High School Sequential Health Google Supplemental Add-On


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This digital resource is the “Ultimate Resource” in a new “GOOGLE Add-On Student Docs Program” that I recently launched! I’ve been really excited to provide supplemental distance learning for my many Health Units, and now I’ve bundled all 16 Sequential Health High School Google Docs Units together is this incredible resource that will be a life-saver for many in this up-coming school year!


★ This resource is also sold on my TeachersPayTeachers store! I am so excited to now be able to sell this same resource here on my own website, but if you prefer to see reviews and/or purchase it on TPT click HERE.


The student documents are taken from my Middle and High School Sequential Health Curriculum, and this purchase includes just the HIGH SCHOOL SEQUENTIAL HEALTH DOCS!
If you are also interested in my MIDDLE SCHOOL SEQUENTIAL HEALTH Google Supplemental Add-On Docs, click here.
★★★(I decided to sell the two programs from my Sequential Middle and High School Health Curriculum separately since that program license can actually be used by two teachers.)
Assign Health worksheets in your Google™ Classroom or paperless environment using these student worksheets, surveys, tests, and handouts from the High School program in my Sequential Middle and High School Health Curriculum.
This Google supplemental resource includes:
  • 16 Google Slideshows that are separated by days so it’s easy to send students daily lessons (See more details below.)
  • ★614 Total Google Slides!★
  • 38 Google Forms (Created with amazing photos teens will enjoy!)
  • ALL THE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT DOCS from my Sequential Middle and High School Health Curriculum.(with the exception of interactive flip-ups, and board games that need to be printed and cut out!) Click here if you need the Middle School Google Docs Supplemental Add-On from the Sequential program!
  • Directions on how to create daily lessons from these unit Google Slides
  • Directions and video links on how to add your audio voice to Google Slides and how to use the Loom program to create lessons on video
*Please Note: This resource is a supplemental add-on of JUST THE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT DOCS from my Sequential Middle and High School Health Curriculum to be accessed online for Distance Learning.
It is “Student Google Documents” only and does NOT include the “Teacher Directions,” PowerPoints, Word documents, or PDF documents from the HS portion of the Sequential Middle and High School Health Curriculum. If you want to purchase the editable and printable files that these Google docs are taken from, please navigate to Sequential Middle and High School Health Curriculum.
Also, if you purchased my Full-Year 180-Lesson High School Health program, these are not the Google Docs you will want! These are made specifically for the 90-Lesson High School portion of my Sequential Middle and High School Health Curriculum.
Please click HERE for my Full-Year High School Google Docs Add-On!
These Google Docs can also become completely ★★★”Distance Learning lessons!★★★
Here’s how:
This resource was created with my previous buyers in mind! For those who have already purchased my Sequential Middle and High School Health Curriculum, you can easily upload and convert the PowerPoint slides to Google Slides, and then record audio of yourself teaching each lesson. You can then send the Google Slides with your audio lesson along with the student worksheets (from this resource) to your students, and you would have COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT STUDY LESSONS!
I included step-by-step teacher directions in this resource to tell you how to voice-over Google Slides. It’s awesome!
Or, you can Zoom call with your students (a split-screen with your “Sequential Health PowerPoints” that you already purchased, and then send students these worksheets, surveys, and tests to complete at home.
Anyone who has created Google Docs knows HOW MUCH TIME this resource will save you! It has been a huge project, and I am thrilled to get it done just in time for “back to school” this year!
Here is what this resource includes*:
1. Links to 16 Google Slideshows of the High School Health Curriculum Student Docs. There are 614 slides separated into 16 units of student docs! 
