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★★★★★ I am so excited for fourth grade teachers to see this unique program! The whole year standards-based Heath curriculum is on 28 weekly “Task Cards” and is NOW ON GOOGLE SLIDES!

-Task cards can be sent home as homework, taught in class, or shared as links to GOOGLE SLIDES for distance learning!”


Here is a video preview:

Teach Health the Way YOU Want! Choose from:
  • Teach in class version (Includes teacher directions!)
  • Send home weekly “All-Done-at Home Homework Version”
  • Use a combination of in class AND at home!
  • All task cards are on GOOGLE SLIDES for “Distance Learning Version”!
…You want a Health program that’s fun, engaging, challenging, and thought-provoking
…You want a Health Curriculum that meets State, National, and Common Core Standards
…You see the tremendous value of parents involved in their child’s health and wellness
You currently don’t have the time to teach as many of the Health topics as you’d like
…Your current Health program is boring your students!
…Your school doesn’t have a Health curriculum!
…If you are homeschooling your child…
The Program is Perfect for:
  • Busy classroom teachers!
  • Distance learning
  • Home schools
  • Students with an extended absence
  • Self-contained classrooms
  • Great sub plans!
The whole year standards-based Heath curriculum is on 28 weekly “Task Cards!”
★This is the #1 BEST-SELLING full year “4th Grade Health” curriculum on all of TPT!
See What My Buyers are Saying:
“I cannot tell you how excited I am about this purchase. I love that it is quick, easy and engaging. I feel like I never get around to teaching health.”
“This is a game changer!”
“Both my students and I enjoy these activities!”
“So full of engaging aligned activities…I am set for the whole year.”
★Get a FREE SAMPLE LESSON in the Preview above!
YOU Choose How You Want to Use This Unique Program:
1. Meet state Health Standards without using class time by sending all 28 task cards home as homework to do with parents/guardians!
2. NEW! Use this program as at home learning! All 28 Task Cards are now uploaded onto Google Slides and student task pages are able to be filled in online! Directions walk students through each lesson – PERFECT for DISTANCE LEARNING!
3. Teach part of the task card lesson in class, such as an intro or follow-up to sending them home. (Teacher directions are included!)
4. Or, use the included teacher directions to teach the whole program in class, once a week for 28 weeks.
Teacher Directions:
-Walk you step-by-step through the lesson
-Give additional background information and links to informative websites
-Suggest what to say to your students about the topics
-Include engaging activities
-Include art projects
-Suggest fun video links to enhance the lessons!! (WOW!-63 video links included – this alone will save you hours and hours of searching for good videos!!)
Will This Curriculum Meet Standards?
-Meets ALL my Washington State Standards
-Meets ALL 8 National Health Standards
-Meets 10 Common Core Standards
-Learning Targets are included for each task card!
★All new lessons, activities, and any changes that I create for this resource are FREE!! Simply go to your “My Purchases” folder and download anytime!
Interested in other grade levels of this program? These programs all contain different sequential task cards, perfect if you teach multiple grade levels!!
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Here are the “Learning Targets” from the 28 Task Cards with some of the task card activities listed for both the “Homework” and “Teach in Class” versions:
Each lesson includes a Learning Target with space for student feedback!
★1. “I will learn how to eat healthy from all the food groups.”
-Choice of Mayo Clinic or MyPlate programs
-Background info and websites
-Food Groups Tally Worksheet
★2. “I will understand the actual amount in serving sizes.”
-Serving sizes explanation and visual
-Serving sizes video
-Serving sizes posters and “ambassadors idea”
★3. “I will learn how to read a food label.” ★New U.S.D.A. Food Labels!★
-“Food Label Reading Practice”
-Background information website
-Free “Food Label Reading Full Lesson” link
★4. “I will learn what the word “wellness” means and why sleep is important.
-Background information on the importance of sleep
-“Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep” posters
★5. “I will learn the importance of exercise!”
-Background information and “Fuel Up to Play 60” program info
-“Obstacle Course Fun!”
★6. “I will understand the 3 keys to a healthy body.”
-“The 3 Sides to a Healthy Life”
-“Get Well Selfie Cards”
★7. “I will recognize different body systems.”
-“Human Body Systems Review”
-Optional Videos on several systems
-Label systems and do optional life-sized body art
★8. “I will learn how to take care of my bones.”
-Understanding bone health
-Fun Videos!
-“What Can You Do to Protect Your Bones” activity
★9. “I will understand why water is important and see if I am getting enough daily.”
-Why water is important background info
-Optional videos
-“Drinking Water Recording Sheet”
★10. “I will learn facts about puberty and the importance of good hygiene.”
-Background information on puberty and hygiene
-Optional videos
-“Puberty Posters”
★11″I will learn that I can control my mood, emotions, and attitude!”
-Understanding puberty and emotions
-“Emotions Puzzle”
12. “I will learn about childhood illnesses.”
-Background website on childhood illnesses
-Genetics facts
-“Childhood Illness Stories”
★13. “I will learn that traits and health issues can be hereditary and that it can be helpful to know what issues are in my own family genetics.”
-Family genetics discussion
-“Why Do You Look Like Your Parents?” video
-Optional “Learning Disabilities” information
-“Family Medical History Homework”
★14. “I will learn what items should be in a first aid kit and how the specific items can help.”
-Demonstrating first aid kit items
-“First Aid Kit Worksheet”
★15. “I will learn how to relieve stress in healthy ways.”
-The 3 “Outs” to relieve stress
-Scenarios Handout
★16. I will learn how to protect myself from stranger danger.”
-“Stranger Danger Quiz”
-“Stranger Danger” information
-“Stranger Danger True-False Quizzes”
★17. I will demonstrate that I know the traits of positive self-esteem.”
-Discuss “Positive Self-Esteem”
-“Self-Esteem Song” Video
-“Self-Esteem iPad Art”
★18. I will demonstrate a way to improve self-esteem by practicing positive self-talk at night!
-More on “Self-Esteem”
-Practicing positive thoughts about self!
★19.”I will learn the dangers of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs and cautions for not using.”
-Understanding the danger of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs
-“Anti-Drug Art”
★20. “I will learn positive things to do instead of drugs.”
-More on drug dangers
-The brain and drugs
-“Things to Do Instead of Drugs” art activity
★21. “I will see how drugs can change kids and teens and cause them to lose their goals and dreams.”
-How Pot Hurt Me Card Game”
★22. “I will learn how to recognize someone else’s emotions by looking at them.”
-Understanding emotions
-“What Emotion is This?” Worksheet
★23. I will learn how to calm down and control my anger.”
-Understanding the problems with anger
-“Anger Cartoons”
★24. “I will understand what child abuse is and what to do if it’s happening to me.”
-Understanding and recognizing “Child Abuse”
-Background information and websites
-Resources for help
-Interactive “Abuse” activity
★25. “I will learn why put-downs hurt, and I will practice put-ups.
-Understanding “Put-Downs”
-Videos for great examples!
-Learning to show “Empathy”
-“Put Ups Worksheet!”
★26. I will understand the traits of a good friend.”
-Tips for being a good friend
-“Friendship Wheels”
★27. “I will learn decision-making skills and how to get out of negative situations in a healthy way.”
-The “WHO” decision-making model (See free lesson in preview!)
★28. “I will review everything I learned this year and choose a positive life slogan.” -Reviewing “Learning Targets” from the year
-Advertiser’s tricks and tips to avoid them!
-Interactive Life Quote Treasure Chests
-Final Health Assessment
★NEW!! 25 Cooperative Games Spreadsheet
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