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★★★★★ This alcohol unit will help you give your students the anti-alcohol message through fresh, impacting, and educational Health lessons! This is an editable “For Print” curriculum created in Word and PowerPoint, AND a digital resource for BOTH GOOGLE DRIVE and MICROSOFT OFFICE USERS!
Why Purchase This Curriculum:
  • ALL STUDENT DOCS for this “Alcohol Unit” are uploaded onto Google Slides and Forms.
  • You can assign Health worksheets in your Google Classroom or paperless environment using these 40 high school student worksheets, surveys, and tests created on Google Slides with fill-in text boxes!
  • Includes 7 Google Forms and 3 Grade Level Google Slideshows with fill-in text boxes for the middle school program are also included!
  • Online program is compatible with Microsoft platforms! Simply download my “Student Docs Google Slideshow” (which includes fill-in text boxes) to your computer (Yes- text boxes remain intact!) and upload and assign on your online Microsoft platform!
  • It includes a step-by-step instructional video that I created to show you not only how to navigate my files and folders; but also how to use the Google Slideshows, and how Microsoft users can use my Google Slideshows.
  • My “How To Video” also shows how to send only one day’s lessons to your students, how to add new information/pages to a Google Slideshow, how to edit and upload worksheets, how to voice-over slides, how to add an instructional video on top of slides, uploading to Google Drive tips, how to set up files for an organize Google Drive, and more!
  • If you upload this unit’s PowerPoint and convert to Google Slides; then voice-over audio teacher instructions, you can send audio lessons home for a FULLY INDEPENDENT STUDY UNIT! (Full instructions included!)
  • INCLUDES GREAT PHOTOS! I just finished an amazing update. There are now all-new photos on the Alcohol PowerPoint!
What sets this curriculum apart from others is that:
  • The lessons are all totally kid-tested, this is the exact unit I taught every semester.
  • I’ve tried to focus on some topics and concepts that students haven’t already learned in previous alcohol education.
  • I-T’-S -N-O-T -J-U-S-T- -A- -U-N-I-T- -O-U-T-L-I-N-E- Highly organized, step-by-step teacher directions follow daily PowerPoints and tell you exactly to say!!
  • Art, games, statistics, true stories, surveys, videos, role-plays, and more make this a fun and effective unit!
  • ALL FUTURE UPDATES ARE INCLUDED!! All new lessons, activities, and any changes that I create for this resource are FREE!! Simply go to your “My Purchases” folder and download anytime!
★This unit is ALL ABOUT ALCOHOL. Here are my 1-Week Tobacco Unit and my
3-Week Drug Unit if you need to teach these topics as well!
★This resource is taken directly from my Full Semester/Year High School Health Curriculum, and my Middle/Junior High School Health Curriculumwhich are both #1 Best-Selling Health Curriculums on TPT!
This unit includes:
  1. 108 pages of step-by-step teacher directions that tell you exactly what to say!
  2. Learning Targets for each lesson!
  3. 164 Editable PowerPoint Slides that walk you through each lesson
  4. 33 Editable Documents (surveys, handouts, worksheets, quizzes) On Google Slides!
  5. Table of Content that links to ALL daily lessons for quick navigation!
  6. State, National, and Common Core Standards met in each lesson are part of “Table of Contents” for easy reference!
  7. Updated FREE video links! 33 Links are organized in a spreadsheet with suggested lesson of where to use the videos.
  8. Student project examples (it really helps your students when they can see real student example!)
Lessons Include:
Day 1:
-Introduction to Alcohol Unit
-How Alcohol affects the Brain
-Understanding “Alcohol Poisoning” and “Binge Drinking”
-True Stories
-“How Alcohol Affects the Body Wheels Project”
-Optional “Interactive Alcohol Poisoning” Activity
Day 2:
-Alcoholism Notes
-“Alcoholism Questionnaire: 20 Questions to Determine if a Person is an Alcoholic”
-Alcohol Video
-Dear Abby Letter
-Being a Child of an Alcoholic
-Work on “Alcohol Wheels”
-Art Project Rubric
Day 3:
-“Do You Know Your Alcohol State Laws?” Quiz
-Correcting “Alcohol State Laws” Interactive PowerPoint
-Alcohol Video
Day 4+:
-Dysfunctional Families and Co-Dependent Behaviors
-“Dysfunctional Family Survey”
-Dysfunctional Family Video
-“Dysfunctional Family Posters Homework” with Descriptions Included
-Optional second day to work on posters and watch video
Day 5+
-ACES- Adverse Childhood Experiences Lesson
-Overcoming Negative Childhood Experiences
-Powerful “Protective Factors Activity” with Personalized Posters
-“Above the Influence” website
-Optional second day to work on posters and watch video
Day 6:
-“Pros and Cons Decision-Making Model Worksheet”
-“Alcohol Role-Play Activity”
-Dangers of Alcohol List
-“Peer Pressure Lines and Refusal Skills”
-“WWWWH Decision-Making Homework”
Day 7 + 8:
-“Alcohol Role-Play Quiz”
-Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Explanation
-FAS True Story
-“WWWWH Decision-Making Alcohol Homework”
-Wrap Up Alcohol Unit
-Fun “Alcohol Board Game”
-“Alcohol Unit Test Review”
-“Alcohol Unit Test and Key”
-“Anonymous Teen Survey”
– “Alcohol Unit Packet” – For students to take notes during lectures
-“Substance Parent-Teen Communicator Homework”




– Documents are editable and included in Word and PDF formats.

-Ask your school district to purchase this curriculum for you!

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-Each purchase is for single use only, and should not be shared with others.

-The purchaser is granted permission to make duplicates for classroom use only. Redistributing, editing, selling, or posting this item (or any part thereof) on the Internet are all strictly prohibited unless it is a password-protected student website. Violations are subject to penalties of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.


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