Here are SOME of the fill-in worksheets included in the 19 Unit Google Slideshows:
Nutrition Unit:
– 6-Page Nutrition Student Packet
– Counting Calories Worksheet
– Counting Calories Food Labels
– Fast Food Poster Worksheet
– Estimated Calories Sheet
– Fat and Sugar Experiment Worksheet
– Fat and Sugar Experiment Homework
– Food Label Reading Worksheet
– Food Label Scavenger Hunt Worksheet
– Analyzing Fast Food Restaurants
– Drinking Water Check-Off Sheet
– Mayo Clinic Food Pyramid Worksheet
– Food Group Lists
– Protein Food List
– MyPlate Personalized Worksheet
– How Healthy Are You Eating Survey
– Exercise Video Review
– Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt
– Calcium Worksheet
– Are You Eating Healthy Survey
– Family Medical History Homework
– Eating Healthy for Life Survey
– Eating Healthy for Life Goal Sheet
– SMART Goals Worksheet
– Love What’s Good Self-Esteem Art
– Eating Disorders Survey
– Health and Fitness Career Worksheet
– Nutrition Facts Card Game Worksheet
– Nutrition Test Review
– Nutrition Unit Assessment
Sex Ed. Unit:
– 15-Page Sex Ed. Student Packet
– Puberty Worksheet
– Puberty Homework
– Body Image Worksheet
– Puberty Handout
– Personal Hygiene Worksheet
– Friendship Survey
– Friendship Article
– Puberty Letters Art
– Peer Pressure Lines
– Abstinence Worksheet
– Sexual Assault True False Quiz
– Avoid These Condom “No Nos”
– Love Language Survey
– STI True False Quiz
– HIV AIDS Worksheet
– HIV AIDS Handout
– AIDS Quiz
– Communicable Diseases Card Game Worksheet
– Birth Control Worksheet
– Emotional Consequences of Teenage Sex
– Healthy Versus Unhealthy Relationships
– Sexual Assault Project
– Sexuality Parent-Teen Communicator
– Sex Ed. Unit Test Review
– Sex Ed. Unit Assessment
Mental Health Unit:
– Multiple Intelligences Survey
– Causes of Mental Disorders Worksheet
-Types of Mental Illness
– Mental Health Research
-Resource Sheet
-“What About Bob” Video Review
– Mental Health Unit Assessment
Stress Unit:
– 4-Page Stress Unit Student Notes
– Stress Unit Student Packet Notes
– Sleep Chart
– Stress Vulnerability Survey
– 45 Proven Stress Relievers
– Resilience Skills Handout
– Depression Article
– Depression Handout
– How to Beat Stress and Depression Scavenger Hunt Worksheet
– Black Dog Video Worksheet and Art
– Live Life on Purpose Worksheet
– How Life Would Be Different Without Me Worksheet
– Emotions Left After Suicide Worksheet
– Show You Care Worksheet
– Resource Sheet
– Stress-Free BINGO Cards
– Stress Test Review
– Stress Unit Assessment
Drug Unit:
– 8-Page Drug Unit Student Packet
– Marijuana Video Review
– Marijuana True-False Quiz
– Narcotics Pharmaceutical Party Worksheet
– Drug Research Worksheet
– Risk Factors Video Review
– Synthetic Drugs Worksheet
– “Neurotransmitters Handout”
– Drug Unit Test Review
– Drug Unit Assessment
Self-Esteem Unit: (Included in Empathy Unit)
Diseases Unit:
– Communicable Diseases Worksheet High School Version
– Communicable Diseases Card Game Worksheet
– Corona Virus Timeline and Emoji Activity
– Diseases Unit Assessment
– Non-Communicable Diseases Card Game Worksheet
– Health and Fitness Career Assignment
Empathy/Violence Unit:
– 6-Page Empathy/Violence Unit Student Packet
– Empathy Survey
– Empathy Homework
– Life Story Poster Worksheet
– Life Story Poster Reflection
– Self-Esteem Survey
– Positive Self-Talk Worksheet
– Overcoming Hardships Articles Worksheet
– Overcoming Hardships Reflections
– Celebrity Hardship Homework
– Risk and Protective Factors Survey
– Values Survey
– Assertiveness Survey
– Stop Bullying Making Your Voice Count Worksheet
– Empathy Unit Assessment
Dangerous Decisions Unit:
– Dangerous Decisions Laws Handout
– Dangerous Decisions Worksheet
– Decisions Articles Worksheet
– Share Out and TV Version Worksheet
– Dangerous Decisions Decision-Making Model Worksheet
– Presentation Grading Rubric
– Group Presentation Form
– Finding Your Own Article Worksheet
Conflict Resolution Unit:
– Assertiveness Quiz
– “I” Statements Worksheet
– The Skill of Asking Questions Worksheet
– Conflict Resolution Model Quiz
– Assertiveness Survey and Worksheet
– Conflict Resolution Handout
– Conflict Escalators Handout
Tobacco Unit:
– Anonymous Student Survey
– 12-Page “Substance Student Packet
– 2-Page Tobacco Only Student Packet
– The Dangers of Tobacco
– Vaping Information
– Tips to Quit Smoking” Handout
– Tobacco Unit Test
– Tobacco Quiz
– Neurotransmitters Handout
Alcohol Unit:
– 4-Page Alcohol Student Packet
– Anonymous Teen Survey
– Alcoholism Questionnaire” 20 Questions to Determine if a Person is an Alcoholic
– Do You Know Your Alcohol State Laws Quiz
– Dysfunctional Families and Co-Dependent Behaviors
– Dysfunctional Family Survey
– Powerful “Protective Factors Activity
– Alcohol Quiz
– Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
– Pros and Cons Decision-Making Model Worksheet
– WWWWH Decision-Making Homework
– Alcohol Unit Test Review
– Alcohol Unit Test
First Aid/CPR Unit: (Review of Middle School Lessons)
– First Aid Skills-British Red Cross with Links and QR Coded Worksheet
– Group Presentation Grading Rubric
– CPR Quiz
– Sprained Ankle Wrapping
– How to Tie an Arm Sling
– How to Make a Leg Splint
– First Aid Kit List
– American Red Cross Test
Cultural Diversity Unit:
– Beverly Daniel Tatum’s “Who Am I?”
