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★ This is a funny video on GMO’s and organic food. It’s a take-off on Star Wars!

★ This is my student’s favorite video on BULLYING!

★ If you teach P.E. and want to use the “Pacer” test for testing fitness, you can get it FREE here.

★ When my students told me I needed to make drugs look scarier, I created this!!


It only took me over a decade of teaching to figure this out!! If you can’t remember what you did yesterday when an absent student asks, you need this idea!!

★ Here is my FREE Badminton Unit!!

★”Student Engagement” Group Presentation” – One of the best ways to get all students talking is to have them do a group project!!



★ Love this short video! Not only does it promote reading, but you can use it in your Health class when talking about self-esteem and positive/negative thinking. The #1 way to improve self-esteem is to think positive thoughts. Here is the video and you can use it in “The Power Of Positive Self-Talk” Lesson FREE!


★ Check out this must-see video: This sweet lady changes all the make-up and sexy clothes from Bratz dolls and transforms them into dolls just like real little girls!!

★Want my FREE Heart Rate Lesson??


★ This is a hilarious article with good teacher ideas too!

★ Great article! – Start the year off with a healthy balance of work and outside of work life!!

★ Get my “Which DIETS are Best?” Newsletter. It’s editable and printable. Perfect for P.E. non-suit or absent students!!!

★ Ever ask yourself, “Did I already pin this?” or “Did this board have special?” If you want help keeping your Pinterest pins straight, try my FREE organization Excel spreadsheet.

★ Get 37 fun FREE organizing ideas for your classroom or home from IKEA.

★ Oh my gosh-You have got to see this: Thousands of PowerPoint Templates FREE! They are GREAT! This is one of my favorites.

★ As a fan from Seattle, the last second pass that should have been an easy run in was heartbreaking. The Seahawks lost the Superbowl they should have won…I was stunned and literally felt sick! But then I thought of a great way to turn this game into a teachable moment! Use the last few crazy minutes of this game, and Seattle’s shocking loss, along with this FREE lesson and worksheet to show your teens how: SPLIT SECOND DECISIONS CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!!

★ This is a MUST-READ for any Teacher! “A veteran teacher turned coach shadows 2 students for 2 days – a sobering lesson learned.”

★ Click on pic for PSA, and get this great FREE “Domestic Violence” Article and these links to celebrities promoting non-violent relationships i n T.V. ads- POWERFUL!!

★ If you teach secondary Health, English, Math, Science, Social Studies, or any Humanities class, you have to see these “FREEBIE” lessons and ideas ebooks made by top selling teachers. There are 4 ebooks and just one has 80 pages!! If you teach Health, click on the black and purple one called ” ELA and Humanities” at the bottom of the page, download it for FREE, and my “Back to School” Freebie Health lesson is on page 75!!

★ “Why Does my Brain Still Think I’m a Caveman?” Bulletin Board Resource. Teach your students how our brain instincually loves habits and patterns! This board is perfect for any 5th – 12th grade class. It’s complete with directions and poster templates.

★ Meeting standards in P.E. is EASY!!! Use this FREE spreadsheet to map out the standards you are meeting in your P.E. classes.

★ I found a great article on a study by Harvard to show your students that recreational Marijuana is not as “safe” as they may think! It’s a small study, but they’ve found it does negatively affect motivation and emotions, which totally reinforces my lessons about Marijuana’s “Amotivational Syndrome.” See my fun “How Pot Hurt Me Card Game.”

★ This is a must-show video for your teens!! This is Jonathan and Charlotte’s audition from “Britian’s Got Talant.” It will give you goosebumps, you might even shed a few tears!! Show your students a great example of overcoming bullying and why it’s so important to get to know someone for who they really are and not to “judge a book by its cover”!!

★★★ Be sure to check back often. I am still transferring activities from my other website, and I have 40 amazing teacher tips still left to transfer!!…

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