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-This Health unit will make teaching about diseases engaging and impacting! Students LOVE the lessons and CARD GAMES, the art projects, and the interactive activities!


NEWLY ADDED:  Coronavirus (COV-19) Lesson. (See Day 1 below.)  Now more than ever it’s important for students to understand disease, the pathogens, communicability, it’s prevention, symptoms, and treatments. 

-This product has everything you need to inform your students about transmission, symptoms, prevention, and treatment of many diseases.


The resource Includes my two fun “Communicable” and “Non-Communicable Diseases Card Games!”


-The coronavirus interactive lesson is included.


-Help your students learn about disease in an interesting and engaging way!



Here is what is included in this unit:


-140 pages of step-by-step teacher directions


-A 105-Slide PowerPoint that walks you through the lessons


-44 Documents


-Printable copies of State, National, and Common Core Standards. (All 8 National Standards, 10 State Standards, and 11 of 20 Common Core Standards are met in this resource!)


-Learning Targets and printable target posters for each lesson


-“Success Criteria Sheet” for Learning Target check off that students use to copy target at beginning of class, and answer questions at the end of class


Standards are met in this resource:

-All 8 National Standards

-10 State Standards

-11 of 20 Common Core Standards



★ALL FUTURE UPDATES FOR LIFE ARE INCLUDED!! All new lessons, activities, and any changes that I create for this resource are FREE!! Simply go to your “My Purchases” folder and download anytime!


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“Worked great for the end of the year in my Health class. Kept the kids engaged because it was hands on!”


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“Different way to approach things and a great change up to your everyday routine!”


  • Disease Unit lessons Include:


Day 1 and 2:

-Understanding Communicable Diseases, Pathogens, How they’re Spread, and How the Immune System Fights Them

-Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, and Parasites

-Various Videos

-FUN!!! “Interactive Communicable Diseases Activity“

-“Disease and Prevention Chart”

-FUN! “Communicable Diseases Card Game”

-“Communicable Diseases Worksheet”

-NEW!!! “Coronavirus (COV-19) Interactive Worksheet with Emojis”-UPDATED 6/2020Step-by-step Teacher Directions and a PowerPoint will walk you through this lesson. Using information from the Center for Disease Control, you can show your students how quickly this virus has spread across the world, how people become infected, what the symptoms are; and most importantly, the ways they can protect themselves from getting this virus.

An “Interactive Worksheet” activity will help students to process events that have unfolded since the outbreak began, and also enable them to empathize with the many people this virus has affected.


Day 3 and 4:

-Understanding Non-Communicable Diseases

-World Non-Communicable Diseases Stats

-Various Video

-Top 4 Non-Communicable Diseases in the U.S.

-FUN! “Non-Communicable Diseases Interactive Folding Heart”

-“Ways to Prevent NCD Handout”

-Online “Personal Risk Assessment Tool”

-FUN!! “Non-Communicable Diseases King’s Corner” Card Game

-“Non-Communicable Diseases Worksheet”


Day 5

-“Selfie Get Well Cards” (Disease Prevention)


Day 6 + 7:

-Connection between Nutrition, Fitness and Disease


-Type 2 Diabetes

-“Family Medical History Parent-Teen Communicator”

-Benefits of Exercise

-Optional Heart Rate Lesson

-Optional FITT Plans

-Optional Body Fat Testing


Day 8 +9

-Understanding Cancer

-Types of Cancer

-7 Warning Signs

-Various Videos

-Skin Cancer

-Tanning Bed Dangers

-Genetic Testing

-Screening Tests


Day 10 + 11

-“Diseases Research Project”


Day 12 + 13

“Community Health Public Service Announcement Posters”


Day 14 + 15

-Finish all unit art projects

-Optional Videos

-Review for Unit Assessment

-“Diseases Unit Assessment and Key

-Choice of 7 other Different Quizzes

-Fun Kahoot Links

-“Health Career Research Project”





-Table of Content Links ALL daily lessons for quick navigation!

-New video links all set in one spreadsheet and with suggested lesson days

-Real student project examples!



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