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Alcohol Refusal Skills: High School Health Curriculum Health Lessons Teen Health

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Should a dad let his 17-year old son have a graduation party with alcohol in their basement? Use this true story to grab your students' interest and hone their decision-making skills in this alcohol refusal role-play lesson!


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This lesson includes:


  • Step-by-step teacher directions that suggest what to say, and FOLLOW A 58-SLIDE POWERPOINT!
  • Editable in Word, PowerPoint, and PDF formats!
  • Dangers of alcohol, including dangers to a teen brain and an interactive alcohol poisoning slide
  • Tragic true stories to learn from
  • -A discussion about why it's sometimes difficult to say "No."
  • A 10 question quiz for students to guess top pressure lines people use
  • A true story where a dad lets his 17 year old son have an alcohol party in their basement and a discussion to see if students think this is a good idea or not 
  • Brainstorming dangers of an alcohol party in a basement
  • Partner role-play task cards with scenarios included


>> Integrated Skills Based, Content Based / Knowledge Based. The best of both worlds.

>> Meets HS/MS National Health Education Standards. 

>> Meets HS/MS Technical Subjects Health Common Core Standards.

>> Meets Washington State’s rigorous Health Education Standards.


This lesson also includes these optional lesson extensions!:


  • A follow-up "Role-play Quiz" with Teacher Key included
  • A 3-person written role-play activity with an observer recording sheet and scenarios included
  • A great "Decision-Making Worksheet"
  • A "Pros and Cons Decision-Making Worksheet" for long-term decisions that are not made in the "spur of the moment"
  • A "Refusal Skills Cartoon" idea and template!
  • Learning Target Posters and 3 "Learning Target Daily Check-off Sheets" to choose from
  • Optional "How to Be More Assertive" video link



What the Day of the Lesson Looks Like:


  • This interactive and impactful lesson starts out with some dangers of alcohol.


  • Next, students take a fun "Peer Pressure Lines Quiz."


  • Students brainstorm solid reasons for saying "No" to alcohol, and point out other dangers of alcohol besides drinking and driving, (Like what else could go wrong in a basement where teens are drinking... like accidents, fights, drinking and driving, alcohol poisoning...!)


  • And lastly, students practice saying "No" to alcohol in an engaging partner "Role-Play Task Card Activity."



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  • -User friendly" "Great!"
  • -"You can't go wrong!"
  • -"This was a great product...The slide show and the activities that went along with it were really easy to use and engaging for the kids."
  • -"I especially liked the incorporation of the discussion about why it is hard to say no."
  • -"This teacher has the best resources! Highly recommend this."



★ This lesson is taken directly from my Full Semester/Year High School Health Curriculum, and my Middle/Junior High School Health Curriculum, both are “#1 Best-Selling Health Curriculum” on TeacherPayTeachers website!!






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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Ella Rose N.

      It was organized and very thorough. The articles are dated but still informative and relevant.

      Sarah B.

      MY students love role playing and it brings what they have learned to life and practicing what they learned

      Angie M.

      This teacher has the best resources! Highly recommend this.

      Jennifer Steinmetz

      This was a great product to use in my high school ISC classroom. The slide show and the activities that went along with it were really easy to use and engaging for the kids. I especially liked the incorporation of the discussion about why it is hard to say no. Thank you for creating this great product.

      Julie P.

      I love how user friendly this curriculum is!