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TeacherPayTeachers #1 Best-Selling Physical Education Curriculum is now available for school district purchase as a "Transferable License." 


This digital download product, is editable in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for print and online on Google Drive.



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★ We offer two types of licenses for Health Education Today: the "Transferable License" and the "Single User Non-Transferable License."


★ This "Transferable License" product is intended to be assigned to one teacher at a time, but it is transferable to accommodate yearly staff changes. In situations involving teacher turnover, extended leave, or other special cases, this license can be reassigned to another teacher. The flexibility of this license ensures that the curriculum remains accessible even amid staffing fluctuations. An additional license fee markup of 40% has been applied for Transferable License products.


★ On the other hand, our "Single User Non-Transferable License" is designed for individual use by one teacher only and is strictly non-transferable. It cannot be shared or passed on to other teachers. This license model is commonly purchased by teachers for their personal use, guaranteeing that each educator has their own license for accessing the curriculum. Please click this link if you are interested in the Single User Non-Transferable License version. 


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This full year Transferable P.E. License includes 11 inside units and 8 outside Physical Education Units and more! Lesson plans develop physical literacy, motor skills, increase knowledge, incorporate physical fitness, promote enjoyment, teach sportsmanship, and empower students to choose life-long physical activity!


>> Integrated Skills Based, Content Based / Knowledge Based. The best of both worlds.

>> Aligned to MS/HS America’s National Physical Education Standards. 

>> Aligned to MS/HS Technical Subjects Common Core Standards.

>> Aligned to MS/HS Washington State’s rigorous Physical Education standards.



Links to Full Step-By-Step Daily P.E. Lessons: See a video here!

  1. Complete Year General PE Class 2 Days a week
  2. Complete Semester General PE Class 3 Days a week
  3. Complete Semester General PE Class 5 Days a week
  4. Complete Semester Weight Training for 2 Days a week
  5. Complete Semester Weight Training for 5 Days a week
  6. Complete Semester Weight Training for 2 Days/General P.E. 3 Days a week


P.E. Units: Click here to see a fun video preview.

  1. Volleyball Unit (4 Weeks)
  2. Basketball Unit (3 Weeks)
  3. Flag Football Unit (3 Weeks)
  4. Soccer Unit (2 Weeks)
  5. Badminton Unit (2 to 3 Weeks)
  6. Softball Unit (2 Weeks)
  7. Weight Training Unit (Full Semester)
  8. Tennis Unit (2 Weeks)
  9. Backyard Games Unit (1 to 2 Weeks)
  10. Soft LaCrosse Unit (2 Weeks)
  11. Field Hockey Unit (2 Weeks)
  12. Ping Pong Unit (2 Weeks)
  13. Pickleball Unit (2 to 3 Weeks)
  14. Aerobic Fitness Unit (3 Weeks)
  15. Floor Hockey Unit (2 Weeks)
  16. Team Handball and Speedball Unit (2 Weeks)
  17. Bowling Unit (1 to 3 Weeks)
  18. Frisbee Games (1 to 2 Weeks)
  19. Dance Unit (2 Weeks)


TOTAL: 44 Weeks (Without counting Weight Training!) Well Over a School Year!



Other P.E. Bonus File Resources Included:

  • 50 Games for P.E. Inside the Gym
  • Best Cooperative Games for P.E.
  • Components of Fitness
  • FITT plans
  • 25+ cardio workouts
  • 20+ strength-training, calisthenics and bodywork exercises
  • Learning Targets for P.E. Posters
  • Organizing Docs: Syllabus, Grading Standards
  • Heart Rate Lesson
  • Low Organized Games
  • "Physical Literacy Check List"
  • "Easy Way to Meet 20 Common Core Standards in P.E." (All on 1 doc!)
  • Fitness testing
  • Dance: 10-Step, Angus Reel, Electric Slide, YouTube Fun Dances, Oh Johnny Oh, Salsa, Zumba, Tush Push, Slappin’Leather, “Aerobic Dance Project”
  • 45-Day Online Workout Program: See video here!


- Super fun 5-days a week at-home P.E. program.

- Includes videos, warm-ups, cool-downs, dance, pilates, yoga, cardio, videos...

-Includes videos, warm-ups, cool-downs, dance, pilates, yoga, cardio, videos...

-Try the routines on a front screen or printed for you to lead in class for your activities!They are also perfect for non-suit students to work on during class, or for P.E. make-ups or absences



Also Includes 4 Health Units:

  1. Nutrition Unit (4 Weeks)
  2. Body Systems Unit (2 Weeks)
  3. NEW! First Aid Unit (2 weeks)
  4. Energy Drinks Sub Plans (1 to 2 Days)


For Print and Online!

