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6th Grade Health Curriculum: 7th Grade Health: Full Year Curriculum + Level 1 Middle School Health Curriculum

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If you work with teens, this 6th Grade Health Unit is one that students and teachers LOVE! The 90 lessons (a full semester!) in these "Level 1 Middle/Jr. High Health" lessons are engaging and impacting! Make a difference!

This resource is for the first year of Health-Either 6th Grade Middle School or 7th Grade Junior High.


This digital download product, is editable in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for print and online on Google Drive.


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Here is More About This Amazing Program:


  • Taken from TeacherPayTeachers #1 Best-Selling Middle School Health Program
  • Low Prep- All units are in one folder
  • Includes 4 Ready-to-Teach separate programs set up for 6, 9, 12, + 18 Week programs!
  • Teacher directions follow PowerPoint slides to walk you through lessons
  • FUN! I added a fun flip and fold interactive version of the "Student Packet Notes!" Students take notes from PowerPoint slides in all kinds of shapes and foldable cut-outs!
  • ALL STUDENT DOCS uploaded onto Google Slides and Forms 
  • This program was created by a National Board Certified Health teacher with 19 years of experience teaching Health. Lessons are tried and tested! 
  • This resource includes many lessons that promote social and emotional learning (SEL).


  • ★ Bullying Escape Room
  • ★ Dangerous Decisions Unit!
  • ★ Interactive Food Label
  • ★ Addiction Escape Room
  • ★ Healthy Goals online on Google Slides
  • ★ Depression Escape Room


  • ★ This is an editable “For Print” curriculum created in Word and PowerPoint, AND a digital resource for BOTH GOOGLE DRIVE and MICROSOFT OFFICE USERS! 
  • ★ Assign Health worksheets in your Google Classroom or paperless environment from Google Slides with fill-in text boxes. Also Includes Google Forms.
  • ★ Don't teach for 90 days? No problem! - Use the 4 "Set Lessons in Weeks You Teach" programs (See more below about set 6, 9, 12, and 18-week programs.)
  • ★ Includes a step-by-step instructional video I created to show you how to navigate my files and folders.





>> Integrated Skills Based, Content Based / Knowledge Based. The best of both worlds.

>> Meets all MS National Health Education Standards. 

>> Meets all MS Technical Subjects Health Common Core Standards.

>> Meets all Washington State’s rigorous Health Education Standards.



 Here's what buyers have to say about my "LEVEL 1 Middle School" lessons:


  • "Very comprehensive resource!"
  • "This was perfect!" "Ready to use!"
  • "This is absolutely amazing and so helpful. Happy I looked past the price. Definitely worth it."
  • "This was an amazing resource...and this covered so much more than any other resource I've found."
  • "Worth every penny."



 See a video to visualize this "Set Weeks You Teach" program!



There are 4 different "Set Lessons in Weeks You Teach" programs that can be configured in so many possible teaching scenarios, it's likely to work for your teaching line. These 4 programs are each on 1 PDF!


  • a) Teach 6th Middle/7th Jr. High for 6 Weeks
  • b) Teach 6th Middle/7th Jr. High for 9 Weeks
  • c) Teach 6th Middle/7th Jr. High for 12 Weeks
  • d) Teach 6th Middle/7th Jr. High for for 18 Weeks


"PowerPoints" and "Docs to Print" are also ready to use or print each on 1 PDF!



More About This Program:

What a perfect time to teach healthy habits and smart choices! This curriculum will help your teens navigate the mental, social, and emotional changes during this time in life and thrive! The middle school years are also what scientists call a “sensitive period” for social and emotional learning, when the brain is primed to learn from social cues.


 See a video of me talking about this program!


  • GREAT GRAPHICS on PowerPoints slides!!
  • PowerPoints walk you through lessons! Helps make learning visual!
  • Links to over 40 FREE video links! (Saves you hours of previewing!!)
  • Homework assignments (Including "Parent-Teen Communicators")
  • Fun surveys - students LOVE these!
  • Best of all, students love this program (read the reviews above) and students who like what they're learning are more likely to actually use what they learned outside the classroom



Here is a QUICK LOOK at the 17 units included:


1. Beginning a School Year

2. Stress, Depression, and Suicide

3. Mental Health

4. Diseases

5. Stop Bullying: Empathy and Violence

6. Tobacco

7. Alcohol

8. Drugs

9. Conflict Resolution

10. Self-Esteem

11. Nutrition

12.Sex Ed.

