Cultural Diversity Unit

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Preview★★★★★ This unit begins with 5 lessons that delve into the complexities of diversity and racism. Using Beverly Daniel Tatum’s’ article “The Complexity of Identity: ‘Who Am I ?'” students work through several complicated identity and race issues. 
-These activities are the perfect introduction to the second part of the unit, “Celebrating My Uniqueness Poster Project” which personalizes the spirit of positive self-esteem and connection.  Students research their own ethnic identity, promoting understanding and appreciation of their own individual uniqueness.
  • This Unit Includes:
-10 Lessons
-69 pages of step-by-step teacher directions that tell you what to say
-113 PowerPoint that walks you through each lesson
-Meets State, National, and Common Core Standards which are listed at the top of each lesson, and are also all listed in the main “Table of Contents” for easy reference!
-“Learning Targets,” “Exit Tasks,” and “Daily Assessments” are included


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“This is an absurdly high-quality unit. It reads like a college-level course, but using language and materials that high schoolers can access. The content is presented sensitively. Thank you to the creator who is clearly committed to shaping young people into thoughtful, engaged citizens.”


“Fantastic resources, lots of variety, super easy to use, made my life easier! :)”


“Great resource for teaching empathy and allowing students to identify who they are first and understanding the social constructs around identity. Very mature for some students but able to modify as needed for my MS classes.”



  • Here is what is included in the unit:
Pre-Unit “Embracing Diversity” Materials:
DAY 1:
-“I Am….” Exercise: Students have 60 seconds to use words to describe themselves
– Beverly D. Tatum’s “The Complexity of Identity: “Who Am I?” article divided into daily teachable sections
-“8 Dimensions of Social Identity” Worksheet and Key
-Harvard Bias Test
DAY 2:
-Venn Diagrams (We’re more alike than different!)
-Empathy Lesson
-“Empathy Homework Assignment”
-Empathy Video Link: “Under the Surface”
-Labels, Stereotypes, Prejudisms, Discrimination Discussion
-“The Truth About Hate” Video Link
DAY 3:
-True stories of prejudism, racial profiling, and racism
-Video Link: “I am Not Black, You are not White”
DAY 4 and 5:
-True stories that one person CAN make a difference
-Bryan Stevenson’s Video: ” From Slavery to Mass Incarceration”
-Racial Profiling Video Link
-Video Link: Bryan Stevenson’s “Ted Talk”
-Optional Article: “The House That Racism Built”
-Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream/Black Lives Matter Art Project!
-“Positive Message Ice-cream Container Art”

Unit Celebrating My Ethnic Heritage:

DAY 1:
-Understanding the complexities of race
-Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” video and reflection
-The definition of “ethnicity”
-The history of racial diversity in America
-“Index of Countries and Cultures” Internet research sites for ancestor’s heritage
-Countries of the World Flags
-“CELEBRATING MY UNIQUENESS” POSTER PROJECT: Students will use 3 online websites; their ancestor’s country flags, traditions, and cultural heritage; motivating quotes; definitions; and their own racial heritage; appearance; and personality characteristics to create a poster reflecting their own unique traits!
-Art Rubric for grading posters is included
DAY 2:
-Adding “Ad Slogans” to posters: Students choose from over 100 ad slogans to find a life slogan for themselves
-Motivating video links to show as students work on posters
DAY 3 and 4:
-“Career Survey” with 16 Career Clusters Handout
-“Self-Esteem Survey”
-Sharing posters activity (This is powerful!!)


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