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★★★★★ I am so excited for third grade teachers to see this unique program! The whole year standards-based Heath curriculum is on 27 weekly “Task Cards” and is NOW ON GOOGLE SLIDES!

-Task cards can be sent home as homework, taught in class, or shared as links to GOOGLE SLIDES for distance learning!”


-This curriculum is perfect for:


-Independent study

-Distance Learning

-Home schools

-Students with an extended absence

-Self-contained Classrooms

-Great sub plans!!



Learn more about this Full-Year Task Card Program:


This is the #1 Best-Selling Full Year “3rd Grade Health” curriculum on all of TeachersPayTeachers, and I am so happy to now be able to sell it here on my own website!



-It’s great for social and emotional (S.E.L.) learning

-Saves time searching for lesson ideas and Health videos!

-Perfect for busy elementary teachers who teach and prep for so many different subjects


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YOU Choose How You Want to Use This Unique Program:


1. Meet all state Health Standards without using class time by sending all 27 task cards home as homework to do with parents/guardians!

2. NEW! Use this program as at home learning! All 27 Task Cards are now uploaded onto Google Slides and student task pages are able to be filled in online! Directions walk students through each lesson – PERFECT for DISTANCE LEARNING!

3. Teach part of the task card lesson in class, such as an intro or follow-up to sending them home. (Teacher directions are included!)

4. Or, use the included teacher directions to teach the whole program in class, once a week for 27 weeks.


Here is what buyers are saying:


– “You have saved me!”

– “We didn’t have a Health unit and this covers everything. Quick and easy lessons and the kids enjoy them.”


– “I liked how simple this unit was to use. I could send it home or incorporate into my lessons for the week! Thorough and well thought out!”


– “A must buy!”



Here’s More:


-Will This Curriculum Meet Standards? YES!

•Meets ALL my Washington State Standards

•Meet ALL 8 National Health Standards

•Meets 10 Common Core Standards

•This program should easily meet all of your state standards as well!

•Learning Targets are included for each task card!

Free Future Updates: All new lessons, activities, and any changes that I create for this resource are FREE!

-For Google Slides Version: All tasks have online options to complete the tasks.  No printing is necessary.



Interested in Other Grade Levels of This Program?


-These programs all contain different sequential task cards, perfect if you teach multiple grade levels!!

-Click here for:

4th Grade Health Full Year Health Task Cards

5th Grade Health Full Year Health Task Cards


The program includes:


– Step-by-step teacher directions to walk you through the lesson

-Additional background information and links to informative websites

-What to say to your students about the topics

-Engaging activities

-Fun art projects

-Fun video links to enhance the lessons! (38 video links included – this alone will save you hours and hours of searching for good videos!)



Here are the 27Lesson Topics Based on 3rd Grade Learning Targets:


1. “I will learn how to eat healthy from all the food groups.”

-MyPlate program background info and websites

-“Food Groups Game”

-Fun food group guessing worksheet

2. “I will understand the connection between calories and exercise.”

-Understanding calories

-Calories videos

-Calories in different activities puzzle

3. “I will learn how to read a food label.”

-Analyzing products

-Free “Food Label Reading Full Lesson” link

-“Food Product Scavenger Hunt”

4. “I will understand that nutrients give us energy.”

-Background information website


-Food groups guessing game

-“Interactive Tennis Shoe” activity

5. “I will learn and practice how to be fit for life!”

-What does the quote mean?


-“Healthy Eating” and “Physical Activities” check-off tracking sheets

-Optional “Fuel Up to Play 60” program

6. “I will practice taking responsibility for my own health.”

-Healthy choices discussion

-“Brushing Teeth” video

-“Self Check-off Sheet”

-More optional videos!

7. “I will learn how bones and muscles work together to help us move.”

-“Human Body Quiz”

-Interactive “Put the Skeleton Back Together”

-Try these exercises…

-Interactive “Muscle Cut Out” activity

8. “I will protect myself from communicable diseases by washing my hands.”

-“Washing Hands Song”

-Fun body functions videos!

-“Happy Birthday Letter Match Activity”

9. “I will learn how to be safe from strangers.”

-When to, and when not to be afraid of strangers

-Website suggestions

-“Stoop Light” activity

-Optional “Stranger Danger” posters

10. “I will learn how to recognize stranger danger.”

-Role-playing stranger danger with parents/guardians

-Optional “Safety Posters”

-Optional “Stranger Danger” videos

11. “I will know how to contact my family in an emergency.”

-“Emergency scenarios”

-“Creating Emergency Cards Activity”

12. “I will learn how family members can help each other be healthy.”

-Silly body functions challenges!

-Genetics facts

– How family members help each other out

-“Helping Family Members Scenarios”

13. “I will learn the dangers of tobacco.”

-“True/False Tobacco Quiz”

-“Test Your Tobacco I.Q.”

-“Tobacco Quiz Cut Out Activity”

14. “I will learn how drugs can take over a person’s life.”

-How lives can change with drug use!

-“Drugs Do You” poster activity

15. “I will learn about stress and how to relieve it.”

-The 3 “Outs” to relieve stress


-“Put a Lid on Stress Interactive Trunks”

16. “I will learn how to have positive self-esteem.”

-The importance of positive self-esteem

-“I am Special” video

– A cute video on being different!

-“Thumbprint Project”

17. “I will understand what ’emotional health’ is.”

-Discuss “Emotional Health”

-“Calming Down” video

-“Choosing Emotions” worksheet

18. “I will learn how to analyze media messages.”

-5 Questions to ask When Seeing an Ad

-De-coding ads fun!

-“Ads Around the Room” activity

-Optional: Create your own ads!

19. “I will recognize important social skills.”

-Body language and social skills!

-“Social Skills Survey”


-“Social Skills Worksheet”

20. “I will learn how to meet new friends.”

-How to make a new friend brainstorm

-“Friendship Quilt” activity

21. “I will understand the importance of showing ‘Empathy’ for others.”

-Understanding “Empathy”

-Empathy video

-“A Walk in Their Shoes” scenarios activity

22. “I will learn how friends can help each other make responsible decisions.”

-What is “Peer Pressure? “

-How “Peer Pressure” can be positive!

-Optional videos on peer pressures

-“Do’s and Don’ts Worksheet”

23. “I will learn that bullying hurts people and my words can do good instead!”

-How “Our Words Have Power” discussion

-Bullying and “Bully Rap” song

-“Beat the Bully Game”

-“Heart Worksheet”

24. “I will learn the “WHO” decision-making model.”

-Tips on making healthy decisions

-The “WHO” decision-making model

25. “I will learn how to develop healthy habits for life.”

-Healthy habits videos

-“Healthy Habits Cut Outs”

26. “I will review this year’s health topics by decoding messages!”

-Reviewing topics from the year!

-“De-Coding the Healthy Message! “

-Motivating videos!

27. “I will show what I learned in Health this year by taking this final assessment.”

-10 great websites for kids

-Final “Health Assessment”

NEW! 25 of the “Best Cooperative Games” now included!




…You want a Health program that’s fun, engaging, challenging, and thought-provoking

…You want a Health Curriculum that meets State, National, and Common Core Standards

…You see the tremendous value of parents involved in their child’s health and wellness

…You currently don’t have the time to teach as many of the Health topics as you’d like

…Your current Health program is boring your students

…Your school doesn’t have a Health curriculum

…If you are homeschooling your child…





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