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★★★★★  Students LOVE these lessons! This program was created by a National Board Certified Health teacher with 19 years of experience teaching Health. Lessons are tried and tested!


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NEW!: This program is now a digital resource for distance learning! (5/2021)
  • Assign Health worksheets in your Google™ Classroom or paperless environment using these student worksheets, surveys, tests, and handouts
  • Now includes links to ALL STUDENT DOCS on Google Slides and Google Forms! (except for interactive flip-ups, and board games that need to be printed and cut out!)
  • 822 Total Google Slides for all units
  • Google Slides are also created for all Ready-to-Teach programs!
  • 43 Google Forms! (Editable, keys included, and created with amazing photos teens will enjoy!)
  • You can now save paper if you are in the classroom; and/or you can have students work at home to fill out worksheets, surveys, and tests online!
  • Directions and video links on how to add your audio voice to Google Slides and how to use the Loom program to create lessons on video included!
  • Create Independent Study Lessons: Simply upload and convert the included PowerPoint slides to Google Slides, and then record audio of yourself teaching each lesson. Then send your audio lesson along with the Google student worksheets (from this resource) to your students, and you have COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT STUDY LESSONS! (These step-by-step directions are included!)
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-Here is more about this program:

  • There are 70 lessons for Level 1, 70 lessons for Level 2, and 80 lessons for Level 3, all aligned to my new state Health standards.
  • Your teaching needs are met whether you teach Health for 6 weeks, a quarter, trimester, or semester; or whether you have 6th – 8th graders in a middle school, or 7th – 9th graders in a junior high school.
  • This FLEXIBLE program meets current AND future teaching needs!
  • If your assigned teaching schedule changes over the years, this program has got you covered!
  • The 220 lessons are divided into both a 19 unit program AND 13 different “Ready-to-Teach” grade-level programs that can be configured into almost any teaching scenarios (see more below.)
  • This resource includes many lessons that promote social and emotional learning (SEL).
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-This Middle/Junior High School program is a standards-based program: The program meets:
  • ALL Washington State Middle School 6th, 7th, and 8th Health Standards
  • ALL 20 Common Core Standards (Grades 6 – 8)
  • ALL 8 “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.)” National Health Standards (to be completed by Grade 8)
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If you teach all 3 grade levels of Health, or if you need a full year of 180 lessons for one grade level, this full 220 Middle School program is for you so read on…
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  • There are 13 different “Ready-to-Teach” grade-level programs that can be configured in so many possible teaching scenarios, it’s likely to work for your teaching line!


  • Full step-by-step teacher directions that follow PowerPoint slides, and “easy-to-print” student docs are all included!


  • I have “Ready-to-Teach” programs if you teach ANY OF THE FOLLOWING 13 GRADE LEVEL PROGRAMS:
A. TEACH ANY OF THESE ONE GRADE LEVELS for 6 weeks, 9 weeks, 12 weeks, or 18* weeks:
# 1. 6th grade middle school students – (or 7th grade jr. high)
# 2. 7th grade middle school students – (or 8th grade jr. high)
# 3. 8th grade middle school students – (or 9th grade jr. high)
# 4. ★BONUS: I also have a full year 36-Week program if you teach one grade only with either 6th – 9th graders
B. TEACH ANY OF THESE TWO GRADE LEVELS for 6 weeks, 9 weeks, 12 weeks, or 18* weeks:
# 5 + 6. 6th + 7th grade middle school students – (or 7th + 8th grade jr. high)
# 7 + 8. 6th + 8th grade middle school students – (or 7th + 9th grade jr. high)
# 9 + 10. 7th + 8th grade middle school students – (or 8th + 9th grade jr. high)
C. TEACH ALL THREE GRADE LEVELS for 6 weeks, 9 weeks, 12 weeks, or 18* weeks:
# 11, 12, + 13. 6th, 7th + 8th middle school students – (or 7th, 8th + 9th jr. high)
D. OR, DO YOU WANT TO TEACH USING THE FULL-UNIT PROGRAM?: Teach from complete units using the FULL 19 units included! (See below for list of units.) Full unit documents and PowerPoints are editable and docs are included in both Word and PDF formats.