– Race Definitions and Quotes Handout
– 8 dimensions of Social Identity
Community Health Unit:
– SMART Goals Worksheet
– Health and Fitness Careers Research
– Long-term Health Goals
Beginning a Term Unit:
– Learning Styles Survey
– Learning Styles Poster
– Goal Sheet
– Class Ice-Breakers Worksheet
– Class Rules
– Anonymous Family Survey
Ending a Term Unit:
– Teacher Evaluation
– Health Final Test Review
– Health Final Test
– Helping Strategies for Parents Letter
2. Links to 44 Editable Google Forms:
On-Going Google Forms:
  1. “On-Going Resource Sheet” (Students collect local and national help resource info)
  2. LEARNING TARGET CHECK-OFF SHEET: Content Target at Beginning of Class
  3. LEARNING TARGET CHECK-OFF SHEET: Content and Behavioral Targets Sheet
  4. LEARNING TARGET CHECK-OFF SHEET: Exit Target Question Sheet
  5. “Student Self-Grading Art Rubric” (This is an amazing system I set up where students grade their own art project before turning it in for your teacher grade. It has completely transformed the level of effort and inspiration on art projects!)
Nutrition Google Forms:
1) “Nutrition Unit Assessment”
2) “How Healthy are you Eating Survey”
3) “Emotional Eating Survey”
Sex Ed. Google Forms:
1) Editable ” Sex Ed. Unit Assessment”
2) “HIV AIDS Quiz”
3) “Communicable Diseases Worksheet”
Mental Health Unit Google Forms:
1) “Mental Health Unit Assessment”
2) “On-Going Resource Sheet”
Stress Unit Google Forms:
1) “Stress Unit Assessment”
2) “Stress Unit Assessment Review”
3) Stress Unit Student Packet Notes”
4) Stress Vulnerability Survey”
5) “Show You Care Worksheet”
6) “Live Life on Purpose Worksheet”
7) How Life Would Be Different Without Me Worksheet”
8) “Depression Scavenger Hunt Worksheet”
Drug Unit Google Forms:
1) “High School Drug Unit Assessment”
3) “Risk and Protective Factors Survey”
Diseases Google Forms:
1) “Diseases Unit Assessment”
2) “Communicable Diseases Card Game Worksheet”
3) “Non-Communicable Diseases Card Game Worksheet”
4) “Coronavirus Timeline”
Empathy/Violence Google Forms:
1) “Empathy Survey”
3) “Self-Esteem Survey”
4) “Self-Esteem Assessment”
5) “Risk and Protective Factors Survey”
Conflict Resolution Google Forms:
1) “Conflict Resolution Unit Assessment” for High School
3) “SO QUIC Conflict Resolution Model”
Alcohol Unit Google Forms:
1) “Alcohol Unit Assessment”
2) “Do You Know Your Alcohol Laws?”
First Aid/CPR Unit:
1) “American Red Cross Quiz”
2) “No Hands CPR Video Notes”
Beginning a Term Google Forms:
1) “Anonymous Family Survey
2) “Learning Styles Survey”
3. Teacher instructions on how to easily copy a single day’s worksheets to send to students.
4. How to create an instructional video of yourself teaching with unit PowerPoints (this is for previous buyers of my Middle and High School Sequential Health Curriculum who have the PowerPoints.) The free Loom video app creates a small video of you teaching in the corner of your PowerPoint slides. It’s pretty easy and very cool!
5. Step-by-step directions on how teachers who have already purchased my  can easily upload and convert the unit PowerPoint slides to Google Slides and then voice-over audio teacher instructions. Then send home the Google Docs in this resource along with your audio slides and your distance learning is now “independent study” learning!
6. How to add new pages to the Google Slides.
*This is a zip file that includes Google links and teacher suggestions for using these Google docs. You must have a free Google account in order to access this activity. The links will allow you to make a copy to add to your own Google drive, and then you can share them with your students. The Google slides in this resource are worksheets uploaded as a “background” with text boxes added on top for students to fill in. Backgrounds are only editable if you have previously purchased the unit files and have the original worksheets. Google Forms are editable.