Middle/Jr. High School Health & P.E. Super Bundle


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While most product licenses are for one teacher only, this license can be for two teachers: one Health teacher and/or one P.E. teacher!

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This resource is a bundle of the #1 Best-Selling Middle School Health and the #1 Best-Selling 6th – 12th Grade P.E. Curriculums on the TeachersPayTeachers website! I am so excited to now be able to sell this same bundle resource here on my own website, but if you prefer to see reviews and/or purchase it on TPT click HERE.


★★★★★ TEEN HEALTH AT ITS BEST!Get both of these low-prep, standards-based programs in one bundle. While most products are licensed for one teacher only, this purchase can be a license for one Health teacher and/or one P.E. teacher!
 – P.E. NEW ONLINE: 2 months of on-line lessons!
  • NEW! P.E. Teachers – I just added 3 weeks of “Virtual Online P.E. Worksheets” to Google Slides in case any of you are still teaching online! (This is in addition to the 4-Week Workout Program already included!”) The worksheets are done at home, have student directions, and no teaching is needed. NO PREP!

  • 2-Week “Human Body Systems Unit” AND “4-Week Nutrition Unit” now on Google Slides and Forms! Can be done at home!  “First Aid Unit” from the Health lessons is on Google Slides and can be done in P.E. as well!


  • Assign Health worksheets in your Google™ Classroom or paperless environment using these student worksheets, surveys, tests, and handouts
  • Now includes links to ALL STUDENT DOCS on Google Slides and Google Forms! (except for interactive flip-ups, and board games that need to be printed and cut out!)
  • 947 Total Middle School Google Slides and65 Interactive P.E. Workout Program” Google Slides for students to do at home
  • Using the 947 Google Slides, I created these 13 “Ready-to-Teach” Programs (for these programs: 6-Weeks/9-Weeks/12-Weeks/18-Weeks)
  • -The 314 Level 1 slides above were used to create 4 “Ready-to-Teach programs, totaling 802 additional slides!
  • -The 270 Level 2 slides above were used to create 4 “Ready-to-Teach programs, totaling over 500 additional slides!
  • -The 363 slides above were used to create 4 “Ready-to-Teach programs, totaling over 500 additional slides!
  • 43 Google Forms! (Editable, keys included, and created with amazing photos teens will enjoy!)
  • You can now save paper if you are in the classroom; and/or you can have students work at home to fill out worksheets, surveys, and tests online!
  • Directions and video links on how to add your audio voice to Google Slides and how to use the Loom program to create lessons on video included!
  • Create Independent Study Lessons: Simply upload and convert the included PowerPoint slides to Google Slides, and then record audio of yourself teaching each lesson. Then send your audio lesson along with the Google student worksheets (from this resource) to your students, and you have COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT STUDY LESSONS! (These step-by-step directions are included!)
  • Here is a buyer review for my “Middle/Jr. High School Google Docs”: “Just what I needed for virtual learning. Easy to use and students enjoyed the engagement.”
  • ALSO NEW!: I just added a fun flip and fold interactive version of the “Student Packet Notes for all 3 grade levels! Students take notes from PowerPoint slides in all kinds of shapes and foldable cut-outs!



 – While most products are licensed for one teacher only, this purchase can be a license for one Health teacher and/or one P.E. teacher!


– Buy both of these #1 Best-Selling “Middle/Jr. High School Health” lessons and #1 Best-Selling “6th-12th P.E.” lessons bundled together and save $163.00.

-See a fun video of this bundle!


This bundle meets standards:

-Heath meets ALL Washington State Middle 6th, 7th, and 8th Health Standards

-P.E. meets ALL my NEW 2017 Washington State Physical Education Standards

-Heath meets ALL 8 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.) National Health Standards (to be completed by Grade 8)

-P.E. meets ALL the SHAPE America’s National P.E. Standards

-Both programs each meet ALL 20 Common Core Standards for Technical Subjects


– All future updates (new lessons and activities) that I create related to this “Middle/Jr. High School Health and P.E.” resource FOR FREE!! Simply go to your TPT “My Purchases” folder and re-download.





 – Here’s what buyers have to say about my MIDDLE/JR. HIGH SCHOOl HEALTH:


-“I absolutely LOVE this health curriculum! With very little resources at my school, I can use everything in this curriculum without worrying.”


-“Well worth the price.” “This is saving my life!”


-“Absolutely amazing! My students are loving it!.”


-“Mrs. S’s Health Curriculum is EXACTLY what I needed to jump start my career. No need to recreate the wheel. Mrs. S provides you everything you need to teach from day 1.”