  • There are ★editable!★ versions off ALL lessons and PowerPoints are included as well, should you want to change or add something!
  • Each “Ready-to-Teach” lesson program contains: Full step-by-step teacher PDF teacher directions, lessons, and documents, and a PDF PowerPoint presentation that walks you through the lesson for each of these teaching lines. “Student Docs Only” are also included to save paper when printing!
*90-Lesson Program includes 70 or 80 full lessons + 10-20 fun lesson extensions.
-NOTE: This Middle/Jr. High School Health program is not meant to be purchased with the High School Health program for use in the same school district! See additional info below.
**This Middle School Health program is not created to be consecutive with the High School Health program.
Thus, if you are interested in using both my Middle/Jr. High AND my High School Health programs for yourself or your school district, you will want my SEQUENTIAL Middle/Junior AND High School Health Curriculum, which I designed as consecutive, scaffolded lessons ranging from middle to high school, with no lesson repetition. (I don’t have this posted on this website yet-the link will take you to my TPT store!)
-More About This Program:
  • State, National, and Common Core Standards met are listed at the top of each lesson, and are also all listed in the main “Table of Contents” for easy reference! It’s easy to align to your own state standards!
  • This program is researched-based. The program meets all 15 “Characteristics of an Effective Health Education Curriculum” set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In this curriculum you will find health goals and behavioral outcomes that are research-based and theory-driven.
  • “Learning Targets and “Daily Assessments” are also listed at the top of each lesson.
  • This is NOT your standard boring vocabulary words or book work! . Over 3000 pages of highly organized step-by-step teacher directions will engage your students, while the directions will suggest exactly what to say!!
  • 430 pages of LEVEL 1 Teacher Directions, worksheets and lessons
  • 388 pages of LEVEL 2 Teacher Directions, worksheets and lessons
  • 639 pages of LEVEL 3 Teacher Directions, worksheets and lessons
  • Over 3,000 PowerPoints slides! Helps make learning visual!
  • 420+ worksheets, tests, and handouts, included unit and final assessments


  • ★NEW!★ All student worksheets, surveys, handouts and tests editable for print and on GOOGLE DRIVE!
  • Over 100 links to FREE videos!
  • 26 homework assignments (Including 6 “Parent-Teen Communicators”)
  • 23 fun surveys – students LOVE these!
  • Project-Based Learning: See the “Preview” for more on all the interactive flips and folded projects, as well as the many art projects that help students learn
  • Best of all, students love this program, (read the reviews above) and students who like what they’re learning are more likely to choose to actually use what they learned outside the classroom
-Here is a QUICK LOOK at the 19 units included:
1. Beginning a School Year
2. Stress, Depression, and Suicide
3. Mental Health
4. Diseases
5. Stop Bullying: Empathy and Violence
6. Tobacco
7. Alcohol
8. Drugs
9. Conflict Resolution
10. Self-Esteem
11. Nutrition
12.Sex Ed.
13. Body Systems
14. First Aid
15. Environmental Health
16. Community Health
17. Cultural Diversity
18. Dangerous Decisions
19. Ending A School Year
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1. Beginning a Year Unit:
– Starting the Term Off Right!
-Learning Styles Survey
-Conversation Starters
-“Learning Style Cubes”
-“The Little Red Hen” THEME
-File Folders System
-Give Out Syllabus
-“Food Personality Survey”
-“Famous Failures” THEME
-File Folders System
-“Anonymous Teen Survey”
-“I AM ME“ Poems
-“What’s Your Animal Personality” Survey
-Tips to Boost Confidence” Video
-Shy Girl on X Factor Video
-Door Hanger Art Project
– Motivation: Building Confidence!
-“Confidence” Video with Review sheet
-“Best Motivational Video”
-The Gratitude Experiment”
-Thank You Letters
-File Folders and Learning Targets
-Who I Am Makes a Difference!
