What’s Up Today? My Blog Post

-Go back to my HOME PAGE- ★ Blog post #3   Posted on February 14, 2015:  A blackboard stood in the middle of New York City asking passersby to write down their biggest regrets. At first, each regret seemed different and unique. After all, everyone has a different story. But as the board filled up, we…

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Free Articles for Teens

This is a collection of articles I used with my 9th grade Health students.  They really LOVE true stories! Students can be motivated by them, or  you can help your students learn from others’ mistakes! Go back to my HOME PAGE (+ See More Freebies) Sorry, this page is under construction!! ★One Person CAN Make…

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FREE! Photo of the Month

I love photography (and especially taking photos of birds!) I’m having fun posting photos and I enjoy sharing. Please download any of these FREE photos that you want to use!  Mrs. S. Hawaii – July 2017 Paris – June 2017 Paris – June 2017 (altered with cool FREE iPhone program called “Prisma“ ——————————– Bald Eagle –…

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Elementary School Health Curriculum

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