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Conflict Resolution Lesson Plans: A Best Selling Health Curriculum Unit


TeacherPayTeachers #1 Best-Selling High School Conflict Unit!!


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Conflict Resolution is such an important life skill for teens! This unit will help students recognize that relationships are one of the most important things in life! Empathy, assertiveness, and communication skills empower teens with the tools to understand and overcome conflict!



This resource is taken from our #1 Best-Selling High School Health Curriculum on Teacher Pay Teachers!!



How this unit came to be:


  • Actually, good conflict resolution lessons are so hard to find! When I got ready to teach my 9th graders conflict resolution skills, I was surprised that I just couldn't find any lessons I felt were effective, relevant, AND engaging.


  • So I decided to create my own conflict resolution model and then I designed fun, inspiring lessons to teach it! You won't find these ideas anywhere else!!


  • -These Health lessons have students engaged in taking surveys, analyzing conflict escalators, watching a T.V. series example, and guessing perception puzzles! Get this important and powerful 1+ Week Health unit!



Here is what is included:


  • A powerful 1-Week Unit!


  • 52 pages of step-by-step teacher directions tell you what to say!


  • A 102-Slide PowerPoint that walks you through the lessons


  • 14 EDITABLE Student Documents


  •  NEW! "Self-Advocacy Skills-Based Project" Student prompts included!


  • This is an editable “For Print” curriculum created in Word and PowerPoint, AND a digital resource for BOTH GOOGLE DRIVE and MICROSOFT OFFICE USERS!


  • ALL STUDENT DOCS for this “Conflict Resolution Unit” are uploaded onto Google Slides and Forms


  • NEW! I separated the high school and middle school "Conflict Resolution Units" so each will now be sold separately! If you need the "Middle School Conflict Resolution Unit," check back soon!


There's more:


  • It's not just a unit outline! Highly organized, step-by-step teacher directions follow daily PowerPoints and suggest exactly to say!


  • Learning Targets and printable target posters for each lesson


  • “Success Criteria Sheet” for students to copy target at beginning of class, and answer questions at the end of class


  • Includes a step-by-step instructional video I created to show you not only how to navigate my files and folders; but also how to use the Google Slideshows, how Microsoft users can use my Google Slideshows, how to send only one day's lessons to your students, how to voice-over slides, and more! (Click here for an example!)





>> Integrated Skills Based, Content Based / Knowledge Based. The best of both worlds.

>> Meets all HS National Health Education Standards. 

>> Meets all HS Technical Subjects Health Common Core Standards.

>> Meets all Washington State’s rigorous Health Education Standards.



Here is what teacher/buyers are saying about this unit:


  • "Incredible! You have saved me countless hours and many headaches."
  • "Pure genius!"
  • Keeps the students engaged during the whole unit."
  • "Amazing Resource!"
  • "Incredible! You have saved me countless hours and many headaches."
  • "Best money I spent in a long time!"



Standards Met: What sets this curriculum apart from others is that:


  • MEETS STATE and NATIONAL HEALTH STANDARDS (Middle meets 5/8 National Standards | High School lessons meets 7/8 National Standards )


  • MEETS OUT OF 20 COMMON CORE STANDARD High School lessons meets 5/20 Common Core Standards


Here is what is included in the High School Unit:




-“So Quic" Model Handout


-"Assertiveness Survey"


-How to be Assertive Versus Aggressive


-Start Partner Dialogue Activity




-Internal -vs- external triggers


-“Survivor” T.V. Show Video Example:-Using T.V. show "Survivor" to analyze conflict!


-‘I’ Statements Activity”




-Finish "Partner Dialogue Activity"


-Funny Video


-Very Cool Perceptions Activity (Can you see the...?)


-Questioning Skills




-”Awareness Test” Video


-“So Quic” Conflict Resolution Practice


-“So Quic" Quiz #2


-Relationships are one of the most important things in life!


-Calming Statements"


-Wallet Card Activity




-“Communication Survey”


-“How to Fold Fortune Cookies” Video


-Use “Communication and Conflict Resolution Tips Sheet” to complete this fun “Fortune Cookie” project!


-Optional Unit Assessment






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