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First Aid Health Middle School Unit: 20 Lessons Across 3 Grade Levels!

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Get interactive with these FUN AND INFORMATIVE First Aid lessons! There are 20 sequential first aid and C.P.R. lessons across 3 grade levels.
This digital download product, is editable in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for print and online on Google Drive.
This resource will save you hours of research and prep time. You can teach these important safety and life skills in engaging ways. Students will LOVE the group work and re-enacting first aid scenarios, creating posters and cartoons, watching videos; and of course they have fun with the wilderness first aid wrapping activities. All of these activities could give a teen the skills to save a life!

Click here for a preview of the Middle School Curriculum.

>> Integrated Skills Based, Content Based / Knowledge Based. The best of both worlds.
>> Meets all MS National Health Education Standards. 
>> Meets all MS Technical Subjects Health Common Core Standards.
>> Meets all Washington State’s rigorous Health Education Standards.

Why Purchase This Resource:

  1. Step-StepTeacher Directions follow PowerPoint slides to walk you through the lessons!
  2. Choose from British or American Red Cross Research with links and QR codes!
  3. NEW!I just added an empowering skills-based "Advocacy First Aid Heroes Project!"
  4. Lessons are divided into 3 sequential programs!
  5. Show engaging videos to teach C.P.R.
  6. Show visual instruction videos on how to use an A.E.D.
  7. A FAVORITE! Get interactive with partners practicing “Wilderness First Aid” skills on how to wrap sprained ankles, and make a leg splint and an arm sling!
  8. Create "First Aid Kits"
  9. "First Aid Cartoons"
  10. First Aid Accident and Response Re-enactments!

Here's More:

  • Teach these important safety and life skills in an engaging way!
  • ALL STUDENT DOCS and POWERPOINTS for this “First Aid Unit” are uploaded onto Google Slides!
  • You can choose the online version: Student groups use the Online British Red Cross First Aid” website to go through videos and answers questions on 16 first aid topics. Online worksheet with links and QR Codes make this activity easy-access and perfect for teachers without a computer lab!
  • Or you can choose the Smartphone App: Students use the American Red Cross First Aid Smartphone App to go through videos and answers questions on 15 first aid topics. No computer lab needed!
  • Students will also have fun with "First Aid Injury and Response Scenario Reenactments" that they will present to class! (Be sure to warn others in your school in case they see your students around school in emergency situations!)

If you need the "High School First Aid Unit," click here!

Note: The middle and high school units are not designed to be used to teach to the same students in both programs, as activities may overlap! If you need both middle and high school Health units to teach to the same students, see my "Sequential Middle and High School Health!"

First Aid Topics Include:

1. Unresponsive and not breathing
2. Heart attack
3. Heat Stroke
4. Choking
5. Bleeding heavily
6. Concussion and Head Injury
7. Seizures / Epilepsy
8. Unresponsive and breathing
9. Asthma attack
10. Broken bone
11. Burns
12. Hypothermia
13. Meningitis
14. Poisoning / Harmful Substances
15. Strains and Sprains
16. Diabetic Emergency
17. Allergies/Anaphylaxis

Online Info:
  • You can assign Health worksheets in your Google Classroom or paperless environment using these student worksheets, surveys, and tests created on Google Slides with fill-in text boxes!
  • Also includes Google Forms!
  • It is compatible with Microsoft platforms! Simply download my "Student Docs Google Slideshow" (which includes fill-in text boxes) to your computer (Yes- text boxes remain intact!) and upload and assign on your online Microsoft platform!

How To Video Included! Get a step-by-step instructional video I created to show: (Click here for an example!)

  1. How to navigate my files and folders
  2. How to use the Google Slideshows
  3. How Microsoft users can use my Google Slideshows
  4. How to send only one day's lessons to your students at a time
  5. How to add new information/pages to a Google Slideshow
  6. How to edit and upload worksheets, voice-over slides, and add an instructional video on top of slides
  7. Uploading to Google Drive tips, how to set up files for an organize Google Drive, and more!
  8. If you upload this unit's PowerPoint and convert to Google Slides; then voice-over audio teacher instructions, you can send audio lessons home for a FULLY INDEPENDENT STUDY UNIT! (Full instructions included!)

Here is what is included:

  • Step-by-step teacher directions
  • PowerPoint that walks you through the lessons
  • Fill-in documents are on GOOGLE SLIDES and 2 Google Forms
  • 7 National Standards, 4 State Standards, and 4 Common Core Standards are met in this resource!
  • Learning Targets: Explanation and printable posters are included for each lesson, and three different “Learning Target Worksheets” are designed for students to copy target at beginning of class, and/or answer questions at the end of class!


Grade level lesson order is just how I have it set in my full term bundles! But everything is editable; so you can teach in any arrangement you like!

LEVEL 1: 3 to 6 Days of Lessons

-Fun “Wilderness First Aid” lessons:
-Wrapping sprained ankles
-Making a leg splint
-Making an arm sling

-Your chose of:
“Public Service Announcements”
-Students create "Public Service Posters"
-"Art Rubric" included

-“First Aid Cartoons!”

-Creating a first aid kit from the American Red Cross list of recommended supplies

LEVEL 2: 7 lessons
-FUN intro video
-First aid group work in groups of 3
-“First Aid Skills Group Sheet” with videos to walk them through scenarios!
-Either use the British version with "Q.R. coded Worksheet" (and links too!)or use the "American Red Cross First Aid Smartphone App” (Students can access websites directly from the QR Codes or Smartphone App!)

-Finish first aid group Work
-Decide which injury to do for group injury reenactment activity
-First aid videos
-Begin reenactment injury response planning

-Students work on injury response reenactment scenarios
-“Group Grading Rubric” included!

-Groups perform reenactment scenarios to class!

-C.P.R. Video "New CPR Guidelines for Adults"
-"CPR Card Template"
-How to make your own CPR “Dummies” for class practice!
-How to use an AED
LEVEL 3: 7+ lessons
-First aid research review

-Common 1st aid mistakes video

NEW!“Yes versus “no” posters to post around school

-Optional School Nurse, Paramedic, Fireman, other professional guest, or teacher teach C.P.R. training
-C.P.R. Video "New CPR Guidelines for Adults"
CPR practice
-AED video

NEW! We just added this empowering skills-based "Advocacy First Aid Heroes Project!" -After watching an interview with NFL football player Damar Hamlin discussing his collapse on the football field during a nationally televised game; and recognizing the miracle of how first aid responders literally saved his life, students will complete a “First Aid Heroes Advocacy Project!”

-Unit Assessment Options
-Student-Created PowerPoint Slide Quiz
-Online American Red Cross Quizzes
-Link to Kahoot to find Online Interactive Quizzes


Public Service Announcements Examples
-Students create "Public Service Posters"
-"Art Rubric" included
-First Aid Cartoons!
-Creating a First Aid Kit from the American Red Cross List

★ Here are more details about this program:

-State, National, and Common Core Standards met are listed at the top of each lesson, and are also all listed in the main "Table of Contents" for easy reference!

7 National Standards, 4 State Standards, and 4 Common Core Standards are met in this resource!

-"Learning Targets," "Exit Tasks," and "Daily Assessments" are also listed at the top of each lesson.

-So organized! "Table of Content" links ALL daily lessons for quick navigation!

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