"Happiness is the highest form of health.”
-Dalai Lama

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Food Label Reading

Have you ever had a student ask, "Is this product healthy?" Teach how to read a label and examples so teens learn how to answer this question!

Coronavirus Lesson

This lesson will help you teach your students specifics about the devastating COVID-19 coronavirus. It includes a way to stay updated on current facts. Updated 6/20

Personal Values

Teach students that their "Actions speak louder than their words!" This is an impactful and self-reflective lesson to challenge students to live by their values, even when it's hard!

Nutrition Formulas

How much of each nutrient should you have? One reason many Americans are overweight is many don't know how many calories, fat, protein, or sugar they should have!

Confidence to Face Bullies

Get this bullying quiz, and hear Dolly Parton's inspiring song “Coat of Many Colors” and how she was able to overcome poverty and ridicule to become successful and famous!

25 Cooperative Games

Students like cooperative games because they eliminate the fear of failure and the incentive to beat others! Get 25 games for the class or gym.

P.E. Learning Targets

This resource makes implementing learning targets for P.E. easy! Includes bulletin board posters and signs, and great ideas to get you meeting daily learning target goals easily!

Improve Self-Esteem

Show your students how to improve their self-esteem by thinking positive thoughts! The proven #1 way to build esteem is positive thinking.

Understanding Calories

Teach students how to read food labels and add up daily calories. Students will really understand the concept of calories and how they impact weight loss or gain.

Understanding Depression

Stress, depression, and suicide are such an important topics for teens and their parents to discuss together! I made this resource FREE so it would reach as many teens as possible!

Choosing Abstinence

Two colorful worksheets and several activity options get students thinking about the benefits of choosing abstinence. Get this important message for the teens you work with!

Discipline Idea!

Do you have a noisy class? Is their side-talk driving you crazy? This system is designed specifically for really talkative classes, where their constant chatter is distracting!

Exercise Station Work

Get 15 ready-to-print circuit posters based on Olympic events. Examples are squat jumps (volleyball), and reverse lunge with a kick (soccer). FUN!

Badminton Unit

This is a 2-Week Badminton Unit.
It includes introduction, rules, grip, shots, serving, lead-up games, game play, tournaments, learning targets, QR coded signs, a written test, and more.