13. Body Systems

14. First Aid

15. Ending A School Year

16. Optional Community Health Unit

17. Optional "Dangerous Decisions Unit"





HERE ARE UNITS included in this 6/7th Grade (Level 1) program, with SOME ACTIVITIES LISTED HERE:


1. Beginning a Year Unit:


-Starting the Term Off Right!

-Learning Styles Survey

-Conversation Starters

-“Learning Style Cubes” Art

"The Little Red Hen” THEME


-Give Out Syllabus

-File Folders System

-★INSIGHTFUL! “Food Personality Survey”


EXTRA: Organization to Begin a New School Year

-“Class Syllabus”

-Morning PowerPoints

-Learning Target Exit Sheet

-Discipline Tips

-All New "Learning Target" posters

-Creating Class Rules


2. Stress, Depression, and Suicide Unit


-“Stress Survey”

-”How Stress Affects Your Brain” Video

-How to Relieve Stress Video

-"Relieving Stress Trunks Interactive Project”

-“Sleep Art Project Homework” (Students come up with such creative projects!!)

-Five Stress Relieving Activities!

-★NEW!! Stress, Depression and Suicide Escape Room!

-Shut the Door on Suicide Interactive Google Slides


3. Mental Health Unit


-The 5 Dimensions of Health

-Interactive Mental Health Road Signs Art Project

-"You Choose Worksheet"


4. Diseases Unit


-Understanding communicable diseases, pathogens, how they’re spread, and how the immune systems fights them

-“Interactive Communicable Diseases Activity“ with “Disease and Prevention Chart”

-FUN!! “Communicable Diseases Card Game”

-“Selfie Get Well Cards” (Disease Prevention)


5. Empathy/Violence/Stop Bullying Unit


-Empathy Videos

-Interactive Empathy Treasure Chest Project

-“Self-Esteem Survey”

-"Positive Self-Talk Activity”

-Bullying Videos

-Bullying Role-Play Task Cards

-★NEW!! Bullying Escape Room!

-Making Your Voice Count” Activity

-Cyber Bullying

-“Empathy Test” (written or outloud)


6. Tobacco


-The Dangers of Tobacco

-CDC Videos

-Tobacco Facts Articles

-Anti-Tobacco Song Lyrics” Project

-Songs and Present

-The Brain and Habits

-“Cleansing a Bad Habit”

-“Adding a Healthy Habit”

-“Support Your Peers Calendar”


7. Alcohol Unit


-Introduction to Alcohol Unit

-"How Alcohol Affects the Body Wheels Project”

-”Alcohol Dangers” Audio Article

-“Standing Up to Peer Pressures“

-“Assertiveness Survey”

-"Alcohol is Not For Me”


8. Drugs Unit


-Intro to Drug Unit

-“Drug Classification Activity”

-★NEW!! Addiction Escape Room!

-25 Things to Do Instead of Drugs!!

-Inhalants Dangers

-Over-the-Counter Dangers Scavenger Hunt!!



9. Conflict Resolution Unit


-Assertiveness Survey

-Assertive Versus Aggressive

-Start Partner Dialogue Activity

-“So Quic Model” Handout

- Partner Dialogue Activity

-Assertiveness Survey”

-“Communication and Conflict Resolution Tips Sheet

-“Building Confidence, Assertiveness, and Self- Esteem ”

-"How to be More Confident” Video

-“Assertiveness Role-Plays”


10. Self-Esteem Unit


-Self-Esteem Survey

-What is Positive Self-Esteem?

-“Self-Esteem iPad” Project

-Thumbprint Project

-"We Are All Unique!" Activity


11. Nutrition Unit


-Understanding and Reading Label Ingredients

-Students make “Best or Worst Foods” Posters

-“Ingredients Quiz”

-“Where is Your Health?” Survey!!

-Interactive Food Label!!

-“Where is Your Health?” Goal-setting Acronym

-Food Label Scramble

-★NEW!! Online Healthy Eating Goals!!


