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Cooperative Games: P.E. and the Classroom Curriculum


This resource is going to save you tons of time researching teamwork and cooperative games! What is eliminated for students is fear of failure and the incentive to beat others.


>> Integrated Skills Based, Content Based / Knowledge Based. The best of both worlds.

>> Aligned to MS/HS Shape America’s National Physical Education Standards. 

>> Aligned to MS/HS Technical Subjects Common Core Standards.

>> Aligned to MS/HS Washington State’s rigorous Physical Education standards.


Cooperative games emphasize the joy and productivity that come from working together to achieve a group goal.


  • I used my 20+ years of Health and P.E. teaching experience to choose the 25 activities I felt were THE BEST 25 COOPERATIVE GAMES! These can be done in the classroom, or in the gym for P.E.


  • The "Cooperative Games" spreadsheet includes 25 website links and a quick description, so you can easily find the perfect cooperative game for any teaching situation. The links take you to amazing teacher websites with thorough game directions AND PHOTOS to help you visualize the activity!


  • This resource is perfect for promoting social and emotional learning (SEL).


These games are designed for:


  • ANY TEACHER OF 5th - 12th graders
  • Classroom or Gym
  • Powerful team building and class cohesiveness!
  • Beginning of the year activity
  • Helping students get to know each other
  • Engaging awareness and empathy for others
  • Daily openers
  • Daily closers
  • Time-fillers with an impactful purpose!


Here are the games included:


1. Mission Impossible

2. Beach Towel Flip with a Healthy Message!

3. Team Building Activity: Balloon Tower

4. Perimeter Pass

5 . Pass the Hula Hoop

6. The Gratitude Game Pick Up Sticks

7. Create a Creature Game

8. 12 Fun Physical Education Games

9. Teamwork Cup Stack

10. Teamwork Cup Stack #2

11. Team Building Activity: Concentric Circles

12. Team Building Activity: Straw Challenge

13. Back Ball Shuffle

14. Team Building Activity: The Star

15. Team Building Activity: Life Line

16. Communication Activity

17. This is My Nose

18. The String Lifter

19. Plank, Paper, Scissors, Shoot!

20. Games: Decorate a Tree Relay


22. Knots

23. Dragon's Tail

24. Match Mates

25. Non-Stop Jaws (a non-stop tag game)


"When we cooperative, everyone wins!"






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