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Social Emotional Posters Project: Learning Activities for Teen Health Curriculum


This is one of our personal favorite lessons and this project can change the way your students interact with each other! We've seen this year after year using these "Life Story Posters" activity. My students have loved this lesson too, and found it creative and engaging. It's POWERFUL!!


This 3-5 day project will have your students sharing personal stories you never realized they had, and telling things about themselves they've possibly never shared before.


It can bond students and create a class atmosphere of trust. After students do this lesson I always notice a greater empathy and sensitivity towards classmates.


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Highlights of This Health Resource:


>> Integrated Skills Based, Content Based / Knowledge Based. The best of both worlds.

>> Meets HS/MS National Health Education Standards. 

>> Meets HS/MS Technical Subjects Health Common Core Standards.

>> Meets Washington State’s rigorous Health Education Standards.


DAY 1: "What is Empathy" lesson

  • Definition of "Empathy"
  • “Empathy Survey” and analyzing results
  • "Empathy Homework”
  • Choice of several different empathy videos!
  • "Our Words Have Power" activity!


DAY 2: "Our Words Have Power" listening activity

  • "Life Stories Poster" explanation with real student examplesNext students brainstorm childhood memories, challenges, accomplishments, etc. using the worksheet included
  • They decide if they were writing a book, what would their chapters be. Optional "What Would it Be Like?" homework


DAY 3 + 4: "One Person Can Make a Difference" and other inspiring stories and videos

  • "One Person" true story and other inspiring stories of students showing empathy!
  • Story brainstorm
  • Students begin using what they've written to create a poster
  • They also choose life tips and motivating quotes that would help them overcome their own hardships from worksheet provided.


DAY 5: Powerful Group Sharing

  • Sharing in small groups
  • Reflection (on PowerPoint or also in print form)


  • The "Life Story Project" gives students a chance to reflect on their own lives - the ups and downs, the good and the bad, and see how their circumstances have helped them to become the person they are today.


  • It's also a chance for them to celebrate and embrace their story, to be inspired to overcome and keep working to be above the challenges of life (to not let them get the best of you or make you bitter) and to look forward to their future.


  • The project culminates in an opportunity for students to share with others their story, and to hear their classmate's stories; hopefully realizing that when you go through hardships, you are not alone!



Here is What Buyers are Saying:


  • "Such a great conversation starter for the students! They loved it!"
  • "Your unit really inspired us"..."It brought our classroom closer together."
  • "I learned a lot about my students and we gained a sense of community!"



You Will Get:


-35 pages of step-by-step teacher directions

-56-Slide PowerPoint with complete lesson directions and project examples




-"My Life Story Worksheet"

-"One Person Can Make a Difference Story"

-2 pages of "Being Above the Past-Overcoming Hardships Tips"

-2 pages of "Help in Overcoming Hardships Quotes"

-"Life Story Reflection Worksheet"

-"What Would it Be Like?" Optional Homework




This resource is taken directly from our Full Semester/Year High School Health Curriculum, and our Middle/Junior High School Health Curriculum, which are both #1 Best-Selling Health Curriculums on TeacherPayTeacher!!



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