MyPlate Food Label Lesson: Now on Google Slides!


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★★★★★ Have you ever have a student ask you if a food product was “healthy?” Did you know there’s an easy formula you can use to find out?
This lesson combines MyPlate food groups with a challenging guessing game as to whether 15 products in those groups are healthy, and a fun food label reading scramble around the room to find the answers!
Why Purchase This Resource:
  • U.S.D.A. Food Labels!
  • Now on Google Drive for Digital Learning!
  • The “Food Label Reading Worksheet” is ready to be filled in on Google Slides
  • The “MyPlate Food Scramble Worksheet” (along with “MyPlate Quiz” and “Interactive MyPlate”) is ready to be filled in on Google Slides
  • The “MyPlate Food Labels” are also on Google Slides
  • Includes guessing game, prizes, calculators, formulas, and scrambling..It’s fun and educational. Talk about a jammed-packed nutrition lesson!
  • -I-T’-S -N-O-T -J-U-S-T- -A- -L-E-S-S-O-N- -O-U-T-L-I-N-E-
  • 46 pages of highly organized, step-by-step teacher directions follow the PowerPoint and tell you exactly to say!
★This lesson is taken directly from my Full Semester/Year High School Health Curriculum, which is the “#1 Best-Selling Health Curriculum” on the whole TPT website!
How Does This Lesson Relate to my “Food Label Scavenger Hunt” Lesson?:
  • This lesson was created as PART 2 to my #1 best-selling lesson: Food Label Scavenger Hunt
  • If you already have the scavenger hunt, know that the guessing game, food labels, and scramble activities in this lesson are all different! This new lesson is a unique stand alone, and focuses on MYPLATE!
  • The PART 1 “Scavenger Hunt” lesson has 42 food labels that cover a variety of nutritional concepts, while this lesson focuses on MyPlate, and the additional math formula to determine if a product is healthy!
  • Both lessons ensure that your students will easily be able to read food labels and determine if food products are healthy…What a great life skill!
More Facts About This lesson:
  2. 46 pages of step-by-step Teacher Directions that follow the PowerPoint slides and tell you what to say!!
  3. 119-Slide PowerPoint that walks you through the lesson. Here are some highlights:
  4. Nutrients review (calories, fats, protein, dairy, grains, and fruits and vegetables)
  5. “Calories I Should Eat” formula
  6. Calcium recommendation
  7. MyPlate program
  8. “Healthy Schools” Vending Machine Regulations with website for individual states
  9. 5 slides with colored photos of the 15 food products
  10. 4 formula practice slides
  11. Guessing game example and key
  • “Food Label Reading Lesson” with teacher directions, worksheet and PowerPoint new U.S.D.A. Food Labels!
  • “MyPlate ‘Personalize This Plate’ Worksheet and Key: MyPlate “Foods I Like” Worksheet with list of over 100 foods!
  • “Food Label Scramble” Lessons: Guessing game, 15 food labels with colored photos, worksheet and key
  • “Interactive MyPlate” cut out activity
★You’ve got to click on the Preview above to see all that is in this lesson!!★


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