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Bad Habits Survey: High School Health Curriculum Health Lessons

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Do you want to teach your students about healthy habits? Our brain loves habits and patterns! This can be a blessing and a curse! Help your students decide which bad habits to cleanse, which good ones to add, and how to hold themselves accountable with a fill-in worksheet and check-off calendar to attain their goals.


This digital download product, is editable in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for print and online on Google Drive.


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★ Have you ever arrived in a room in your house with no memory of what you came to get?


★ After your brain told you to get something, it knows it’s routine for you in your own house, so your mind starts thinking of other things…


★ This is the essence of habits - once you start on a familiar series of actions, you stop thinking about them, and you’re able to complete them without conscious thought or attention. The good side is that habits free up our minds from dull or repetitive tasks. The bad side is that bad habits can be difficult to stop once they’re started. THIS IS A CRITICAL MESSAGE FOR TEENS!



Here is What is Included in this Resource:


  • 3 days of lessons!


  • 29 pages of EDITABLE teacher directions that follow PowerPoint


  • A 50-Slide EDITABLE PowerPoint to walk you through each lesson


  • Worksheets are ready for students to fill-in on Google Slides!


  • PowerPoint is also on Google Slides!


  • 11 documents in both Word (editable) and PDF:


  1. "Habits Survey"
  2. "Cleansing a Bad Habit Worksheet"
  3. Example for "Cleansing a Bad Habit Worksheet"
  4. "Goal-Setting Calendar for 'Cleansing a Bad Habit Worksheet'"
  5. "Adding a Healthy Habit Worksheet"
  6. Example for "Adding a Healthy Habit Worksheet"
  7. "Goal-Setting Calendar for 'Adding a Healthy Habit Worksheet'"
  8. "Support Your Peers" Classroom Calendar (This extra fun idea is to have students give themselves a gold star or small sticker every day they made it through the previous day either breaking the habit they chose, or adding the healthy habit they chose.)
  9. "Drugs and Neurotransmitters Handout"
  10. "Do I or Does My Friend Have a Drug Problem Survey"
  11. "Dying for a Drug Fix" True Story
  12. "Stages of Addiction Student Story"


EVERYONE CAN IDENTIFY WITH THIS TOPIC AND LESSON! It’s familiar, informative, intriguing, fun, and challenging. Any teacher of teens could use this lesson!



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  • “This was awesome and kids loved it!”
  • “Fabulous!”
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Meets These Standards:


>> Integrated Skills Based, Content Based / Knowledge Based. The best of both worlds.

>> Meets HS/MS National Health Education Standards. 

>> Meets HS/MS Technical Subjects Health Common Core Standards.

>> Meets Washington State’s rigorous Health Education Standards.



Here Are the Daily Activities:

(These lessons are stand-alone lessons. Teach one or all 3!)


Day 1:


1. First, students learn how the brain sets up pathways to help us process information.


2. Next, students take a "Habits Survey" with 100 habits!


3. Next there is a video that perfectly explains habits and will help your students fill out the worksheets!


4. Last, students set their own goals using the worksheets and examples provided


5. There is also an optional fun "Support Your Peers" Habits Calendar


Day 2 - 3:


1. Students learn that the brain receives input from dopamine (Neurons begin to associate rewards with a particular thought, or action. Our brain says “Yes” to pleasure, and “No” to pain. People often turn to food, drugs, or alcohol to feel good or to not feel bad (and can then become "trapped" in addiction).


2. Students watch a video clip on how the brain handles the drug "Methamphetamine"


3. Students go through a "Neurotransmitter Handout"


4. Students take an anonymous “Drug Addiction Survey” to determine if they (or someone they know) has a drug addiction. Treatment resources are included.


5. Next, there is a “Dying for a Drug Fix” True Story article to read outloud to your class


6. Last, there is a fun "Teen Progression Drug Story” Activity – Students will write their own story about a teen who goes through the stages of addiction


7. When students finish their stories, they love to share them with classmates!






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