12. Sex Ed. Unit


-Sexuality Opt-Out” info

-Puberty is Normal!

-“Puberty is Normal Matching Game”

-Dealing with Body Image

-“Puberty Parent-Student Communicator Homework”

-“Guide to Maintaining Friendships”

-Tips “4” for a Better Friendship

-Dating, Boundaries, and Unhealthy Risks

-Top 10 Reasons for Choosing Abstinence

-Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections/HIV

-Traits of a Healthy Versus an Unhealthy Relationships See a fun video preview of this lesson

-Understanding Gender Identity and the increased risk for bullying

-Signs of Abusive Relationships

-“Healthy Relationships Posters”


13. Body Systems Unit


-"Can You Do This?" Fun!

-"Our Amazing Body Slideshow"

-Virtual Body

-8 Body Systems Worksheet with QR Codes

-Preparing and Giving Group Presentations:

-PowerPoint Group Presentations

-Optional Requirement: Body Systems Group Rap, Song or Poem

-Grading Rubrics Included!

-Presentation Note Taking

-Preventative Medical Checkups for Teens

-Vaccinations and Reproductive Health Check Ups

-Unit Tests


14. First Aid Unit


-“Wilderness First Aid”: Sprained Ankles, Splints and Slings (students LOVE this!!)

-Kahoot Activities

-Public Service Announcements

-First Aid Cartoons Art

-Creating First Aid Kits


15. Optional Community Health Unit

-21 Different Ideas to Promote “Community Health"

-Six Key Ingredients to a Healthy Community”

-Health or Fitness Careers

-Family Health

-Safe Home Environments


16. Ending A Term Unit

-Myers Briggs Personality Videos and Reflection

-“Our Term in Review" PowerPoint



-Teacher Evaluation

-Final Test


17. ★NEW!! Dangerous Decisions Unit

-Students LOVE (and learn from) these true story articles on each of these topics:

-Articles on Google Docs to save paper

-Dangerous Selfies (death caused by selfies taken in dangerous/daredevil circumstances)

- Vaping

- High Speed Driving

- The Choking Game

- Taking Bets and Dares

- Drinking Games

- Sexting

- Goofing Around on Cars and Trucks

- Cutting/Self-Mutilating and Suicide

- The Dangers of the Sun and Tanning Booths

- Giving out Personal Information on the Internet

- Shaken Baby Syndrome

- Carrying a Loaded Gun

- Teen Runaways and Homelessness

- Unhygienic Body Tattoos and Piercings

- Water Safety (Boating and Jet Ski Accidents)

- Using Drugs



NOTE: This LEVEL 1 Health program is not consecutive with my High School Health program.



★ We offer two types of licenses for Health Education Today: the "Transferable License" and the "Single User Non-Transferable License."


★ This "Single User Non-Transferable License" is designed for individual use by one teacher only and is strictly non-transferable. It cannot be shared or passed on to other teachers. This license model is commonly purchased by teachers for their personal use, guaranteeing that each educator has their own license for accessing the curriculum.


★ On the other hand, our "Transferable License" product is intended to be assigned to one teacher at a time, but it is transferable to accommodate yearly staff changes. In situations involving teacher turnover, extended leave, or other special cases, this license can be reassigned to another teacher. The flexibility of this license ensures that the curriculum remains accessible even amid staffing fluctuations. Please click this link if you are interested in the Transferable License version. 



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Rachel O.

    I bought this for use in my 6/7 health class. There is a ton of information here, but the way it is laid out is hard for me to follow. Also some of the topics I wanted a more information on. I am a veteran teacher but this is my first year teaching health in middle school. It helped me start to form my own curriculum. But for me it was not a no prep curriculum, but it was a great starting point. Thank you!!

    Michelle F.

    This is a very comprehensive curriculum. I find it difficult to navigate and very time consuming when planning lessons. I wish EVERYTHING needed for EACH unit was in ONE folder, instead of various locations. This would make the curriculum user friendly.


    Great resource!

    Lindsey M.

    Had to teach an extra course to a group of 6th graders. It could be almost anything I wanted. I decided to do a small health unit. This was perfect! I was able to pick and choose which units I wanted to cover.

    Elizabeth B.

    Saved me as a new teacher! Easy to follow. Step by step. Thank you!