  • Documents and PowerPoints are editable in both Word and PDF formats.
  • Nutrition and Body Systems Units are for print and PowerPoints, and "Fill-in" Students Worksheets are online!
  • Full-Semester P.E. Daily Lessons are in Word and PDF on Google Drive!
  • 45-Day Workout Program is online on Google Slides
  • 20 Common Core Activities are in Word and PDF on Google Drive
  • Interactive "Virtual Health Topic Worksheets" are on Google Slides
  • Also compatible with Microsoft platforms! Simply download Google Docs to your computer (Yes- text boxes and links remain intact!) and upload and assign on your online Microsoft platform!



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       Here are More Detailed Descriptions:


      9 Weeks of online workouts for students to do at home! Help students try a huge variety of activities, and to give students a CHOICE workouts.


      -3 Days a Week Weightlifting program with Record Sheets

      -Weightroom Circuits with station posters

      -BSF program ideas

      -The Big 12 Program Link

      -Sample High School Program

      -60 Weight Training Video Links

      -How to Write Your Own Workout

      -4 Different Free Weights Routines

      -Several Weight Room Recording Sheets


      Strength and Conditioning Activities:

      -Summer Olympic P.E. Stations

      -Scrabble Fitness

      -Uno Fitness

      -Army Fitness

      -Marine Fitness

      -Cross Fit Workout

      -Medicine Ball Workout

      -Interval Workout

      -and more...


      25+ Cardio Workouts:


      -Track workouts

      -Sweet sixteen


      -Spartan Sprint

      -1-minute activities

      -Jump rope tests

      -12-minute run

      -Step benching



      -Roam the Halls for Fitness

      -and more...


      20+ Calisthenics and Body Work workouts:



      -Best abdominal exercises

      -Push Up Routine

      -Full Body work

      -Resistance bands

      Yoga in P.E. Ideas



      -Body weight exercises

      -Winter Olympics P.E. Stations


      The 5 Components of Fitness + FITT Plans:

      -FITT Plan Worksheet

      -Muscular Endurance FITT Plans

      -Cardiovascular FITT Plans

      -Parent FITT Plan Homework

      -and more...


      Learning Targets for P.E.: 5 National SHAPE standards posters included and templates for creating your own learning targets bulletin board!



      Full 4-Week #1 Best-Selling Nutrition Unit (20 lessons)


      -259 Pages of Step-by-Step Teacher Directions

      -7 PowerPoint Presentations with 576 Slides to Walk you Through Each Lesson

      -110 Documents - Student docs now on 100+ GOOGLE SLIDES and 9 GOOGLE FORMS.


      - Body Systems Unit (Option of Quick 5-Day or 10-Day units) NOW on 84 GOOGLE SLIDES!


      -155 Pages of Step-by-Step Teacher Directions directly from my #1 Best-Selling Health Curriculum!

      -85 PowerPoint Presentation Slides to Walk you Through Each Lesson

      -29 Documents

      -NEW! Body Systems Worksheet now with QR Codes

      -Body Systems group project

      -Class presentations with grading rubric

      -Optional "Alcohol Board Game"

      -"Coronavirus Lesson"

      -Unit Test


      3-Week First Aid Unit


      Topics Include:

      1. Unresponsive and not breathing

      2. Heart attack

      3. Heat Stroke

      4. Choking

      5. Bleeding heavily

      6. Concussion and Head Injury

      7. Seizures / Epilepsy

      8. Unresponsive and breathing

      9. Asthma attack

      10. Broken bone

      11. Burns

      12. Hypothermia

      13. Meningitis

      14. Poisoning / Harmful Substances

      15. Strains and Sprains

      16. Diabetic Emergency

      17. Allergies/Anaphylaxis






      Thank you so much for previewing!!


      Health Education Today




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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 18 reviews
      Cally E.

      The lessons are very organized and I enjoyed the variety that you create. Not all equipment rooms are stocked this fully, but there are always extra options for activities.

      Thanks for the great review! Glad you’ve enjoyed the curriculum!

      Keeta D.

      Thank you for this well thought out program.

      laderius H.

      This document help me tremendously from planning lessons to day by day instructions for the students. It really made planning easier for me.

      Michael R.

      First time phys ed teacher here, and this was a fantastic foundation to approaching and executing the course. Loads and loads of content, it is well organized and informative ... I was happy with the purchase! This will be helpful to me and to my students, and prove itself quite valuable once the year is all-said-and-done.

      Thank you for the great review-so glad our material could be a part of your program!

      Jen A.

      This is a fantastic resource with A LOT of information!! I am still figuring out how to use it but it's a great resource, esp. as a new teacher.