk and Protective Factors Tree Art
  • WWWWH Decision-making Brochure


-There are also a "Protective Factors Worksheet" and a "WWWWH Decision-Making Worksheet"




-Articles for all 4 versions are included!



This resource is taken from our #1 Best-Selling High School Health Curriculum on Teacher Pay Teachers!!



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