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P.E. Games: 50+ Fun Games and Activities for Elementary + Middle + High School

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END OF SCHOOL FIELD DAY IDEAS!! This games bundle is full of fun games and activities for inside the gym and in the classroom. This is a collection put together by a 20+ year veteran P.E. teacher. These games are favorites, they take very little prep, and you get a whole lot of fun!!


This digital download product, is editable in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for print and online on Google Drive.



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>> Integrated Skills Based, Content Based / Knowledge Based. The best of both worlds.

>> Aligned to MS/HS America’s National Physical Education Standards. 

>> Aligned to MS/HS Technical Subjects Common Core Standards.

>> Aligned to MS/HS Washington State’s rigorous Physical Education standards.



This resource is taken from our #1 Best-Selling Full Year P.E. Program!



This Games Unit Includes:


  • Fun!
  • Over 50 P.E. games!
  • NEW! By popular request I just put all games on 1 doc for easy reference! It's 179+ pages of step-by-step game and set up instructions!
  • 21 classroom games
  • Group challenges
  • Many additional activities! (See full list below)
  • Focus on fitness
  • Teaching sportsmanship, teamwork, competition, cooperation, and more!
  • "Class Choice Survey"
  • "Peer Grading Sheet"
  • "Ways to Group Students"
  • "Getting Donated Equipment"
  • BONUS! Full "Hula Hoop Unit" in Preview!



Here is what buyers are saying:


  • ”Wonderful”
  • “Huge time saver!”
  • "Very little prep!"
  • "Great for P.E. teachers!"
  • "This would also be perfect for elementary classroom teachers who have to teach P.E. to their students!"



Here is what's included:


Low Organized Games:


1. Capture the Football

2. Take A Chance

3. Non-Stop Jaws!

4. Mission Impossible

5. Stinger

6. Four Square

7. Steal the Bacon

8. Capture the Flag

9. Danish Rounders

10. Betcha a Buck

11. Tunnel Soccer

12. Space Invaders

13. Pack Man Tag

14. Red-Green Line

15. Gatorball

16. Silent Speedball

17. Amoeba Tag

18. Gotcha

19. Non-Stop Jaws

20. Whiffleball Game

21. Link to HopScotch Fun!

-Fun Ways to Group Students


Jump Roping:


22. Jump Rope Unit (19 pages-Jumps, long ropes, clubs, games…)

23. Endurance Test.

24. Speed Test


Cooperative Games:


25. There are actually 25 games, but I just counted it as one!


Summer Olympic Stations:


26. Fun station workout!


Winter Olympic Stations:


27. Another fun station workout!


Hula Hoops:


28. Individual Challenges

29. Partner Challenges

30. Hoop Games

31. Stations




32. 10 Step

33. Angus Reel

34. Electric Slide

35. Fun YouTube Videos

36. Oh Johnny Circle Dance

37. Salsa Dancing for Beginners

38. Slappin' Leather

39. Tush Push Easy Version

40. Zumba. Tango. Salsa.




41. Scooter Battleship

42. Scooter Pinball

43. Scooter Relays


Whiffle Ball:


44. Fun game!

Fitness Games and Activities:


45. Deal a Healthy Heart

46. One Minute Activities

47. Spartan Sprint

48. Whistle Game




49. Challenges


Kick Ball Games:


50. Kickball Basketball

51. Kickball Game


Dodgeball Games:


52. Circle Dodgeball

53. Dodgeball + Ninja Turtle Dodge Ball


21 Rainy Day Classroom Games:

54. Note: I just counted this resource as 1!


-40 Ways to Get There

- Bomb's Away

-Straws and Paper Relay

-Ping Pong Blow

-Eraser Tag

-Handful of Beans

-Bicycle Riding Contest

-Who Changed It?

-Balloon Volleyball

-Ring on a String

-Fruitbasket Upset

-20 questions

-Hide the Bean Bag

-Shoe Pile Relay

-Silent Ball-My Ship is Loaded

-King or Queen


- Exercise Bingo


-Straws and Paper Relay


Links to Online Games:


iPod Scavenger Hunt

More Low Organized Games

Olympic Stations.

P.E. Blogs to Check Out

Pinterest PE Games


FITT Plans:


Fitt Plans Teacher Directions

Fitt Plan Overview

Fitt Plan Worksheet all 4

Fitt Plans Blank

Fuel Up To Play 60

Muscle Fitness and Endurance

Parent Fitt Plan Homework


Heart Rate Lesson:


Heartrate Teacher Directions

Heart Rate Control

Heartrate Chart

Heartrate Formula

Heartrate Zones




Various “Student Outcome” and “P.E. Grading” rubrics






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      Customer Reviews

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      Kellie W.

      These games and activities are low/no-prep and easy to implement.

      Deborah G.

      As a non-phys ed person, I used these and felt confident that my students would be engaged and entertained during class. Thanks!

      Kat E.

      A great resource to add to your library of physical education activities and games.

      River Lily Creations

      This product was easy to use and my students liked it!

      Nancy B.

      Great ideas and games for getting students moving. Thanks!