-Create Ribbons
-True Story Articles to Share
EXTRA: Organization to Begin a New School Year
-“Class Syllabus”
-Morning PowerPoints
-Learning Target Success Criteria Exit Sheet
-250 All New “Learning Target” posters
-Teacher Evaluation Tips for the “Danielson” “5 Dimensions,” and “Marzano” Frameworks
2. Stress, Depression, and Suicide Unit
-“Stress Survey”
-”How Stress Affects Your Brain” Video
-“Stress Worksheet”
-How to Relieve Stress Video
-“Relieving Stress Trunks Project”
-“Sleep Project Homework”
-Five Stress Relieving Activities!
-“Animal Stress Stories”
-“Depression: Black Dog Posters”
-“Traits of Depression Worksheet”
-Review of Stress, the Importance of Sleep, Resilience, and Depression
-Depression and Thoughts of Suicide
-Overcoming Depression and Anxiety
-“Life Without You” Worksheet
-Stress-Buster Coloring Homework
-Creating “Stress Relieving” Card Game”
-Depression – vs – Clinical Depression
-True story article
-“Depression Survey”
-Bi-Polar Disorder
-“Depression Around the Room” activity
-Cutting and Suicide
-Suicide Risk Factors
-“Think Before You Speak” Video
-What to Do if Someone You Know Talks of Suicide
-Unit Test Review
-“Depression/Suicide Parent-Teen Communicator”
-“Stress-Free BINGO” Test Review
-Stress Unit Assessment
3. Mental Health Unit
-The 5 Dimensions of Health
-Interactive Mental Health Road Signs Project
-“You Choose Worksheet”
-“Values Lesson”
-Values Parent-Teen Homework
-Gandhi Interactive Poster
-What’s Your Biggest Regret Activity
-Multiple Intelligences Survey
-“I Am Me Worksheet”
-Optional Problem-Solving
4. Diseases Unit
Understanding communicable diseases, pathogens, how they’re spread, and how the immune systems fights them
-“Interactive Communicable Diseases Activity“ with “Disease and Prevention Chart”
-“Communicable Diseases Card Game” with “Communicable Diseases Worksheet”
-“Selfie Get Well Cards” (Disease Prevention)
-CANCER Information and Art Project
-Cancer Video
-“Family Medical History Homework”
-Diseases Research Project Homework
-Understanding Non-Communicable Diseases
-World non-communicable diseases stats
-Top Four Non-Communicable Diseases in the U.S.
“Non-Communicable Diseases Interactive Heart”
-“Ways to Prevent NCD Handout”
-Online “Personal Risk Assessment Tool”
-“Non-Communicable Diseases King’s Corner” Card Game with “Non-Communicable Diseases Worksheet”
5. Empathy/Violence/Stop Bullying Unit
-Empathy Video
-Interactive Empathy Treasure Chest Project
-“Self-Esteem Survey”
-“Positive Self-Talk Activity”
-Bullying video
-Bullying Role-Play Task Cards
-Making Your Voice Count” Activity
-Cyber Bullying
-“Empathy Test” (written or outloud)
-Showing Empathy in Dealing with Bullying
-Ways to Stop a Bully Video
-“Hand in Hand” Bullying
-“Overcoming Hardships Inspiring Articles” activity
-Personality Survey
-Defining Violence
-True story articles
-Understanding anger
-“Anger Survey”
-Setting an anger goal
-Homework: Anger Cartoons
-Guest Speaker
-Definition of Empathy
-“Empathy Survey”
-“Empathy Homework”
-“Our Words Have Power
-Empathy in “Perspectacles”
-“Life Stories Poster Project “
-”What Would It Be Like” Worksheet
-“One Person Can Make a Difference”
-Inspirational Videos
-Share Life Stories in Groups
-Prejudisms Discussion
-Assertive, NOT Aggressive
-“Blind, Paralyzed, or in Prison for Life”
