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Jan 2018: Raise the level of your student artwork. Use art rubric and several great ideas.

Dec 2017: This is a MUST SEE VIDEO! It will give you goose bumps!

Nov. 2017: Impacting lesson on “Sexual Assault” with an art project. #metoo.

Oct. 2017: Show teens their brains still act like cavemen (Set Point Theory for body weight)…

Sept. 2017: It only took me a decade of teaching to figure this out! Post weekly activities.

Aug. 2017: This is my student’s favorite video on BULLYING!

June 2017: Get 37 fun FREE organizing ideas for your classroom or home from IKEA.

May 2017: If you teach P.E. and want to use the “Pacer” test for testing fitness, it’s FREE here.

April 2017: My students told me to make drugs look scarier so I created this slideshow. GRAPHIC!

Mar. 2017: Student Group Presentation Rubric. Get all students talking in groups!!

Feb. 2017: Get this FREE “Medicine Cabinet Dangers” Scavenger Hunt!

Jan. 2017: Funny video on GMO’s and organic food. It’s a take-off on Star Wars!

Dec. 2016: Abstinence Song Lyric Homework FREE! Students really get creative with this!

Nov. 2016: Click picture above for video. Click HERE for good “Domestic Violence” article.

Oct. 2016: Get a Harvard article on Marijuana dangers, see fun “How Pot Hurt Me Card Game.”

Sept. 2016: Oh my gosh-You have got to see thousands of <PowerPoint Templates FREE!

Aug. 2016: This is a hilarious article with good teacher ideas too! Check it out!

July 2016: Empowering Teenage Girls!! This newsletter is powerful for the girls you teach.

June 2016: Check out this must-see video: No more make-up and sexy clothes for these dolls!

May 2016: This is an editable newsletter to use with your teens on e-cigarettes.

April 2016: Use when talking about positive/ negative thinking. Click Photo for FREE Lesson!

Mar. 2016: This is a good article one not letting your teaching job rule your life!

Feb. 2016: Get my “Which DIETS are Best?” Newsletter. It’s editable and printable.

Jan. 2016: This is a MUST-READ for any teacher! A veteran teacher shadows 2 students for 2 days!

Dec. 2015: If you teach secondary Health, English, Math, Science, Social Studies, or any Humanities class-“FREEBIE” lessons. Mine is on page 75!!

Nov. 2016: This is an editable newsletter to use with your teens on the Drug “Molly.”

Oct. 2015: Flipping P.E. Students do part of their learning at home and leave class for activities!

Sept. 2015: Happiness “Trends in Health” editable newsletter for students.

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