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Godfather’s Dessert Pizza!! This turned out so good! Click photo for recipe!
This is my Grandma Jo’s famous recipe! So good! Click here.
I have a great way to deal with cell phones if you see them…This new idea has worked great for me in my 9th grade high school class this first month of school. First, I bought a fun lunch box from Rite Aid… Click photo to read more…!
When was the last time you ate dry brownie mix out of the box???! Check out this food label deception: They list 2.5 grams of fat, but if you make the brownies it’s 15 grams per serving x 16 servings in a whole pan = 240 grams of fat!! Also, is a 2-inch piece realistic for you?!! Get more healthy tips from my FREE “Food Label Reading” lesson by clicking on the photo!! Return to Main Page