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Sex Education Unit for Special Needs Students: Health Education Curriculum

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This sex education unit has been tried and tested with my own special needs students! These Health lessons are organized, detailed, and the step-by-step directions make them easy to teach!


This digital download product, is editable in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for print and online on Google Drive.


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  • Low-Prep and easy to use!
  • Step-by-step teacher directions follow PowerPoint slides to walk you through lessons!
  • Includes 33 lessons!
  • There is no canned curriculum here! Everything has been created by a 19-year Health Teacher Veteran and "kid-tested."
  • This curriculum is all in Word and editable so you can adapt and modify for your students if needed!
  • Includes a wide range of skill levels in the lessons and instructions, and each lesson has an "Extra Resources for the More Advanced Students" section.



  • Meets 6 State Standards
  • Meets all 8 National Health Standards
  • Meets 7 Common Core Standards




  1. I created and taught this program in what I called "Basic Ed. Health" exclusively for my high school's Special Education students.
  2. It was an amazing program I ran for years, and later we moved to mainstreaming and I had almost every Special Needs student either take my Health class on their own, or come with an adult aide. I was able to continue supplementing with these activities!
  3. This unit is tried and tested by students, and found to be engaging, fun, creative and HANDS ON learning! at its best!
  4. I've adjusted, modified, adapted, and tested these activities over the years to mold them into something that will really delight, teach, and empower your special needs students.



  1. 125 total pages of teacher directions and worksheets, all organized by lesson and topics!
  2. There are 287 PowerPoint slides all in one presentation to walk you through lessons
  3. Links to 30 optional, but very powerful videos
  4. THIS IS HANDS-ON, VISUAL LEARNING! There are pictures to color, handouts to highlight, flip-up, pull-open, lift-the-lid interactive activities, role-plays, skits, surveys, art projects, parent homework, videos, PowerPoints, on-screen quizzes, cartoons, interviews, song lyrics, music, true stories and more!




Lesson 1: Traits of a Friend (1-2 Days)

  • Friendship Quilt Activity
  • Things That Could Hurt a Friend Quilt Activity

*For the More Advanced Student:

  • Getting to Know Someone Conversation Starters
  • Getting to Know Your Classmates Activities
  • Who What When Where How Conversation Starters Poster


Lesson 2: Friendship Recipe (2-3 Days)

  • Friendship Handout
  • iPad Screen Saver on Self-Esteem
  • Recipe Card PowerPoint
  • Recipe Project

*For the More Advanced Student:

  • Friendship Survey to Give to 10 People
  • Healthy Relationship Poster


Lesson 3: Showing Empathy (3 Days)

  • Empathy Definition PowerPoint
  • Identifying with Their Feelings Activity
  • Put Yourself in Someone’s Shoes Worksheet
  • 10 Ways to Show Someone you Care Worksheet

*For the More Advanced Student:

  • Empathy for 7 People Homework
  • Empathy Survey
  • Empathy Survey PowerPoint Answers


Lesson 4: Healthy Dating / Setting Boundaries / Choosing Abstinence (3 Days)

  • Dating and What is Love Article
  • Dating Do’s and Don’ts Handout
  • Tips for Healthy Dating Interactive Fun!
  • Setting Boundaries Activity
  • 10 Reasons for Choosing Abstinence Activity

*For the More Advanced Student:

  • Love Languages Survey
  • Abstinence Song Lyrics Project


Lesson 5: Standing up to Peer Pressures (2 Days)

  • Guess the Pressure Lines Quiz
  • Assertiveness Handout
  • Personal Peer Pressures Flip Chart Art Project

*For the More Advanced Student:

  • Sexual Pressures Articles
  • Sexual Pressures Flip Charts Advanced
  • Peer Pressure Line Role Play Task Cards


Lesson 6: Reproduction / Puberty / Human Anatomy (4-5 Days)

  • Reproduction PowerPoint Slides and Video Link
  • Female and Male Anatomy and Reproductive Issues
  • Human Anatomy PowerPoint Presentation
  • Puberty Handout
  • Puberty Poster Project
  • Fun Personality Surveys
  • Puberty Parent-Teen Communicator

*For the More Advanced Student:

  • Girls Only "Girl Issues" Handout
  • Testicular Cancer Videos and Handout
  • "Girl Issues" Empowering Girls PowerPoint Presentation


Lesson 7: Handling Emotions (4 Days)

  • Puberty, Moods and Emotions Handout
  • Replacing Emotions Puzzle
  • Calming Statements and Anger Cartoons

*For the More Advanced Student:

  • Anger Survey
  • Anger Survey PowerPoint Scoring and Explanation


Lesson 8: Sexually Transmitted Infections (3-4 Days)

  • S.T.I. PowerPoint
  • HIV/AIDS Quiz
  • Fun Emotional Baggage Interactive Project

*For the More Advanced Student:

  • S.T.I. True-False Quiz
  • Birth Control Worksheet and Conclusions
  • HIV Myths and Truths Handout


Lesson 9: Stranger Danger (Including Internet Safety (4 Days)

  • Guess the Stranger PowerPoint
  • Internet Safety Quiz
  • Internet Rules Project
  • True Stories of Internet and Cell Phone Dangers
  • Possibly Dangerous Scenarios Activity
  • The Emergency Trick Skits

*For the More Advanced Student:

  • Sexual Assault True-False Quiz


Lesson 10: Sexual Abuse and R-E-S-P-E-C-T (3 Days)

  • Abusive Situations and What to Do Handout
  • Abusive Interactive Flip Ups
  • Sexuality Parent-Teen Communicator
  • RESPECT Unit Test Review
  • Unit Test


*For the More Advanced Student:

  • More Challenging Unit Test
  • More on Abuse PowerPoint



>> Integrated Skills Based, Content Based / Knowledge Based. The best of both worlds.

>> Meets all HS National Health Education Standards. 

>> Meets all HS Technical Subjects Health Common Core Standards.

>> Meets all Washington State’s rigorous Health Education Standards.



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      Katie S.

      Great resource! Thank you for creating a tool that I can use as a high school life skills teacher!

      Liza Geonie

      Very helpful in targeting sexuality issues with the students I consult on!

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      exactly what I was looking for

      stephanie S.

      This is an incredibly thorough unit.

      Mary N.

      This a great addition to mycollection for high school students in transition.