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About Me

He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope has everything. -Thomas Carlyle

I already discussed my Health program in the "Intro to Health" section. Now I'd like to share a little about my P.E. and Elementary programs: The theme of my P.E. curriculum is that every student will develop and practice physical, social, and emotional health for life. Having taught P.E. myself for many years, an even more specific focus is that students understand the importance of having a healthy body; and the appreciation and desire to be active for life. Additionally, P.E. should be FUN! The main goal of this P.E. curriculum is to help students explore and find activities THEY enjoy enough to incorporate them into their own healthy lifestyle. Activities are also based on State, National , and Common Core Standards. Although it’s ideal to spend quality time teaching Elementary Health topics in class with students, I’ve had countless elementary teachers honestly tell me that they just didn’t have time to get the Health curriculum in with so many other topics to cover each day. That’s why I created my 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade Health Task Cards. The elementary programs are designed with the option to be used as homework, to be taught in class, or both; and they can stand alone as your Health Curriculum, since they meet State and National Health Standards, and many Common Core Standards as well. A Little More About Me:  I’m a certified Health, Language Arts, and Physical Education teacher. I have my Masters of Education degree, my National Board Health certification, and I also own my own corporation. Over my teaching career I’ve taught all grade levels and a variety of subjects, including: Elementary, Junior High, and High P.E.; 8th Grade Reading.; 9th Grade English; 9th Grade Health; and 9-12th Grade Adaptive Special Ed. Health. Over my career I have been: Health and P.E. Department Head and School Leadership Team Member; Carol M. White Physical Education Grant Recipient ( Overseeing the designing, building, and equipping a new Fitness Center); Creator of a Health class inclusion program for special needs ASSIST students, adult aids, and IEP students; HIV School-Wide Program Co-Coordinator; WA State Testing Coordinator; School Detention Supervisor; SAT Testing Proctor, School District Health Curriculum Adoption Committee Member; High School and Local Community Health Webpage Designer; trained in Drug Impairment Recognition; and recipient of a perfect 5.0 score on my Danielson Teacher Evaluation using my lessons from this website!
My hobbies include spending time with family, photography, birding, reading, gardening, hiking, camping, travel, and fly fishing. return to main page