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MUST SEE! Gives Goosebumps!

Show teens the truth about sexual assault!

Motivatingl (Jaret Grossman + Eric Thomas)

Dove’s Onslaught – Media Literacy for Girls

If website’s changed, search “Dove Evolution.”

Perspecacles – Great Video on Empathy!

A MUST SHOW on Bullying/Suicide!

“I had a Black Dog, his Name was Depression”

The Importance of Exercise!!

Under the Surface – Empathy

What girls say if they could go back in time!

“Ken Block in San Francisco” – Perseverance!

“Truth About Marijuana” -Powerful!

This mom changes made up dolls back!

My student’s favorite video on BULLYING!

“Marvin’s Condom” – Funny/accurate! Preview!

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