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Basketball Unit: P.E. 6 - 12th Grade + Best-Selling PE Program


TeacherPayTeachers #1 Best-Selling 6th-12th Grade Basketball Unit!!


These P.E. basketball lessons are full of fun drills, lead-up games, scrimmage, tournaments, conditioning, and a unit written test. Perfect for Grades 6-12. It uses minimal equipment, and provides maximum fun. Low prep and easy to teach!!


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>> Integrated Skills Based, Content Based / Knowledge Based. The best of both worlds.

>> Aligned to MS/HS Shape America’s National Physical Education Standards. 

>> Aligned to MS/HS Technical Subjects Common Core Standards.

>> Aligned to MS/HS Washington State’s rigorous Physical Education standards.



This 3-Week Basketball Unit Includes:


1. Day-by-Day Teacher Directions


2. Skills breakdown with drills and diagrams with "Peer Grading Sheet"


3. These Fun Drills:

  • Hot Shot Competition
  • Lay In Drill
  • Cone Dribbling Drill
  • Give and Go
  • One on On Drill
  • Bump


4. Rules and Terms


5. Active Lead-Up Games:

  • Basketball 21
  • Kickball Basketball
  • Dribble Mania
  • Zone Ball
  • Hoola Hoop Scooter Basketball


6. Optional advanced skills

  • Watch optional “Skills” videos included.


7. Tournament Chart


8. Written Basketball Study Guide and Test

Also Included:


  • Physical Literacy Unit Check List
  • Peer Grading Sheet
  • Peer Grading Sheet 2
  • 6 Warm-Up and Stretching Routines
  • Two Conditioning Workouts and Olympic Station Fun!
  • Jump Rope Skill/Endurance Tests
  • Basketball Learning Targets
  • Learning Target Posters and Bulletin Board Templates



Buyer Reviews:


  • "Great product"
  • "Excellent variety of activities!"
  • "Students loved the games in this resource. Especially the shooting games."
  • "Great resource for both the classroom and coaching. Thanks."
  • "A no-nonsense, easy to use/implement unit on basketball. It has been put to great use."



Detailed Lesson Plans:


 WEEK 1:


-Daily WarmUp Activities

-Basketball and gym rules





-Peer Grading

-Divide into PRO and REC teams

-Learning Targets on Bulletin Board


 WEEK 2:


-Daily WarmUp Activities

-More fun lead up games!

-3 on 3

-5 on 5 rules

-5 on 5 games

-Continue PRO and REC play

-Optional Tournament Play


-Here are some alternative activity options included!

  1. Jump Rope Skill and Tricks!
  2. 4-Square
  3. Ping Pong Rules
  4. Aerobics, Yoga Ideas


 WEEK 3:


-Daily WarmUp Activities

-5 on 5 PRO and REC games continued

-Or, tournament play continued

-Non-basketball options for those who want to do a different activity continued

-Basketball Study Guide

-Basketball Written Test



★ This resource is taken from our #1 Best-Selling Full Year P.E. Program!!



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