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Bullying Lessons for Teen Health: High School Health Curriculum Health Lessons

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Teen voices can make a difference! This lesson is all about helping the 85% of students who aren't bullying other students to realize THEIR VOICES COUNT! Research says that it's about 15% of the students in a school who bully, but the other 85% may be ignoring what's going on!


This digital download product, is editable in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for print and online on Google Drive.


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Help to give your students a voice! These lessons can teach them to create a culture of respect, and to use their power to support the victims.



Here is more about these impacting lessons:


>> Integrated Skills Based, Content Based / Knowledge Based. The best of both worlds.

>> Meets HS/MS National Health Education Standards. 

>> Meets HS/MS Technical Subjects Health Common Core Standards.

>> Meets Washington State’s rigorous Health Education Standards.


  • Includes step-by-step teacher directions to walk you through the lessons!


  • Includes links to articles on famous celebrities who were bullied!


  • There is all new digital art photos on PowerPoint (see Preview for more!)


  • A 40-slide PowerPoint Presentation that walks you through the lesson


  • There are several links to research and articles will help you understand bullying and the power of creating a culture of respect and of students making their voices count!


  • There are true stories on real teens who were bullied.


  • There are 7 links to inspiring videos!


  • This lesson meets 6 of the 8 National Health and 6 of 20 Common Core Standards.


  • Includes both Word and EDITABLE PDF formats.


Why I created these lessons:


  • The recent tragic stories of students committing suicide after unrelenting bullying inspired me to create this powerful lesson. It is perfect for any middle or high school class or school-wide bullying prevention program at your school.


  • I taught this impacting lesson to my 9th grade students and afterwards they were ready to speak up, make buttons, post flyers, and try harder to stop the bullying and hurtful words at our school. They were touched.


  • Here are some of my students' quotes after the two activities included in this lesson-the "Making Your Voice Count Group Activity" and the "Making Your Voice Count Quilt Wall Art":


  • "I think it made us more confident to speak up because we know others will speak up too."
  • "It feels like you're not the only one."
  • "The activity was good; it made us think about the seriousness of not speaking up."
  • "Reading those stories really made me think it can happen to anyone at any time and we need to stand up if it does."
  • "Now they have ideas of what to do or say."
  • "It shows them how effective their words can be and I think more people will be speaking up now. I know I will."


Here is more about this resource:


1. There is a worksheet to help students during the "Making Your Voice Count" activity


2. There are directions for a "Making Your Voice Count" Quilt Project to put up in your school so all students can be inspired


3. The lesson teaches students ways to respond to bullying and to help the victim such as: get an adult if they're needed, tell the office, support the victim, appeal to the bully, write a letter to the victim, post a kind message to the victim, invite the victim to join them, sit by the victim, rally the help of their friends, and more.


4. First, after reading true story articles of 4 others, students discuss in small groups and think of different ways to use their voices to support the victim and to help stop bullying.


5. Next, they choose one of their ideas and make a page which will be part of a "Making Your Voice Count Quilt."


6. Teacher is encouraged to print the student art and the articles and post it in your school where other students can read the true story articles, and see the positive ideas in how to deal with bullying!


7. There is also an optional follow-up lesson on finding a way to forgive someone who has been hurt by another person! It involves a letter and a paper shredder! Very powerful!


8. This lesson helps students realize their voice does matter and it's not that difficult to help a victim. They see that you never know the impact a small word or gesture might make!



Here is what buyers are saying about this resource:


  • "It really touched my students."
  • "Amazing. Very thorough" 
  • "Impactful"
  • "Very Powerful"



This resource is taken directly from our Full Semester/Year High School Health Curriculum, and our Middle/Junior High School Health Curriculum, which are both #1 Best-Selling Health Curriculums on TeacherPayTeacher!!






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      Kayla Geist

      Great content in the slideshows! Very easy to follow.

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      Very engaging! My students enjoyed the lessons.

      samantha Chard

      great sub lesson ideas

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      Excellent resource for my classroom!

      Cherity Hanks

      I used this with my jr. high character education class. It was great!