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High School Health

"Happiness is the highest form of health.”-Dalai Lama

High School Health Resources

 Health Lesson Plans for High School

Free Health Lesson Plans Page

Hello! This page is brought to you by a Health teacher who has a passion to make Health engaging, meaningful, and impactful for students! I really enjoy creating Health lesson plans for high school age students! My website includes both for sale and free Health lesson plans and ideas! 

This is a photo of high school health lesson.

High School Health

The first free Health lesson I'd like to share is my most popular Health resource - it's a free nutrition lesson called "Food Label Reading." I am proud to say that 92,000 people have downloaded this lesson! 

This Health lesson helps students answer the question, "Is this product healthy?"  It gives students the formulas to figure out if a food is "healthy." They use the same formula that a  school must meet to be classified as a "Healthy School," a product must be lesson than 35% fat and less than 35% sugar) 

This freebie Health resource is a step-by-step lesson that is so easy to follow for teachers.  A PowerPoint walks you through the lesson, and worksheets are included too.  Best of all, it's editable so you can tailor this to your own Health class and Health students! 

Click here to download this "Free Food Label Reading Nutrition Lesson."

Free Health Lesson: Food Label Reading Lesson!

The second free Health lesson I'd like to share is my powerful "Personal Values for Teens" Health resource - it's a free lesson to help you teach your students that their "Actions speak louder than their words!" 

This is an impactful Health lesson to challenge students to live by the values they feel are important, even when the situation makes it difficult! 

This lesson also Includes "Values Parent-Teen Communicator Homework!" There are also step-by-step, easy to follow teacher directions, "Values Survey/Worksheet," and a 16-slide PowerPoint to help you teach the lesson! 

Free Health Lesson: Values Lesson for Teens!

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