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Nutrition Independent Study: Online 3 Week Health Curriculum Unit: High School Health Curriculum Health Lessons

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These 21 Nutrition lessons on Google Slides make teaching nutrition easy for any 6th-12th grade teacher! Lessons have ALL step-by-step STUDENT DIRECTIONS, so this program was designed as a completely independent  program.


This digital download product, is editable in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for print and online on Google Drive.


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>> Integrated Skills Based, Content Based / Knowledge Based. The best of both worlds.

>> Meets all HS National Health Education Standards. 

>> Meets all HS Technical Subjects Health Common Core Standards.

>> Meets all Washington State’s rigorous Health Education Standards.



Program Features:


  • Get kids engaged and grab their interest with interactive surveys, worksheets, art projects, introspective reflections, writing assignments, and more!
  • Editable!
  • Google Slides text boxes ready for students to fill in!
  • It's super organized and easy to administer this independent program!
  • Student Directions and worksheets are ALL ON 1 Google Slide!
  • Teacher Version: Exact student version but with keys and some teaching suggestions and lesson extensions!
  • You have never seen a program like this one! No more having students do vocabulary words out of an old Health book to get a Health credit.





  • Distance learning
  • Independent study
  • Alternative schools
  • Summer schools (Teacher instruction and additional activities included)
  • Home schools
  • Students with an extended absence
  • Health Credit Retrieval
  • Self-contained Classrooms
  • Great sub plans!!



 NOTE ★: This Independent Study Nutrition Unit is for teachers who want students to work independently.


It includes for print or online step-by-step STUDENT DIRECTIONS that students can read and follow themselves and Google Slide worksheets they can do on their own! There are minimal notes or teaching suggestions for teachers!


What Previous Buyers are Saying:


  • “Incredibly comprehensive and a valuable resource.”
  • “Great resource… My students loved it… Very little work on my part!”
  • “Very, very useful and engaging resource! Lots of helpful information and activities.”
  • “This is one of the best items I have purchased on TPT worth every penny and then some.”



★ A check off assignment sheet and contract to determine time requirements and sign are included.


★ This Common Core aligned Nutrition Unit will help you present an engaging, medically-based, revealing, and interesting nutrition unit with ease.


★ The 21 lessons can be done in 11 days by completing 2 lessons a day, or take longer if you like!



Here are some awesome features of this program:


1. Aligned with State, National, and Common Core Standards. Standards are listed for easy reference in the "Table of Contents" and in each lesson.


2. The program is EASY - LOW Prep! It's truly "independent learning" and the teacher needs to do very little to administer this program. The point of the whole program is that students work independently-at home or in a classroom.


3. It is medically and scientifically accurate.


4. It's very organized! Simply use online, or print re-usable packets, sign a contract with your students and go!


5. There is also a teacher packet with full program directions, unit tests, and assignment and test keys.



Here are the 21 Lesson Topics: (See "Preview" for more details!)


1. “How Healthy Are You Eating?” Survey


2. Drinking Water Assignment


3. Nutrient/Formulas Worksheet


4. Understanding Calories Worksheet


5. Fast Food Restaurant Poster


6. Food Label Reading Worksheet


7. Food Label Scavenger Hunt Activity -


8. Food Pyramid Worksheet/Reflection (Mayo Clinic Version or MyPlate Version)


9. Optional Eating Disorders Survey


10. Exercise Worksheet


11. “FITT Principle Worksheet


12. Family Medical History Parent-Teen Communicator Homework


13. Emotions and Eating Survey and Reflections


14. Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt


15. “Is This Diet Healthy?” Worksheet


16. Calcium Survey


17. Calcium Worksheet


18. Healthy Eating for Life Survey and Goals


19. Energy Drinks Worksheet


20. Love What’s Good Worksheet


21. Nutrition Review and Test





I included simple "Teacher's Directions" for some lesson intros and lesson extensions in case anyone is in a teaching situation where they have some time to introduce these lessons before students begin to work independently! Great for self-contained classrooms or summer school programs!


★ BONUS #2! Links to so many amazing Nutrition videos!


 NOTE: These independent study lessons are sold separately from any of our other curriculums. While lessons in this independent study program are taken from our #1 Best-Selling Nutrition Unit, our #1 Best-Selling full High School Health and Middle School (or Level 1, 2, or 3 Middle Health) curriculums, or our Sequential Health program, the lessons are in a completely different format. Rather than including step-by-step teacher directions and PowerPoints, this program includes online or printable step-by-step STUDENT directions and online or printable Fill-in Student Pages.



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      Joni B.

      Great students were very interested in the activities and responded well to the digital platform.

      Julie Flann

      This was a terrific resource that helped me to save a ton of time during planning. I am teaching online this year and teaching Nutrition. I needed resources so badly when the year began. It money well spent!

      Emily L.

      This was such a great resource for my students!

      Sonya F.

      A great online resource that I was able to use in class and virtually.

      The Mawkin' Bird

      Great resource that helped my classroom! I was using this for summer school as a unit for 5-8th grade students.