-“I have used this for a whole year now and cannot believe how much stress it has relieved!! The material is engaging and fun for the students and me! It is extremely easy to use and organize. I have never been happier with a purchase in my life. My principal loves it as well.”


 – Get 220 lessons in this engaging, low-prep, easy-to-teach Middle/Junior High School Health curriculum:
  • There are now 70 lessons for Level 1, 70 lessons for Level 2, and 80 lessons for Level 3, all aligned to my new state Health standards.
  • This FLEXIBLE program meets current AND future teaching needs!
  • If your assigned teaching schedule changes over the years, this program has got you covered!
  • The 220 lessons are divided into both a 19 unit program AND 13 different “Ready-to-Teach” grade-level programs that can be configured into almost any teaching scenarios (see more below); meeting your teaching needs whether you teach Health for a quarter, trimester, or semester; or whether you have 6th – 8th graders in a middle school, or 7th – 9th graders in a junior high school.
  • NEW! ALL new graphics in EVERY unit! A buyer recently called the PowerPoints “gorgeous!” These are part of my 50 PowerPoints (Over 3000 slides!)
 – Here is a QUICK LOOK at the 19 units included:
  1. Beginning a School Year
  2. Nutrition
  3. Stress, Depression, and Suicide
  4. Tobacco
  5. Alcohol
  6. Drugs
  7. Conflict Resolution
  8. Diseases
  9. Stop Bullying: Empathy and Violence
  10. Dangerous Decisions
  11. Sex Ed.
  12. Mental Health
  13. Celebrating Diversity
  14. First Aid
  15. Self-Esteem
  16. Body Systems with Q.R. Coded Worksheets!
  17. Environmental Health
  18. Optional Community Health
  19. Ending A School Year
If you don’t have 70 or 80 days to teach the lessons included your grade level program, I have created 4 time-framed programs you can use!  And yes, that’s 4 programs for EACH GRADE LEVEL!
This way, you don’t have to decide which lessons to cut, or figure out how to add lessons to meet the days you teach!
These are the 4 program time frames:
-6 Weeks
– 9 Weeks 
-12 Weeks
-18 Weeks
  • Since scheduling can be crazy at the middle/junior high school level, this program is FLEXIBLE!! And, as long as you use Level 1 with your youngest students, Level 2 with your middle age students, and Level 3 with your oldest students, this program will work for as many weeks as you teach your students-there is a sequential program for you!
  • Jumbled schedules, odd days of the week Health class, even days of the week, 4 days on-2 days off, alternating with P.E. classes…??? Doesn’t matter. As long as you stick with your grade levels and use the sequential level programs, YOU ARE GOOD TO GO!
  • Even if you teach for 8 weeks instead of 9, use the 9-week program and cut out 1 week of lessons.


More About This Program:

  • State, National, and Common Core Standards met are listed at the top of each lesson, and are also all listed in the main “Table of Contents” for easy reference! It’s easy to align to your own state standards!
  • This program is researched-based. The program meets all 15 “Characteristics of an Effective Health Education Curriculum” set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In this curriculum you will find health goals and behavioral outcomes that are research-based and theory-driven.
  • “Learning Targets and “Daily Assessments” are also listed at the top of each lesson.
  • This is NOT your standard boring vocabulary words or book work! . Highly organized step-by-step teacher directions will engage your students, while the directions will suggest exactly what to say!
  • Over 3,000 PowerPoints slides! Helps make learning visual!
  • 420+ worksheets, tests, and handouts, included unit and final assessments
  • Over 100 links to FREE videos!
  • 26 homework assignments (Including 6 “Parent-Teen Communicators”)
  • 23 fun surveys – students LOVE these!
  • Project-Based Learning: See the “Preview” for more on all the interactive flips and folded projects, as well as the many art projects that help students learn
  • Best of all, students love this program, (read the reviews above) and students who like what they’re learning are more likely to choose to actually use what they learned outside the classroom





 – Here is more about my 6th – 12th P.E.:

Buyers say:

-“Love it!! Made my planning easy!”

“Awesome curriculum!”

-“Wow! I LOVE this seller’s products…Purchased her P.E. curriculum and I LOVE it. It is amazingly organized with great ideas. It has made my life as a teacher so much easier. I am lucky I found such a great product. This takes years of experience and a lot of time.”

-“…so easy to set up and follow”


-“My goal is to become better organized and more effective in my teaching and purchasing this curriculum is just the first step.



This full-year P.E. program includes: units, activities, games, cardio, calisthenics, weight training, curriculum maps and lesson planning, fitness testing, components of fitness, FITT plans, nutrition unit, body systems unit, and so much more!


