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★★★★★ Change the course of a teen’s life! This resource has over 100 true story articles and video links on relevant teen issues. Perfect for any secondary teacher! Now on GOOGLE DRIVE!
Why Purchase this Resource?:
  • Teens LOVE true stories about real people; whether inspirational or tragic
  • Teens learn powerful lessons about dangerous decisions before making similar mistakes themselves!
  • These stories have been “tried and tested” and found “interesting, shocking, and/or relevant” by real teens!
  • I’ve seen the power of these true-life stories in my own classroom!
  • Help inspire your students to face a challenge, try harder, or dream big; and give your students the gift of learning from someone else’s mistake!
  • Stories stay with students, and these could save a life!
This Program Includes:
  • Over 100 links to articles and videos on 12 teen topics (See topics below!)
  • I have highlighted just a few of my highest recommend articles in each section if your time is limited!
  • 58-page spreadsheet with links AND suggested writing assignments, surveys, worksheets, art projects, homework, PowerPoint photos, class discussions, group work, and more creative follow-ups to articles!
  • 87 of the articles are in an editable Word doc and are printable!
  • ALL docs are on Google Drive!
Here is what buyers have to say:
  • “Fantastic!” “So good!” “Amazing!”
  • “Materials are high interest and in a fabulous format”
  • “Awesome resource for anyone working with tweens/teens. I think although it’s categorized under health it could be used in almost any subject.”
  • “Students really loved these.”
These articles are perfect for ANY TEACHER OF TEENS! Use them for:
  • Grabbing student interest
  • Daily openers
  • Engaging student’s opinions
  • Debates
  • Daily closers
  • Powerful reading and writing assignments
  • Time-fillers
  • Opening a lesson on a related topic
  • Giving your teens positive ideas
  • Showing teens negative consequences
  • Motivating and inspiring the teens you work with!
  • Meeting all 20 Common Core Standards for Technical Subjects!
12 Topics Include:
  1. Values and Overcoming Hardships
  2. Self-Esteem
  3. Empathy, Bullying, and Social Media
  4. Prejudisms, Racism, and Diversity
  5. Violence
  6. Depression/Cutting/Suicide
  7. Dangerous Decisions (Dangerous Selfies | Taking Bets and Dares | The Choking Game | High Speed Driving and more)
  8. Tobacco | Chewing Tobacco | Vaping
  9. Alcohol
  10. Drug Use
  11. Nutrition (Body Image | Weight Loss | Body Image | Eating Disorders | Energy Drink Dangers)
  12. Sex Ed: Dating and Relationships (Sexual Harassment and Assault | Sexting Internet Safety)
This resource includes:
  • 100+ true story articles
  • 58-page spreadsheet
  • Links to 22 powerful videos
  • 87 of the articles are in Word editable printable form!
  • ALL docs are on Google Drive! Articles are in PDF, worksheets are on Google Slides
  • Chart of how using 20 specific articles and their suggested activities WILL MEET ALL 20 COMMON CORE STANDARDS FOR TECHNICAL SUBJECTS! (See an example if it in the preview)
EXTRA!: 7 supplemental editable docs ready to print:
These are all on Google Drive with Fill-in boxes for students
  1. Empathy Survey
  2. Anger Survey
  3. Empathy Homework and Key
  4. “Blind, Paralyzed or in Prison for Life” Writing Assignment
  5. “Is This Diet Healthy?” Worksheet
  6. Emotions Left After a Suicide Project
  7. Overcoming Hardships Reflection and Key
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