6. Tobacco
-The Dangers of Tobacco
-CDC Videos
-Tobacco Facts Articles
-Anti-Tobacco Song Lyrics” Project
-Songs and Present
-The Brain and Habits
-“Cleansing a Bad Habit”
-“Adding a Healthy Habit” Worksheets”
-“Support Your Peers Calendar”
-Dangers of Tobacco, Chewing Tobacco
-Tobacco Facts Articles and Puzzles
-Ad Appeals
-Marketing Psychology
-Tobacco Unit Quiz
-Tobacco Packs” Media Literacy Art Project”
-Supermarket Psychology
-The Dangers of Tobacco
-“Quit Brochures”
-Chewing Tobacco Dangers
-Cigar and Pipe Dangers
-Pregnant Smokers
-$ Spent on Cigarettes
-State Laws
-Tobacco Facts Articles
-Trends in Health Newsletter Homework
7. Alcohol Unit
-Introduction to Alcohol Unit
-“How Alcohol Affects the Body Wheels Project”
-”Alcohol Dangers” Audio Article
-“Standing Up to Peer Pressures Diamond Worksheet“
-“Assertiveness Survey”
-“Alcohol is Not For Me”
-“De-Bunking Alcohol Myths
-Getting the Facts
-“Alcohol True/False Scavenger Hunt”
-Aces Lesson-Overcoming Adverse Childhood Experiences
-Protective Factors Activity
-“Pros and Cons Decision-Making Model Worksheet”
-“Alcohol Role-Play Activity” (Peer Pressure lines and Refusal Skills)
-“Alcohol Truths and Myths
-Alcohol Dangers
-Alcoholism notes
-Interactive Alcohol Poisoning Activity
-Alcohol State Laws Activity
-Dysfunctional Families and Co-Dependent Behaviors
-Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
-“Alcohol Decision-Making Homework”
-Alcohol “Sorry” Game
-Unit Test
8. Drugs Unit
-Intro to Drug Unit
-“Drug Classification Activity”
-Inhalants Dangers!
-”Faces of Meth”
-Stimulants Video
-Why Teens Use Drugs
-“Body Parts 25 Things to Do Instead of Drugs”
-Molly and Other Designer Drugs Newsletter
-“OTC Scavenger Hunt”
-Drug Classification Review
-“Marijuana True-False” Quiz
-“How Pot Hurt Me” Card Game
-“Pharm Party Activity”
-Decision Making
-Drug Role-Plays
-Synthetic Drugs and more on Heroin
-Stages of Drug Addiction
-“Drug Progression Story”
-“Substance Parent-Teen Communicator” Homework
-“Risk Factors For Addiction” Survey
-Intervention Video with Video Review Sheet
-Healthy Alternatives
-Date Rape Drugs
-Ecstasy and Depressants Video
-”Drink Safety Tips” Activity
-Amotivational Syndrome
-Gateway Drugs
-Marijuana Video
-The Truth About Marijuana” Reflection
-PAIR/SHARE and Discussion
-“The Truth About Marijuana” Mural
-Drug Free BINGO Test Review
-Drug Refusal Skills Role-Play Task Cards
-Guest Speaker
-“Drug Unit Test
9. Conflict Resolution Unit
-Assertiveness Survey
-Assertive Versus Aggressive
-Start Partner Dialogue Activity
-“So Quic Model” Handout
– Partner Dialogue Activity
-Assertiveness Survey”
-“Communication and Conflict Resolution Tips Sheet
-“Building Confidence, Assertiveness, Self- Esteem Worksheet”
-“How to be More Confident” Video
-“Assertiveness Role-Plays”
-Communication Skills Activity
-“Are You an Effective Communicator Survey”
-Wallet Cards Project
-So Quic and Quiz
-“Communication Survey”
-Optional Unit Assessment
-So QUIC” Conflict Resolution Model to Resolve Conflicts
-“Why Most Relationships Fail” Video
-“Survivor” Video Example
-“I’ Statements Activity”
-Questioning Skills
-“So Quic Quiz” for Review
-Perceptions Activity
-“So Quic” Conflict Practice
-“So Quic Quiz #2”
10. Self-Esteem Unit
-Self-Esteem Survey
-What is Positive Self-Esteem?
