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Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders:

Yes! We do accept purchase orders for our curriculum. 

Please email us with the following:

1. Which curriculum you're interested in purchasing and the licensing type*.

2. The quantity.

3. Which name and email will be associated with the purchase order (billing).

4. Which name(s) and email address(es) we should send the curriculum to (if different from the email address already provided).

5. Please provide us with a Purchase Order #.

We will then process the order for you and follow up with an invoice and address for you to send payment.


Thanks! We'll be on the lookout for your email. 

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* "Transferable License" products are intended to be assigned to one teacher at a time, but are transferable to accommodate yearly staff changes. In situations involving teacher turnover, extended leave, or other special cases, this license can be reassigned to another teacher. The flexibility of this license ensures that the curriculum remains accessible even amid staffing fluctuations.

* On the other hand, our "Single User Non-Transferable License" is designed for individual use by one teacher only and is strictly non-transferable. It cannot be shared or passed on to other teachers. This license model is commonly purchased by teachers for their personal use, guaranteeing that each educator has their own license for accessing the curriculum.

Transferable License Products