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Get 5 best-selling sub plans for the price of 4! This is 2 weeks of sub plans from my popular substitute plans!
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Topics Include:

  1. Body Systems Safari
  2. The Dangers of Energy Drinks
  3. Peer Pressures
  4. Communication Skills
  5. Overcoming Hardships Motivating Articles

These Sub Plans Have Been Tried and Tested!

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Teacher Reviews:

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  • "All of Health Education Today's lessons are top quality. This one was just as amazing."
  • "Students were engaged and excited about learning!"
  • "This will save me so much time! Thank you!"
  • "It is so nice to know that they will be accomplishing something meaningful when I am out."

More Detailed Information About Each Sub Plan:

1. Body Systems Safari

The “Body Systems Safari” introduces the “Big 5” animals that can be found on African safaris:
  1. Lion
  2. Leopard
  3. Rhino
  4. Elephant
  5. African Buffalo

It also includes the “Big 5 Body Systems”:
  1. Circulatory
  2. Respiratory
  3. Digestive
  4. Muscular
  5. Integumentary (Skin)

Most importantly, the “Body Systems Safari” activity was designed to be a self-advocacy skills-based activity.

Students will:

  • Research how to take care of each of the 5 body systems
  • List ways a person can protect and strengthen that body system
  • Advocate for their own health by listing 3 ways THEY personally commit to protect or strengthen each of their own five body systems!
  • Each body system has 5 research links where students will research on their own about each system; and more importantly, research different ways they can take care of their own body systems!
  • Internet access is needed (unless you print the online website material!)
  • All links are included!
  • This can be done completely independently by students on Google Slides with clickable links!

2. The Dangers of Energy Drinks

  • "Teacher Directions" tell you about the activity and include a sheet to fill in for your sub with pertinent information like student seating and taking roll.
  • Background articles for the teacher on energy drink dangers are provided.
  • STUDENTS CAN NOW DO THIS WHOLE LESSON ONLINE on Google Slides; OR, the teacher can choose to print materials for sub and tuck away for that emergency sub day, OR full printing directions are included for the sub as well!
  • Students start by taking the"How Healthy Are You Eating?" survey to get them hooked into the lesson and to see how their own eating habits rate.
  • Next students read cautions on the dangers of energy drinks, caffeine, and sugar.
  • Then, students work in pairs using two amazing websites to chart the caffeine and sugar in: Energy drinks | Energy shots | Soda pop | Coffee | Tea
  • While working online will save paper, directions for printing data from online is given!

Lesson Follow-up:

  • Last, student read the summary of several articles on the dangers of caffeine and sugar, and fill out a personal activity "Reflection."
  • 2022 "Caffeine and Sugar in Energy Drinks Worksheet Key" is provided.
  • Follow up with a "Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt" homework assignment
  • Links to 11 amazing videos!
  • Links to articles on real life tragedies due to energy drinks

3. Peer Pressures

  • 1. A section to tell your sub things like where your seating charts are!
  • 2. "Substitute Lesson Directions" that are editable and printable and easy-to-teach with real-life stories of youth who died or went to jail after giving in to peer pressure.
  • 3. Several video options on peer pressures and promoting positive teen traits.
  • 4. Re-usable "Student Directions" handout (students do not write on these so you can use them year after year)
  • 5. Introspective fill-in-the-blanks "Student Packet" with engaging "Guess the Pressure Lines" and "Assertiveness" surveys.

Additional Highlights:

  • "Guess the Top 10 Peer Pressure Lines" Survey!
  • "Assertiveness Survey" with analyzing results and student goals
  • "List of Ways to Improve Positive Self-Esteem"
  • Help your students to recognize the character traits that can help them rise above peer pressure.
  • Real quotes like, “No pressure, no diamonds” (Thomas Carlyle) can inspire them to stay strong under pressure and come out shining!
  • 5 optional video links on how to deal with peer pressures and navigating teen self-confidence
  • “Above the Pressures Art Project”

4. Communication Skills

1. Step-by-step instructions to leave for a sub

2. Fun "Speaking/Listening Into Activity" where one students describes a picture while the other tries to draw it from verbal cues only! "Picture Diagram" included.

3. Student Directions titled "Communications Activities Handout"

4. Self-Reflective "Assertiveness Survey"

5. Being "Too Passive" Tips and Being "Too Aggressive Tips"

6. Flip Up Posters: 24 cut outs and tips for "Be Assertive, Not Aggressive"

7. Flip Up poster example

8. "To Extend the Lesson Activities" Folder (for when you get back!):

1) Communications Survey
2) Communication Rules PowerPoint
3) Communication Rules Posters for your classroom
4) A second listening/speaking activity (on PowerPoint)

5. Overcoming Hardships Motivating Articles

  • This lesson relates to all teenagers. It involves an inspiring look into the childhoods of 17 celebrities. So if you teach or work with teens, this activity is for you.
  • Students will be inspired to overcome their own hardships as they read these stories and share with peers.
  • Celebrities range from actor Jim Carrey-whose family spent time living in a van, to football ball player Shaquem Griffin-who had his hand amputated at age 4 but didn't let that stop him from becoming a pro NFL football player, to singer Selena Gomez who was born to a 16-year old mom and struggled with her incredible success as a very young artist. All of the celebrities found various, motivating ways to find success.
  • CREATED BY A TEACHER - This activity is tried and tested. I've taught it for years with my 9th graders and it's always been a favorite.
  • Teachers can literally send the 2 links in this lesson and it can completely be done students at home-Step-by-step STUDENT directions are included.
  • I just added two new celebrities! Actor Henry Cavill (Superman, the Tudors, and Mission Impossible) and Triple Grammy Award Winner Singer Dua Lipa (who had a teacher tell her she couldn't sing!)
  • This resource is perfect for promoting social and emotional learning (SEL).

This resource is taken directly from our Full Semester/Year High School Health Curriculum, and our Middle/Junior High School Health Curriculum, which are both #1 Best-Selling Health Curriculums on TPT!

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