-“Self-Esteem iPad” Project
-Thumbprint Project
-Self-Esteem Projects
-Career Interest Survey
-“Rise Above the Dream Breakers Project”
-Inspirational Videos
-Self-Esteem Assessment
11. Nutrition Unit
-What is a Calorie?
-Understanding and Reading Label Ingredients
-Students make “Best or Worst Foods” Posters
-“Ingredients Quiz”
-“Where is Your Health?” Assessment
-“Where is Your Health?” Goal-setting Acronym
-Food Label Scramble ★NEW U.S.D.A. Food Labels!
-Intro to Nutrition
-MyPlate Activity
-Vending Machine Savvy and Food Label Reading ★NEW U.S.D.A. Food Labels!
-Iron and Anemia
-Protein needs
-Protein supplements and Creatine
-Sodium Facts
-“Food Records”
-“Count Your Calcium Worksheet”
-“Think Your Drink Caffeine and Sugar Activity” (Energy Drink Dangers)
-“Are you Eating Healthy? Survey”
-How diet affects CANCER
-Cancer Warning Signs
-The Benefits of Exercise
-“MyFitnessPal” Activity
– “Analyzing Fad Diets Project” (“Is This Diet Healthy?”)
-Introduction to Nutrition
-Obesity in the U.S
-Why Americans are Overweight
-Understanding Calories ★NEW U.S.D.A. Food Labels!
-Understanding Fat and Cholesterol
-“Fast Food Restaurant Posters”
-Water Extra Credit Activity
-How Much Sugar Should I Have?
-“Sugar and Fat Science Lab Experiment”
-Getting Vitamins
-The Importance of Breakfast
-“Mayo Clinic Food Guide Pyramid” or Using the “USDA MyPlate”
-Personalized Food Group Tally
-Media Literacy: Grocery Store Savvy and Product Manipulation
-“How to Read a Food Label Activity” ★NEW U.S.D.A. Food Labels!
-“Food Label Scavenger Hunt” ★NEW U.S.D.A. Food Labels!
-“Eating Healthy for Life Survey” (What bad habits do I have?)
-Healthy Versus Unhealthy Weight Loss
-Weight Loss Videos
-“Long-Term Goal Setting Activity”
-Understanding Eating Disorders
-Emotional Eating Survey
-Eating Disorders Video
-Improving Body Image
-Analyzing Media Video
-Media Distortion
-“Nutrition Facts Card Game”
-Nutrition Unit Test Review
-Nutrition Test ★NEW U.S.D.A. Food Labels!
12. Sex Ed. Unit
-Sexuality Opt-Out” info
-Puberty is Normal!
-“Puberty is Normal Matching Game”
-Dealing with Body Image
-“Puberty Parent-Student Communicator Homework”
-“Guide to Maintaining Friendships”
-Tips “4” for a Better Friendship
-Dating, Boundaries, and Unhealthy Risks
-Top 10 Reasons for Choosing Abstinence
-Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections/HIV
-Traits of a Healthy Versus an Unhealthy Relationships
-Understanding Gender Identity
-Signs of Abusive Relationships
-“Healthy Relationships Posters”
-Sexuality Opt-Out” info
-Reproductive System Information
-Reproductive System Video
-“Puberty BINGO”
-Female and Male Anatomy
-“Inside Puberty” then Watch “Puberty for Boys and Girls”
-Sexual Pressure Lines and Articles
-“Sexual Pressures Flip Charts Project”
-Consequences of Sex – Sexually Transmitted Infections/HIV and Pregnancy
-Dealing positively with gender identity
-Dating Videos – Dealing with Emotions!
-Benefits of Choosing Abstinence
-“Emotional Baggage” Activity
-Optional “Birth Control/Using a Condom” Handout and Worksheet
-Romance, and Love: “What is Love?”
-What is Romance?” Art Project
-Sex Ed. Test Review
-Sex Ed. Parent-Teen Communicator
-Sex Ed. Unit Test
-Guest Speaker
-Sexuality Opt-Out” info
-Swan Story and Worksheet
-Personal Hygiene
-The Responsibility of Sex!
