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Disease & Illness Health Unit: A Best-Selling High School Teen Health Curriculum: High School Health Curriculum

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TeacherPayTeachers #1 Best-Selling High School Disease Unit!!


This digital download product, is editable in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for print and online on Google Drive.


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Did you know that 7 illness and diseases cause over 80% of global deaths?* Disease education is especially important in today’s world, where more than ever people want to make informed decisions about their health.


This 2-week "Diseases Unit" increases students' knowledge about communicable and non-communicable diseases, disease prevention, cancer, and more! It motivates students to improve and maintain their health, prevent diseases, and avoid unhealthy behaviors.


*Top 7 Global Diseases: Heart Disease, Stroke, COPD, Respiratory Infections, Neo-Natal Conditions, Cancers, and Alzheimer's. World Health Organization



This resource is taken from our #1 Best-Selling High School Health Curriculum on Teacher Pay Teachers!!



Why purchase this 2-WEEK DISEASES resource:


  • There are 10 high school lessons
  • Understand transmission, symptoms, prevention, and treatment of many diseases.
  • Includes my two interactive "Communicable" and "Non-Communicable Diseases Card Games!"
  • Includes final unit assessment
  • There are step-by-step teacher directions
  • Includes a PowerPoint that walks you through the lessons WITIH ALL NEW SLIDE BACKGROUNDS!
  • Editable Documents are included (All on Google Slides and downloadable with text boxes editable!)
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Lesson UPDATED 11/22. NOW ALSO ON GOOGLE SLIDES! Students interact with a timeline of events to help understand the spread and impact of the devastating (COVID-19) coronavirus impacting our world today.
  • Includes Learning Targets: Explanation, printable posters for each lesson, and “Success Criteria Check-Off Sheet” for students to copy target at beginning of class, and answer questions at the end of class
  • Fun generic worksheets for teens now included!
  • Here is a video showing features of my Health units!



This program is online:


  • ALL STUDENT DOCS for this “Diseases Unit” are uploaded onto Google Slides and Forms.
  • High School PowerPoints are on Google Drive
  • Assign Health worksheets in your Google Classroom or paperless environment using these 50 high school student worksheets, surveys, and tests created on Google Slides with fill-in text boxes! Includes 9 Google Forms.
  • Also compatible with Microsoft platforms! Simply download my "Student Docs Google Slideshow" (which includes fill-in text boxes) to your computer (Yes- text boxes remain intact!) and upload and assign on your online Microsoft platform!
  • Includes a step-by-step instructional video I created to show you not only how to navigate my files and folders; but also how to use the Google Slideshows, how Microsoft users can use my Google Slideshows, how to send only one day's lessons to your students, how to add new information/pages to a Google Slideshow, how to edit and upload worksheets, how to voice-over slides, how to add an instructional video on top of slides, uploading to Google Drive tips, how to set up files for an organize Google Drive, and more! (Click here for an example!)
  • If you upload this unit's PowerPoint and convert to Google Slides; then voice-over audio teacher instructions, you can send audio lessons home for a ★ FULLY INDEPENDENT STUDY UNIT! ★ (Full instructions included!)



Here's What Buyers are Saying About this Resource:


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  • - "Absolute lifesaver!"



This Resource Meets State, National, and Common Core Standards:


>> Integrated Skills Based, Content Based / Knowledge Based. The best of both worlds.

>> Aligned to MS/HS National Health Education standards. 

>> Aligned to MS/HS Common Core Standards.

>> Aligned to MS/HS Washington State’s rigorous Health Education standards.

>> Aligned to New York Depart. of Education Commencement HS Health Standards




Day 1 and 2: Understanding Communicable Diseases


-Pathogens, How they’re Spread, and How the Immune System Fights Them

-Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, and Parasites

-Various Videos

-FUN! “Interactive Communicable Diseases Activity“

-"Disease and Prevention Chart”

-FUN! “Communicable Diseases Card Game”

-“Communicable Diseases Worksheet”


Day 3: Coronavirus Lesson

This resource stays relevant as it's super easy to add events to the timeline and use!

  • Events Timeline included: Show your students how quickly this virus has spread across the world, how people become infected, what the symptoms are; and most importantly, the ways they can protect themselves from getting this virus.
  • "Interactive Worksheet" Help students to process events that have unfolded since the outbreak began, and also enable them to empathize with the many people this virus has affected. Easily editable so you can keep on top of changing events.


  • "Emojis Cut Out Sheet" are included! ON GOOGLE SLIDES!


Day 4 and 5: Understanding Non-Communicable Diseases


-World Non-Communicable Diseases Stats

-Various Video

-Top 4 Non-Communicable Diseases in the U.S.

-FUN! “Non-Communicable Diseases Interactive Folding Heart”

-"Ways to Prevent NCD Handout”

-Online “Personal Risk Assessment Tool”

-FUN! “Non-Communicable Diseases King’s Corner” Card Game

-“Non-Communicable Diseases Worksheet”


Day 6: Cancer Flip-Open Posters


-Understanding Cancer -Types of Cancer

-7 Warning Signs

-Various Videos

-Skin Cancer

-Tanning Bed Dangers

-Genetic Testing

-Screening Tests


Day 7-8: Choose From:


-Diseases Research

-“Community Health Public Service Announcement Posters”

-"Health Career Research Project"


Day 9-10: Diseases Unit Assessment


-"Diseases Unit Assessment and Key

-Choice of 5 other Different Quizzes

-Fun Kahoot Links



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      Customer Reviews

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      Lindsy H.

      Great resource to use as a first year Health teacher. I wasn't real pleased with the book I was given to use to teach Health, so I looked for alternatives. I've been pleased with the ease of use of this unit and with how engaged the students were.

      Molly E.

      My students enjoyed the hands-on activities and the updated info on diseases. Thank you!

      Amber D.

      When I took on teaching a health elective, I wasn't really sure where to start but these units from Health Education Today are fabulous! The lesson plans helped give me an idea of pace, the topics were relevant and the assignments well planned. Thank you for such a great resource.

      Kim T.

      This was used as a secondary resource to supplement material in Health Science alternative curriculum

      Amber C.

      I love this no prep purchase. I always prepare my lessons on a weekly basis BUT I always forget about health. I literally had 10 minutes before my lesson and this download was a life saver. I would recommend reviewing a day or so prior because the file were a bit confusing BUT all else this purchase was a TRUE life saver and it is very versatile.