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Weight Room Strength Training + Conditioning PE Unit: Lessons + Workouts + FITT Plans

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TeacherPayTeachers #1 Best-Selling Weight Training Unit!!


This digital download product, is editable in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for print and online on Google Drive.


This weight training program is designed to give P.E. teachers and/or coaches such a huge variety of resources that you will have an amazing “Weight Training, Strength & Conditioning” program that fits YOUR needs.


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This Weight Training Unit Includes:


  • Weight Training Handbook (Overview of why weight train, how muscles work, principles of training, fundamentals, safety tips, and more...)
  • Risk Assessment Survey” to check if students have any physical limitations to be aware of.
  • Several Weight Lifting programs
  • Link to amazing High School Program with 30 detailed Lessons with 13-Assessments and is complete with diagrams of their weightroom lay-out, lift directions, teaching prompts, and photos!
  • Big 12 and other Lifting Circuits
  • Free Weights Routines
  • Weight Training Video Links
  • How to Write Your Own Workout Program!
  • Understanding Muscular Strength and Endurance
  • Training Principles Worksheet
  • 2-Day a Week Workout with Record Sheet
  • 3-Day a Week Workout with Record Sheet
  • How to Get Bigger, Stronger Muscles PowerPoint
  • 46-page full book chapter on “Muscular Strength and Endurance”
  • PowerPoints on Muscular Strength and Endurance (great visuals to show your students!)
  • Strength and Conditioning Workouts and Video Links
  • "Student Choice Survey" to be able to offer students some of their favorite activities
  • FITT Plans
  • Setting Your Gym Up as a "Sports Club"
  • Muscle Anatomy Quizzes
  • Concepts of Health and Fitness Test


There's More: Get Day-by-Day lessons for these full semester programs:

  1. Weight Training for 2 Days a week for a complete semester
  2. Weight Training for 5 Days a week for a complete semester
  3. Weight Training for 2 Days and General P.E. for 3 Days a week for semester



This resource is taken from our #1 Best-Selling Full Year P.E. Program!



Here is just a few more details:


  • Circuits
  • Lifts
  • Machines, free weights
  • Record sheets
  • Technique cues
  • Video links
  • Intro to weightroom lessons
  • Fitness testing and recording
  • Goal-setting
  • Warm ups, stretches
  • Background knowledge
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Worksheets
  • Handouts
  • Nutritional lessons
  • FITT plans
  • Grading
  • Tests
  • Cooperative games
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Cardio workouts
  • And more...


Nutrition Related Lessons:


  1. Body Fat Full Lesson
  2. Body Image Lesson
  3. EXERCISE Worksheet Activity
  4. Full "Food Label Reading" Lesson
  5. Protein and Supplements Lesson
  6. "Is This Diet Healthy?" Lesson
  7. Career Occupations



Here is What Buyers are Saying:


  • "This is a fantastic resource, everything you could need to get a P.E. class going."
  • "Wow-so much information."
  • "Perfect resource!"
  • "So much to choose from!"
  • "Such a great resource for all of my students! Was able to fit each of their needs and was very engaging throughout the entire class period."



This resource meets:


>> Integrated Skills Based, Content Based / Knowledge Based. The best of both worlds.

>> Aligned to MS/HS America’s National Physical Education Standards. 

>> Aligned to MS/HS Technical Subjects Common Core Standards.

>> Aligned to MS/HS Washington State’s rigorous Physical Education standards.


If you want more details:


More on Fitness Testing- Helping your students test, set goals and aim for life-ling fitness:


  1. Presidential Fitness Testing
  2. Fitness Gram
  3. How to perform the tests
  4. Record sheets


More on Warm Ups and Stretching Routines. Here a just a few:


-Fun Warm Up Games

-Kickboxing Warm Up

-Rescue 911 Warm up

-12 Best Stretches

-Stand and Sit Stretches

-Best Warm Up Stretches


4 Different Free Weight Routines with Record Sheets


Strength and Conditioning Workouts:


  1. Aerobics Unit
  2. 1Oympic P.E. Stations
  3. Fitness Stations.pdf
  4. Scrabble Fitness.pdf
  5. Cardio Madness.pdf
  6. Roam the Halls Fitness.pdf
  7. Cardio Barre
  8. 7.Marine Fitness
  9. Circuit Training Surprise
  10. Uno Fitness
  11. 50 Bodyweight Exercises
  12. Best Strength Conditioning Videos.docx
  13. Best Strength Conditioning Videos.pdf
  14. Tabata Workout.pdf
  15. Cross Fit Workout
  16. Army Fitness Fitness
  17. Interval Workout
  18. Rocky Fitness Stations
  19. High Intensity Interval Training.pdf
  20. Medicine Ball Exercises
  21. Physioball Workout
  22. Ab Exercises Best and Worst.pdf
  23. Resistance Bands Workout.pdf
  24. Yoga
  25. Heart Rate Lesson
  26. Jump Rope Endurance and Speed Tests!


FITT Plans:


-Fitt Plan Overview

-Fitt Plan Worksheet all 4

-Fitt Plans Blank

-Fitt Plans Teacher Directions

-Muscle Fitness and endurance

-Muscular Endurance Challenges

-Parent Fitt Plan Homework






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      Great resource to help guide my way through the semester! I have a lot on my plate coaching football and basketball and this saves on prep time!

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      Such a great resource for all of my students! Was able to fit each of their needs and was very engaging throughout the entire class period