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Escape Room: Bullying Health Class Bully & Empathy Activity: High School Health Curriculum Health Lessons

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Bullying and Empathy Google Forms Escape Room: Cover two extremely relevant topics for teens today in an engaging way: "Bullying" and "Empathy!"


This digital download product, is editable in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for print and online on Google Drive.


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Students imagine they are shipwrecked on “The Island of Bullying, Impulsiveness, Anger, Blame, and Control.”


There is only one ship that can rescue a player off the island, but in order to board the ship, students must get the “Message Password.”





  • Students will answer 25 TRUE/FALSE questions correctly about “Bullying,”


  • They will also take an “Empathy Survey” to retrieve the message password and get off this dangerous island!


  • Great visuals! Shipwrecks, treasure maps, and dark oceans graphics!


  • Full "Teacher Directions" with link to Google Forms Escape Room


  • Editable "25-Question Bullying Survey" for print and online in Escape Room


  • Definition of "Empathy" with quotes


  • Links to website sources for surveys, facts, and quotes


  • Symbols key for coded message!


>> Integrated Skills Based, Content Based / Knowledge Based. The best of both worlds.

>> Meets HS/MS National Health Education Standards. 

>> Meets HS/MS Technical Subjects Health Common Core Standards.

>> Meets Washington State’s rigorous Health Education Standards.




  • This is an activity that can be done independently by teens online


  • This activity is perfect for any teacher of teens


  • This is also perfect for sub plans!


  • Includes a 25-Question "Bullying Survey" with links to bullying resources, an explanation of "Empathy," a revealing "Empathy Survey," and a challenge to students to overcome the consequences of bullying with empathy!



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