– 20 Standards-based units with fun kid-tested lessons, games, activities

– 21 Games and activities

– 25+ Cardio workouts

– 11 Weightroom workouts


– ★ 4-Week Google Slide Program: “65 Interactive Google Slides Workout Program” for students to do at home! Students fill out and turn in weekly calendar (parent signature required!) Fully EDITABLE so you can add new workouts and extend the program! (See more below)
– ★ 2-Week “Human Body Systems Unit” AND “4-Week Nutrition Unit” now on Google Slides and Forms! Can be done at home!  “First Aid Unit” from the Health lessons is on Google Slides and can be done in P.E. as well!
– ★ NEW!★ I just created a 16 Virtual P.E. Worksheets on GOOGLE SLIDES! This “3-Week Online Worksheets Program” has full STUDENT directions for home-learning, no teaching is needed… Just in case anyone is still teaching P.E. online!

– 20+ strength-training, calisthenics and bodywork exercises

– 10 Fitness testing activities

– 7 FITT Plan activities

– SHAPE National Standards, State, and Common Core Standards

– 20+ Easy-to-Incorporate “Common Core Standards Lessons”

6 Day-to-Day READY TO TEACH PROGRAMS! 90 days of teacher directions all on 1 doc!

– Learning Targets for P.E.

– 25 Cooperative Games

– Syllabus, written tests, homework, surveys

– 7 curriculum maps ready for you to use! (Maps for 5, 3 or 2 Days Per Week)

-My #1 best-selling 4-Week Nutrition Unit and Body Systems Unit


Here is a bit more on my 4-Week Google Slide Program for students to workout at home:

The program is based on the idea that if students have choices, they will enjoy working out more, and they will hopefully choose to be active for life!

Here is What is Included: (See “Preview” above for more!)

– Student directions

– Weekly calendar check-off sheet to be turned in

– 6 warm-up routines

– 5 cool-down stretching routines

– “Walking for Fitness” workouts

– 14 upbeat workouts (cardio, leg work, abdominals, back, arms)

– How to figure out your “Target Heart Rate” worksheet

– 15 fun workout videos (hip hop, cardio, yoga, zumba, dance, barre, and more!)

– First aid ankle wrapping and how to tie a sling

– Optional 18 article links with an “Article Review Sheet.” Topics include exercise, sport drinks, drinking water, nutrition, body image, obesity, and eating disorders.


NOTE: I purposely made the workout program completely editable so teachers can continue to easily add more workouts right from the P.E. program if your district’s stay-at-home goes on for that long!


Here is a bit more on my P.E. Units:


10 Indoor Sports Units with day-by-day lesson plans:





-Ping Pong

-Aerobic Fitness

-Floor Hockey

-Team Handball and Speedball

-Jump Rope



-Heart Rate Lesson



21 Other Indoor Games and Activities:


-Jump Roping

-3 Dodgeball Games

-20 Low Organized games:

Hoola Hoops Fun

-Whiffle Ball



-10 Ways to Group Students



10 Outside Sport Units with day-by-day lesson plans:





-5 Frisbee Games

-Soft LaCrosse

-Field Hockey

-Sand Volleyball


-Backyard Games



11 Weightlifting Workouts with Recording Sheets included:

-Weightroom Handbook

-Training Principles Handout

-Understanding Muscular Strength and Endurance (PowerPoint Explanations, Chapter Material, and Articles)

-Anatomy Handout and Test

-Weightroom Test

-Weightroom Circuits with station posters

-Several Wt. Training Programs and Free Weights Routines

-How to Write Your Own Workout



Strength and Conditioning Activities:

-Olympic P.E. Stations

-Scrabble Fitness

-Uno Fitness

-Army Fitness

-Marine Fitness

-Cross Fit Workout

-Medicine Ball Workout

-Interval Workout

-and more…



25+ Cardio Workouts:

-Track workouts

-Sweet sixteen


-Spartan Sprint

-1-minute activities

-Jump rope tests

-12-minute run

-Step benching



-Roam the Halls for Fitness

-and more…



★The 5 Components of Fitness + FITT Plans:

-FITT Plan Worksheet

-Muscular Endurance FITT Plans

-Cardiovascular FITT Plans

-Parent FITT Plan Homework

-and more…




★You’ve got to see the “PREVIEW” – click green button above.★


Thank you for previewing! Mrs. S.

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    I had to teach a 7th grade health class at the last minute last year. This resource was a lifesaver. Expensive, but well worth my sanity. Many of the activities were engaging and fun. The Powerpoints alone saved me hours! Great resource! (Transcribed from Melissa M. TeachersPayTeachers)

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