Food Label Scavenger Hunt


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Preview★★★★★ This is my #1 Best-Selling Health Lesson, and it’s now not only in editable print version, but it’s also on Google Docs!

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Includes step-by-step student directions in a Google PDF Doc, and 2 fill-in Google Slides Worksheets. Perfect for distance learning during school closures.



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★★★★★ This program is not only in editable print version, but now is also on Google DriveIt’s 5 FULL LESSONS:


  • “Food Label Reading” worksheet and food labels – On Google Slides


  • “Food Label Scavenger Hunt” worksheet and food labels – On Google Slides


  • “Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt” – On Google Slides


  • “Vending Machine” worksheet – On Google Slides


  • “Independent Study Food Label Reading” AND “Food Label Scavenger Hunt” STUDENT DIRECTIONS NOW ON GOOGLE DRIVE – Can be done completely independently by students!


  • “Cancer Warning Signs” and “Family Medical History Homework” On Google Slides




CHOOSE: Independent Study Version or You Teach and Send Students Worksheets Version:


Teachers can literally send the 3 GOOGLE DRIVE links in this lesson and it can completely be done students by at home. Includes step-by-step visual “PowerPoint Student Directions” in a Google PDF, and 2 fill-in Google Slides Worksheets. Perfect for distance learning during school closures.


Or, when teaching in school, the printable version is also included (and Google Drive worksheets links can still be sent to students to save paper!)




NEW! Now includes new U.S.D.A food labels in several activities!*




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★ The Scavenger Hunt is always a favorite with my 9th grade students!


★ FULL STEP-BY-STEP TEACHER DIRECTIONS tell you what to say and they follow PowerPoint slides that walk you through each lesson as you teach your students!




★ This resource includes ★ 5 FULL STAND-ALONE LESSONS from my #1 Best-Selling Nutrition Unit.


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 Students will learn these truths about calories:


– That Costco pizza has 444 more calories than a Costco hot dog!


– That a large chocolate shake has 840 calories!


– Just because Cherry Twizzlers don’t have fat, if you eat 20 of them it’s 600 calories!




 Here is what is included:


★ 63 pages of step-by-step teacher directions


★ A 95-Slide PowerPoint that walks you through the lessons


★ 10 Printable Documents (Or get “Food Label Worksheet” DIRECTIONS and LABELS now also on Google Drive!)


★ Printable copies of State, National, and Common Core Standards. (All 8 National Standards, 5 State Standards, and 4 Common Core Standards are met in this resource!)


★ Learning Targets:

  • Explanation
  • Printable posters for each lesson
  • “Success Criteria Sheet” for students to copy target at beginning of class, and answer questions at the end of class




Day 1: PRE-LESSON – FOOD LABEL READING (Directions and Worksheet on Google Docs!)


-How to read a food label

-Media Literacy: Deceptive packaging, unrealistic serving sizes and servings per container…

-Real food container examples!

-Grocery Store Savvy and product manipulation

-“How to Read a Food Label Activity” ★NEW! Now with new U.S.D.A food labels!

-Healthy Schools Information (National Association of State Board of Education Policy Database)

-How to tell if a product is “healthy”

-Food label reading video

-“How to Read a Food Label Worksheet” ★NEW! Now with new U.S.D.A food labels!


Day 2: FOOD LABEL SCAVENGER HUNT LESSON (Directions and Worksheet on Google Slides!) New labels edited to match U.S.D.A food labels!*


-For the “Food Label Scavenger Hunt” students will read food labels from these 5 categories:








-This activity covers all the most important information on a food label and issues associated with these items:



-Serving size


-Saturated fat

-High blood pressure



-Comparing foods

-Teaspoons of sugar in drinks


-The math involved in figuring total % fat, or % sugar in products


-This lesson also includes an adapted, shortened, easier version for your “Special Needs” students


-Also learn more about the new U.S.D.A Food Label


Day 3 and 4: POST LESSON – INTERACTIVE FOOD LABEL FLIP UP and VENDING MACHINE POLICE ACTIVITY (Interactive label information on Google Slides-Interactive sheet must be done with real paper!)


-Funny Fast Food Versus Reality Video

-“Interactive Food Label” activity ★NEW! Now with new U.S.D.A food labels!

-Vending Machine Policy Activity: Students analyze vending machine products to determine if they are “healthy”

-Vending Machine Worksheet – Collecting class data




-Nutrition-related illnesses

-Research related articles

-How diet affects CANCER

-Cancer warning signs

-7 Signs of Cancer Handout

-“Dear Me” skin cancer video

-Family Medical History Parent-Teen Communicator Homework

-Cancer Quilt Project

-Illness and Nutrition Quiz

-Longevity Game


*NOTE: New labels edited to match U.S.D.A food labels! While the food labels in the “Food Label Reading” activity, the “Interactive Food Label,” and many PowerPoint slides are now the NEW U.S.D.A. labelsbecause the U.S.D.A. food labels are so new, I was not able to find online digital copies of all the 42 labels for the products in the “Scavenger Hunt.”


So, I took the time to use data from several food label databanks to edit the 42 food labels myself so they closely matched the new U.S.D.A. labels!






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-This resource is included in my Full Semester/Year High School Health Curriculum, and my Middle/Junior High School Health Curriculum, and my Nutrition Unit.


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