Here are some fun ideas for student art projects.                                                         

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This is a “25 healthy things to do instead of using drugs” project. Click here for ★FREE★ directions.

This T-shirt was turned in for my “Teen Sleep Homework. Click here for a ★FREE★ copy.

Sexual Pressures Flip Charts Lesson: Help students come up with assertive lines back to sexual pressures and then make this cool art project. Click here to purchase.

This project is a great way for your students to see how hard alcohol is on the growing body. It’s a fun art project with an important message!

The 5 Dimensions of Health ★FREE★: 5 Full Lessons Included for 6-12th Grade. Includes a “Live by Your Values Poster. FREE-Click here.

Fast Foods Lesson-Healthy Versus Unhealthy PowerPoint and Posters, and 3 days of lessons. Click here to purchase.

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Get Fantastic Art Projects From Your Students ★FREE★: Art Project Rubric and a Way to Make Art a Competition and Post Winners. FUN!!! Click Here for FREE IDEAS!

This “tried and true” poster project is always a favorite with my 9th grade students. They come up with the most creative posters, and strong the message can impact teens as well!!

★FREE★Inspiring Company Ad Slogans to use for Creative Projects! The 125 ad slogans in this resource are motivating statements that students can pick as their own “life slogans.”

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