-Why Abstinence Makes Sense for Teens
-The Effectiveness of the Reproductive Systems
-Female Anatomy and Issues
-“Love Language Survey”
-Male Anatomy and Issues
-“Girl Talk/Boy Talk Day”
-Understanding Sexually Transmitted Infections
-S.T.I. Video and Slideshow
-“Communicable Diseases Card Game”
-“H.I.V. / A.I.D.S. Quiz”
-AIDS / Abstinence
-Good Reasons for Abstinence
-Setting Sexual Limits
-Birth control Choices and Worksheet
-Sexual Assault Information
-Sexual Harassment
-Sexual Assault/Rape
-Traits of Unhealthy Relationships
-Dating and Domestic Violence
-“Healthy –vs- Unhealthy Relationships Activity”
-Social Media Safety
-Unit Test Review
-“Sexuality Sorry Game”
-“Sex Ed. Unit Test”
13. Body Systems Unit
LEVEL 1 Only:
-“Can You Do This?” Fun!
-“Our Amazing Body Slideshow”
-Virtual Body
-8 Body Systems Worksheet with QR Codes
-Preparing and Giving Group Presentations:
-PowerPoint Group Presentations
-Optional Requirement: Body Systems Group Rap, Song or Poem
-Grading Rubrics Included!
-Presentation Note Taking Worksheet
-Preventative Medical Checkups for Teens
-Vaccinations and Reproductive Health Check Ups
-Unit Tests
14. First Aid Unit
-“Wilderness First Aid”: Sprained Ankles, Splints and Slings
-First Aid QR Coded Worksheet and Activity
-Group Re-enactment Project
-C.P.R. Video and Worksheet
-How to use an A.E.D
-Creating a First Aid Kit
-Public Service Announcements
-First Aid Cartoons
-Unit Assessments
15. Environmental Health Unit
LEVEL 2 Only:
-Understanding the 10 Top Environmental Issues
-“10 Environmental Issues Worksheet” with Partner (reactions and solutions)
-10 issues Group Activity
-“What Can I Do Follow-Up Project”
-Environmental Protection Agency 8 Topics “All Hands Working Together Project”
-Environmental Harm
-“Workplace Hazard” Reports
-“Public Service Announcement” Posters or Video
16. Optional Community Health Unit
-21 different Ideas to Promote “Community Health”
-Six Key Ingredients to a Healthy Community”
-Health or Fitness Careers
-Family Health
-Safe Home Environments
17. Cultural Diversity Unit
-Understanding the History and Complexities of Racial Diversity
-“Race Definitions and Quotes Handout”
-“My Uniqueness Project”
-Add an “Ad Slogan”
-Sharing “My Uniqueness Project”
– Finish with “One Size Doesn’t Fit All” Worksheet
-Optional “Final Level 2 Health Test”
-“I Am….” Exercise
– Beverly D. Tatum’s “The Complexity of Identity: “Who Am I?”
-True Stories of Prejudism, Racial Profiling, and Racism
-True Stories that One Person CAN Make a Difference
-Bryan Stevenson’s Video: ” From Slavery to Mass Incarceration” and Racial Profiling
-Bryan Stevenson’s “Ted Talk”
-The House That Racism Built
-Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream Art Project!!
18. Dangerous Decisions Unit
LEVEL 3 Only:
Decision-Making Skills for:
-High Speed Driving
-Drinking Games and Binge Drinking
-Taking Bets and Dares
-Giving Out Info on the Internet
-Cutting, Self-Mutilating
-Water Safety
-Homelessness and Running Away
-Unhygienic Body Piercings
-Messing Around with Guns
-Shaken Baby Syndrome
-The Choking Game
-Using Drugs
-Goofing Around on Cars or Trucks
-The Dangers of Sun and Tanning
19. Ending a Term Unit
-Myers Briggs Personality Videos and Worksheet
-“Our Term in Review” PowerPoint
-Teacher Evaluation
-Final Test
-Term in Review
-Final Test Review
-“What I Learned in Health Class Board Game”
-Final Health Term Assessment
“Compliments Around the Room”
-Other Things to Know:
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