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Addiction Risk Factors: High School Health Curriculum Drug Lesson

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This drug lesson is one of our favorites! It includes 4 days of lessons to impact teens on the dangers of drug addiction. Day 1 starts with an intriguing 30-slide "Risk Factor Survey" to help students assess their own knowledge, and understand personal risk factors for drug use.


This digital download product, is editable in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for print and online on Google Drive.


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-Next, by analyzing true stories of young men or women and how their families struggle with addiction, students will gain understanding of risk factors for addiction; and many students will also take away positive suggestions for risk factors they may be facing in their own lives.



Here is More About This Resource:


  • This lesson can go with almost any episode of the T.V. show "Intervention," which can be downloaded for FREE.


  • Inspire students to make smart decisions in their own lives.


  • Includes step-by-step teacher directions! (Editable in Word and PDF!)


  • Documents are Editable in Word and PDF!


  • Hands-on lessons! Includes surveys, artwork, and more!


  • 88-Slide PowerPoint (Editable!)


  •  These student docs now can be filled in on Google Slides:


  1. "Risk Factors Survey Worksheet"
  2. "Intervention Video Worksheet"
  3. "Neurotransmitters Handout
  4. "'Do I Have a Drug Problem?' Survey"
  5. "Dying for a Drug Fix True Story" to read


  • Complete teacher directions that walk you through the lesson, and it follows a 88-slide Intervention Lesson PowerPoint.


  • This lesson created a lot of deep conversation for my students. Many are facing similar risk factors in their own lives or they have loved ones who are battling addiction. It really helped them see the temptations and dangers of drugs and alcohol, and it helped them more clearly understand the hard road that addiction brings.



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For More Details:


Day 1


-"PowerPoint Risk Factors Survey": Students use a worksheet to guess the answers and then ponder their own childhood to see how many risk factors they may have in their life.


-Intervention T.V. Show


-Worksheet that goes with program (10 RISK FACTORS)


-Worksheet Key


-Research on how Community Norms Influence Drug Abuse


-"Write Your Own Intervention Script" Idea


-Students will also explore local resources for treatment of addictions.


Day 2


-Habits and Addiction


-"Neurotransmitters Handout" and understanding why the brain becomes addicted


-Video: "The World's Most Dangerous Drug"


-Protective Factors


-Finish Intervention Worksheet


Day 3 - 4


-Understanding the Anatomy of Addiction


-"Dying For a Drug Fix" True Story


-"Above the Influence" (Art Project ) This fun art project has students using cool templates to add their own protective factors and design/color!


-Real Student Examples Included



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      Customer Reviews

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      Mark T.

      This was a great supplement to our unit on drugs and the nature of addiction.

      Courtney Henry

      Great for online learning. Thanks!

      Conner DeBoer

      Might be one of my favorite products from you. So so so good!

      Wow-and you have purchased several!! Thank you for the great review!!

      Julie C.

      I was guest speaking in a high school class and used half of the lesson with the students. They were actively listening, engaged, and participating. I love that I had the powerpoint for looking at, the worksheet for writing, and group discussion. It hit all the learning styles. If I had another day I would have loved to do the Intervention video, I think the students would have loved it.

      Maureen Frenette

      Great lesson, I chose not to use the intervention video because the group of students I was teaching could not keep their attention that long. I loved the part that determines who may be at greater risk of becoming an addict, many of our students fell into those categories.