Nutrition Unit Student Worksheets GOOGLE Supplemental Add-On

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This digital resource is part of a new “GOOGLE Add-on Student Docs Program” I’m excited to launch! It provides supplemental distance learning for my many Health Units.Preview

This Google supplemental resource includes 100+ Google Slides of ALL THE STUDENT DOCS from my Nutrition Unit (with the exception of interactive cut outs and board games that need to be printed and cut out!) 9 Google Forms are also included!
Assign nutrition worksheets in your Google™ Classroom or paperless environment using these student worksheets, surveys, tests, and handouts from my #1 Best-Selling Nutrition Unit.
*Please Note: This resource is a supplemental add-on to my Nutrition Unit to be accessed online for Distance Learning. It does NOT include the “Teacher Directions,” PowerPoints, Word documents, or PDF documents from the Nutrition Unit. If you want to purchase the editable and printable files that these Google docs are taken from, please navigate to my 4-Week Nutrition Unit.
These Google Docs can also become completely ★★★“INDEPENDENT STUDY lessons!★★★
Here’s how:
Teachers who have already purchased my full 4-Week Nutrition Unit can easily upload and convert the PowerPoint slides to Google Slides, and then record audio of yourself teaching each lesson.
You can then send the Google Slides with your audio lesson along with the student worksheets (from this resource) to your students, and you would have COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT STUDY LESSONS!
I included step-by-step teacher directions in this resource to tell you how to voice-over Google Slides. It’s awesome!
Here is what this resource includes*:
1. Link to High School Google Slideshow of the High School Nutrition Unit Student Docs. There are 100+ slides separated into 18 days of student docs! Worksheet keys included!
Here are SOME of the fill-in worksheets included:
– 6-Page Nutrition Student Packet
– Counting Calories
– Fat and Sugar Experiment Worksheet
– Food Label Reading Worksheet
– Food Label Scavenger Hunt Worksheet
– Food Label Scramble Worksheet
– Is this Diet Healthy Worksheet
– Analyzing Fast Food Restaurants
– Drinking Water Check-Off Sheet
– Mayo Clinic Food Pyramid
– MyPlate Personalized Worksheet
– Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt
– Energy Drinks Worksheet
– Are You Eating Healthy Survey
– Family Medical History Homework
– Eating Healthy for Life Survey
– SMART Goals
– Eating Disorders Survey
– Nutrition Unit Assessment
2. Link to Middle School Google Slideshow organized into 3 Middle/Jr. High School sequential Nutrition Student Docs (Middle School program includes most of the same docs as the High School, but they’re separated by level and some introductory worksheets are added.)
3. Links to 9 Editable Google Forms:
1) “Nutrition Unit Assessment”
2) “How Healthy are you Eating Survey”
3) “Emotional Eating Survey”
4) “‘Is this Diet Health?’ Survey”
5) “On-Going Resource Sheet” (Students collect local and national help resource info)
6) LEARNING TARGET CHECK-OFF SHEET: Content Target at Beginning of Class
7) LEARNING TARGET CHECK-OFF SHEET: Content and Behavioral Targets Sheet
8) LEARNING TARGET CHECK-OFF SHEET: Exit Target Question Sheet
9) ” Student Self-Grading Art Rubric” (This is an amazing system I set up where students grade their own art project before turning it in for your teacher grade. It has completely transformed the level of effort and inspiration on art projects!)
4. How to easily copy a single day’s worksheets to send to students.
5. How to create an instructional video of yourself teaching with unit PowerPoints (this is for previous buyers of my Nutrition Unit who have the PowerPoints.) The free Loom video app creates a small video of you teaching in the corner of your PowerPoint slides. It’s pretty easy and very cool!
6. Step-by-step directions on how teachers who have already purchased my full 4-Week Nutrition Unit can easily upload and convert the unit PowerPoint slides to Google Slides and then voice-over audio teacher instructions. Then send home the Google Docs in this resource along with your audio slides and your distance learning is now “independent study” learning!
7. How to add new pages to the Google Slides.
*This is a zip file that includes Google links and teacher suggestions for using these Google docs. You must have a free Google account in order to access this activity. The links will allow you to make a copy to add to your own Google drive, and then you can share them with your students. The Google slides in this resource are worksheets uploaded as a “background” with text boxes added on top for students to fill in. Backgrounds are only editable if you have previously purchased the unit files and have the original worksheets.

$17.99 $15.29