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Healthy Eating for Teens: 3 Lessons and Impacting 60-Question Survey: High School Health Curriculum Health Lessons

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Do you want to teacher your students about healthy eating? This individual survey of 60 healthy and unhealthy nutritional habits is for adults and students alike!


This digital download product, is editable in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for print and online on Google Drive.


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This amazing survey looks at 30 foods to eat less of, and 30 healthy nutritional habits to get more of!



Why Purchase This Resource:


  • It's 3 Days of Lessons!


  • It's researched-based! 24 sources are cited where data and facts were found!


  • After teaching Health for 19 years and researching the best nutrition truths and myths for my students and my curriculum, I’ve gained experience and knowledge that I’ve used to put together this possibly life-changing resource.


  • Now on Google Slides! Student 60-question survey, "Where is Your Health?" worksheet, and accountability calendar can now be filled in online by students!


  • Personalize the lesson and do a goal-setting art project!


  • "Food Label Reading Lesson" included as a pre-lesson. It has 15-Pages of Teacher Directions that follow 53 PowerPoint slides and will show your students how to read a food label and use fat and sugar data to determine if a product is considered "healthy!"


  • -Now aligned to high school AND middle school standards!


  • In Word and PowerPoint so it's fully EDITABLE!



Here is More About this Resource:


>> Integrated Skills Based, Content Based / Knowledge Based. The best of both worlds.

>> Meets HS/MS National Health Education Standards. 

>> Meets HS/MS Technical Subjects Health Common Core Standards.

>> Meets Washington State’s rigorous Health Education Standards.


  1. Everyone's body is so unique - we all have different genetics, unique health issues, varying ethnicity; and individual eating patterns, childhood training, environments, likes and dislikes, exercise habits, emotions, and very different self discipline levels. Almost no one can simply find a published health regimen, follow it to the letter, and find their best health.
  2. That’s why this resource will help each individual look at just what reasons they aren’t as healthy as they’d like to be and then feel empowered to change those issues!
  3. Did you realize that if your energy slumps within one to two hours after eating, you’ve probably had too many carbohydrates!? Did you know that having lean protein with a meal should make you feel full for 2 hours longer? This lesson is full of nutritional facts that explain healthy eating and promote good nutritional habits!


Get tips, ideas, cautions, and research on each of the 60 different "Eat Less-Get More" topics! Here are a few of the 60 topics:





White flour

Saturated fats

Cured pork

Red meats

Hot dogs, sausage, processed lunch meats

Fried foods

Mayonnaise, Ranch, Thousand Island, + Blue Cheese

Butter and margarine



Trans fat

Fast food

Soda pop

Energy drinks

Processed foods


Foods with more than 5 ingredients!

Eating Late at night


Fad diets






Balanced eating

Whole grains



Lean Protein


Meals without meat



Calcium and Vitamin D



Grocery store savvy

Help reading food labels

Adding muscle tips




Follow-up with goal setting acronym activity, and fill in a calendar for accountability!!



This resource includes:


  • Food Label Reading Pre-Lesson!


  1. 27 PAGES OF STEP-BY-STEP TEACHER DIRECTIONS that suggest what to say and follow PowerPoint slides that walk you through each lesson as you teach your students!
  2. An editable 64-slide PowerPoint that walks you through the lesson
  3. An editable student worksheet where each student will pick a product or label and read it on their own
  4. Editable and printable and online on Google Slides food labels to use if you don't have real containers!
  5. Fun editable "Grocery Store Scavenger Worksheet"! (Also on Google Slides!)
  6. 3 links to great videos on the new U.S.D.A. food label, grocery store labels, how to read food labels, and the reality of fast food advertising


  • Healthy Eating Lesson!


  1. A 60-question “Eat Less and Get More” survey of 60 healthy and unhealthy habits!
  2. 60 explanations, tips, and research
  3. Easy to use “Answer Sheet” with goal setting activity
  4. An “Accountability Calendar” to help hold yourself accountable to accomplish your new goals!
  5. Links to all these student docs on Google Slides!
  6. An “Eat less – Get More” acronym poster activity with directions and an example
  7. Complete step-by-step directions and follow-up goal setting and poster



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    Jessica F.

    Great resource.

    Coffee and Binder Clips

    This was great!

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    A great resource to add to my health unit. Tons of great informaton and lessons that my students enjoyed. The directions were very helpful!

    Erin W.

    Just what I needed for my health class.

    Steven C.

    Very helpful addition to the course.