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Nutrition Interactive Food Label Reading Health Lesson: Online Flip-Open Food Label: High School Health Curriculum Health Lessons

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This flip-open food label turned out awesome. You’re going to love how informative and interactive it is! Make learning how to read a food label interactive and fun!!


This digital download product, is editable in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for print and online on Google Drive.


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>> Integrated Skills Based, Content Based / Knowledge Based. The best of both worlds.

>> Meets HS/MS National Health Education Standards. 

>> Meets HS/MS Technical Subjects Health Common Core Standards.

>> Meets Washington State’s rigorous Health Education Standards.



Why Purchase This Resource:


  • Students worksheets and POWERPOINTS are ONLINE on GOOGLE SLIDES


  • Includes 3 days of lessons!


  • PowerPoint is on Google Slides!


  • Students will personalize the food label and know the amounts of nutritions THEY personally need


  • Step-by-step teacher directions follow PowerPoint slides to walk you through lesson


  • Updated to latest U.S.D.A. Food Label


  • Full "Food Label Reading" lesson included


  • Hands-on learning at its best! I’ve never seen anything quite like how this turned out! See the preview for more details!



Have you ever asked students (or adults) how many fat grams they should limit themselves to per day? How about how many sugar grams? Salt? Calories? Most people have no idea the healthy limit for these nutrients that are on a food label, but this "Interactive Food Label" will change all that!!



Our idea was to create a PERSONALIZED, interactive food label where students could put it together and then flip the categories open and have the nutrition formulas right there to help them figure out how many of each nutrient THEY individually need.


IT TURNED OUT GREAT - THEIR PERSONALIZED FOOD LABEL IS ALL ON ONE WORKSHEET with all nutrients THEY personally need! (Maybe the U.S.D.A should market this!)


This is for students and adults as well! Flip up a food label section and work the formula underneath to see how much of the nutrient YOU need for YOUR body weight. Nutrient explanations and examples are included. Very cool!



 Here is what our buyers think:


  • "Students loved this!!" "Excellent!" "Awesome." "Great Tool."
  • "Love how interactive this was."
  • "This was an excellent resource for my high school health class."



This resource is taken directly from my Full Semester/Year High School Health Curriculum, and my Middle/Junior High School Health Curriculum, which are both #1 Best-Selling Health Curriculums on TeacherPayTeacher!!



 Here is What is Included in This Activity:


1. Food Label Reading Pre-Lesson:


  • How to read a food label
  • Media Literacy: Deceptive packaging, unrealistic serving sizes and servings per container...
  • Real food container examples!
  • Grocery Store Savvy and product manipulation
  • “How to Read a Food Label Activity”
  • Healthy Schools Information (National Association Education Policy Database)
  • How to tell if a product is “healthy”
  • Food label reading video
  • “How to Read a Food Label Worksheet”


2. Interactive Food Label Lesson:


-19 pages of step-by-step teacher directions follow the PowerPoint slides to walk you through the lesson!

-42-Slide PowerPoint with photos of a real flip up food label and step-by-step directions to walk students through creating the label and understanding the formulas and the nutrients it covers!

-Background information handout on nutrients is also included!

-3 Funny Fast Food Versus Reality Videos

-“Interactive Food Label” activity

-"Formula Handout" for Figuring:

  • Calories
  • Total Fat
  • Carbohydrate Calories and Grams
  • Sugar Calories and Grams
  • Protein
  • Cholesterol
  • Sodium


3. Vending Machine Activity: Students have a lot of fun researching the nutrient totals of foods from the school vending machines (or Googling product labels of snacks they like!) Worksheet included.


4. Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt Worksheet: Grocery Store Savvy and product manipulation are covered in this video link included, and then follow-up with this worksheet for students as they walk around the grocery store and read food labels.



 This is HEALTHY MATH! This lesson uses these math skills:


  1. multiplication
  2. division
  3. decimals
  4. percentages
  5. conversion (grams into calories)
  6. range



★ This activity meets 5 State, 5 National Health, and 3 Common Core Standards.


★ Word and PowerPoint versions are included for editing.






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      Customer Reviews

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      Jennifer C.

      Students were engaged! Easy to prepare, use and implement in the classroom. Thanks!

      Kristen C.

      I used these as quick sub plans and it gave great directions and the students were able to complete them and create conversations for when I returned.

      Tanya W.

      Fun way to learn about reading a food label.

      Lisa L.

      I was looking to change my Food Label lesson. This was a great addition to what I already do! Thanks for it!

      Jennifer D.

      Love this! Very interactive!